We May See Multiplayer Zelda On Wii U, Says Aonuma

Eiji Aonuma says that we will see multiplayer Zelda experiences in the future, perhaps in the next installment on Wii U releasing next year.

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-Foxtrot1553d ago


No thanks.

If theres one game I think of when it comes to great single player only games it's Zelda

EliteGameKnight1553d ago

then, I don't know, play it single player. I highly doubt it will force you

colonel1791553d ago

It might just be something with Miiverse. I don't think they will do competitive MP or CO OP.

It could also be something like Demon's Souls where you see other players plying their own game. Or maybe used like some sort of guide.

-Superman-1553d ago

Stop this. Multiplayer does not ruin Single player focus.
Look Uncharted 2. Everyone said: "we don´t need multiplayer" "multiplayer will ruin single-player".

Results? Uncharted 2 was most played PS3 online game and online and single player were both good. MULTIPLAYER DOES NOT RUIN SINGLE PLAYER. MULTIPLAYER IS JUST GOOD EXTRA. STOP THIS!!!

TheHaydenator1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

A co-op adventure through hyrule or maybe pvp arena battles

-Foxtrot1553d ago

Oh game out of how many. There's been more bad games with added multiplayer then good ones

I didn't want to say this since people always take this the wrong way but Nintendo, despite making solid games are very slow at making the big IPs they have...they've said this themselfs because of transitioning to HD, would you really want them to waste their time on an unneeded online mode. Come on think about it, it makes sense.

We don't get main Zelda games often so I'd rather have that time spent on making the biggest, richest world they can. Zelda is a franchise which dosent need online.

-Superman-1553d ago

"Oh game out of how many. There's been more bad games with added multiplayer then good ones"
Because those games single player would sucked anyway without multiplayer.

So many people are not buying Wii U because of lack of multiplayer.

Bubbamilk1553d ago

Naw you just never show Nintendo love

If it announced no multiplayer u would say well so much for innovation Nintendo.

Or man I was really hoping for something different this time but then again It is Nintendo.....wink

Ps4 needs more games this year not to stop trolls like u but to at least slow u down a little

Have u thought about exercise foxtrot? Or maybe pot? Anytime I feel backward I just take a puff and realize all the acting out I was doing was just fear and insecurities. U should try it man it could change your life

-Foxtrot1553d ago

I've showed them plenty of love...but please like other people on here just ignore that so you have something to throw at me.


How immature

jcnba281553d ago

Four Swords was a multiplayer Zelda game and it worked really well.

3-4-51553d ago

* Multiplayer -

* Epona Polo
* Capture the Windmill

ChickeyCantor1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

"They need to innovate" ~ you

"don't want it" ~ you

-Foxtrot1553d ago

Tell is multiplayer innovating?

Oh yeah it's not, didn't think that one through.

ChickeyCantor1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

"Tell is multiplayer innovating?

Oh yeah it's not, didn't think that one through."

You definitely didn't think it trough. It's not so much the multiplayer itself, but what you can do with it within the zelda realm.

Your understanding of innovation is severely limited and shallow.

Just stop. I find your way of arguing severely unintelligent. I don't understand how you got those bubbles. Seriously.

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Gemmol1553d ago

I am open minded, so I will see, just don't half ass Nintendo if you do it make it so great that people be like why they never did this before

Kalebninja1553d ago

I doubt it will change the single-player, look at kingdom hearts the multiplayer didn't affect single-player at all