Destiny beta access will be provided automatically to PSN digital pre-orders

Bungie wants those of you who pre-ordered Destiny  digitally through PSN on PlayStation 4 to rest easy. "You will be able to access the Beta come July 17th," the developer assured PS4 owners.

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ZodTheRipper1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I knew that for a long time, that's why I preordered the PSN version the moment it went up... can't wait for the beta =)
Alpha was incredible and confirmed all my expectations.

Nine_Thousaaandd1640d ago

Nice...I purchase all my games through PSN. I'll be pre-ordering my copy soon!

And I've heard nothing but great things from alpha. I missed the sign up, but got a chance to watch several of my friends streaming it...can't wait to try out beta!

ArchangelMike1640d ago

I'd pre-order digitally if it was actually cheaper or teh same price as retail. But for some genious reason, they are usually more expensive.

GasTankKiller1639d ago

It's the same price as physical here in the states.

Razmossis1639d ago

In the UK, most games on PSN are £65. In the shops they are £45-£50

XiSasukeUchiha1640d ago

Destiny beta pre order, I'm stoked!

04soldier1640d ago

I also preodered on PlayStation network as well and i didn't get my beta key on my receipt. But this resolves everything.

itisallaboutps1640d ago

Anybody know if it will be the same? As the alpha?