Is Zelda U a Skyward Sword Prequel?

ZI writes: "It's theory time, people! Is Zelda U a Skyward Sword prequel? So far, all evidence points to a pre-Skyward Sword era, and this is made evident by the stealthy, giant robot with what I can only assume has a horrid case of explosive face diarrhea. Or, at least, some kind of sickness which causes it to obnoxiously shoot energy from its face."

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NewMonday1549d ago

I just think of every Zelda game as it's own thing, all this one timeline thing is being done retroactively.

bouzebbal1549d ago

there was a direct link between Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass.
Zelda Wii U seems to be an independant episode and it looks astounding!

linkenski1549d ago

Actually I think WW is intended to be tied to OoT as well, because of the Seven Sages cameo when you get to hyrule. (Church-like portraits that clearly show the seven sages as they appeared in OoT)

But of course it could just be written off as an easter egg, but with how the game references the Hero of Time and all that... I couldn't help but think it was an intentional nod to OoT rather than ALttP or alike.

But yes, it was done retroactively... you can't really go beyond that.

linkenski1549d ago

Even Nintendo should admit to this TBH.

I kinda dislike how everytime there's something to do with Zelda there's a huge fan-following that goes into details about theories and "how the new game is tied into the Zelda Canon"

It should not be a big focus, and I kinda think Skyward Sword's story suffered from trying to explain the origin story for all the subsequent Zelda games.

3-4-51549d ago

I hope it's set after Spirit Tracks in the New Hyrule.

bass4g1549d ago

Well since windwaker there has been a timeline. All previous games were retroactively fit to it which is why most of the games before OoT fit on the slightly awkward "hero dies" timeline but even those games have their own fairly consistent timeline, we know zelda 2 takes place after zelda 1 and that link to the past is an explicit prequel to zelda 1 with the game starring an ancestor of the link in that game. Than after OoT, Windwaker specifically mentions the events of OoT and MM, as does twilight princess but in a contradictory manner to windwaker and it was at this point that miyamoto (I think) hinted that they took place within the same time frame, hence the need for multiple timelines. The timeline really isn't that hard to follow and yes it was created as new games were made but how else would it work? By necessity each new game will add something more to the timeline and no new game has contradicted that timeline.

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EXVirtual1549d ago

How? Skyward Sword is chronologically the first game in the series. It's about how the Legend of Link, Ganondorf and Zelda started. It's also when the Master Sword was made.

Personally, I think it's set in the latter part of the timeline.

colonel1791549d ago

That's exactly why I think it's weird people thinking it might be a prequel. However, I think it will be its own game like most in the Zelda franchise.

Green_Ranger1549d ago

The Ancient Battle came before Skyward Sword.

ChickeyCantor1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

But they did not include the holy trinity. Courage, Wisdom and Power.

It was a battle between gods.

-Foxtrot1549d ago

Link and Zelda weren't around in the ancient battle

You had the Goddess Hylia and her chosen Hero (who looks like Link we know today)...who was re-incarnated as a boy called Link (Skyward Sword) because Hylia who chose a mortal form in Zelda wanted a friend.

So really there's no point in doing a game before Skyward Sword as it dosen't feature Link or Zelda

Link in Skyward Sword would be the first Link as Hylias chosen Hero in the Ancient Battle wasn't called Link, his name is a mystery. So technically Link in SS would be the very first Link, as he was the one who's spirit (Hero's spirit) was cursed along with Zelda's bloodline by Demise, starting the vicious cycle we see in all Zelda games.

randomass1711549d ago

The Hyrule Historia manga contains a story about the very first Link and that is the only known prequel to Skyward Sword. Foxtrot and I had a bit of a debate about its validity some time ago. They can do a number of things with this new game, but my guess is it may take place in the Adult Timeline after Ocarina of Time because Link's clothes are similar to Wind Waker Link's and because of the emphasis on an open world.

BattleN1549d ago

So there are 2 alternate time lines? Adult, and what else? I have the book HH but I don't really read it haha!

ChickeyCantor1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )


3 time lines.
All of this is forced obviously but.
1 : Link is missing ( > WW > PH > SP)
2 : Link is send back ( > MM > TP )
3 : Link died in OOT ( > LTtP > LoZ > Zelda II )

randomass1711549d ago

ChackeyCantor has it just about right. The timeline starts with Skyward Sword, then Minish Cap, then Four Swords. Then you have Ocarina of Time and it branches out from there depending on two different outcomes. If Link is defeated, it splits off into its own timeline where Hyrule falls into decline and it leads to the older games on GB, NES and SNES. If he wins, it splits into the child timeline (MM and TP) and the adult timeline (WW). Here's a link to the timeline itself. :)

linkenski1549d ago

Yes, but Zelda U is about "breaking conventions" right? Maybe it's about time Zelda goes completely out of the whole "timeline" thing to break some new ground.

BattleN1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

" That's one convention we can keep right " ?

deafdani1549d ago

Read the manga from Hyrule Historia. There's a pretty good story that takes place before the events of Skyward Sword. As in, the story that explains the origins of Skyloft.

randomass1711549d ago

The Link in that storyline is such an awesome badass. I really want to play a game with him as the hero. :)

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MultiConsoleGamer1549d ago


At this point I'm starting to think prequel is a dirty word.

DC7771549d ago

How could it be? Those lands we were shown were not exactly in the sky.

There's some speculation on the Ganon symbols on him. Maybe it's during a time where Ganondorf rules, like under the failed timeline. Maybe we'll get a little Luke vs. The Empire type story.

ChickeyCantor1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Skyloft was lifted by Hylia during the great battle. Not all of the land. Only a fraction of it.

Kalebninja1549d ago

um no skyward sword is where everything started it would be impossible for this to be before

deafdani1549d ago

Except that people lived in the ground before the events of Skyward Sword, then something happened and all of them were lifted to the sky with a small portion of land that became known as Skyloft.

All of this is told in the manga in Hyrule Historia, so yeah... there's nothing impossible about a story before Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword wasn't the beginning of everything, it's just the earliest game in the chronological sense. But there's even a story for Skyloft's origin, so this new Zelda could be just that, or related to those events somehow.

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