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Far Cry 4 Villain Pagan Min Looks Insane and Ridiculously Awesome

"Ubisoft recently released an extended in-game video that was revealed at this year’s E3, featuring the main villain for its upcoming, highly-anticipated sequel Far Cry 4, Pagan Min." | Explosion.com (Far Cry 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

NewMonday  +   404d ago
I just hope they stop stupid plot devises that ruined FC3 for me, like Vas hiding behind doors or "blackout then everybody is dead" thing.
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Pozzle  +   404d ago
I just hope they don't kill off the main antagonist mid-way through the game this time. :(
ColeMacGrath  +   404d ago
I hope that Pagan is actually the main villain, unlike Vaas which disappointed me tbh.
nidhogg  +   404d ago
I agree with you on the Vaas thing. I was disappointed in him and he was seriously overshadowed by the next villain Hoyt Volker. However, I liked the "black-out" scenes since it gave it a sense of mystery as to how Jason could have done it. It's like he really has a natural killer instinct inside.
e-p-ayeaH  +   404d ago
It looks like the typical villan to me but also polite like Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

Vaas was actually something refreshing its really a shame he only was present in a few early parts of the game.
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Ultraplayerxp  +   404d ago
I hope he comes into his own as an antagonist. I feel like they are trying to emulate vaas-crazy with pagan min.
KakashiHotake  +   404d ago
Yeah Pagan seems like he's going to be an awesome villain. The best part about it is he sees the main character as a friend. So now you have this powerful insane guy who considers you as a friend. The minute that bond breaks things are gonna get crazy.

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