Naughty Dog Animator Issue Clarification on No Female Assassin in Assassin's Creed Unity Controversy

Recently, Alex Amancio, gave birth to a massive controversy while clarifying why Assassin's Creed Unity's four-player co-op will not offer female assassins. Alex stated that its because of pressures of production work as it requires double animations, voices and many more thing.

This argument of Alex didn't go down too well with Jonathan Cooper, Currently Animator at Naughty Dog (previously worked on Animation Director on Assassin's Creed III, Lead on Mass Effect 1, 2 and more). Cooper replied that "it's just a day or two work and doesn't require replace of 8000 animations"

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SpiralTear1514d ago

There have been clarifications from multiple game designers who've said that it neither takes 8000 animations, nor does it take "a day." Both sides are exaggerating.

Either way, Ubisoft's PR completely flubbed this. If you don't want to have female assassins in your game, fine. It's your game and you should have creative control over it. However, saying that it takes too many resources to do is a terrible way to explain the situation.

sam_job1514d ago

exactly this is the only point, its your game.. develop it as you want

rdgneoz31514d ago

Can't blame them seeing how well Liberation did. Even gave it away free with black flag.

Blastoise1514d ago


Assassins Creed Liberation sold really well though, almost a million copies sold on a system that has like 6 million sales.

George Sears1514d ago

Funny thing about Liberation, Aveline was probably the only good thing about the game.

aCasualGamer1513d ago

@PostMesmeric and @Sam_job

You said it best. There is no reason for this excuse about "not enough resources" if it was actually a creative point of view. Now instead it sounds like, "in the beginning would have chose a female assassin but we didnt believe that female assassins deserve the resources we have, so we'll use everything on male only assassins".

Stupid, it's not like having a female character would mean THAT much more resources interms of new animations and voice over.

If they're worried about sales, just look at how well Tomb Raider did, how well Last of us did... both with female characters vital to the story.

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KonsoruMasuta1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

"There will not be any female assassins in this installation of Assassin's Creed. However, we are willing to explore the option in future titles"

That is all it takes.

Sideras1514d ago

People do however miss the valid point he made, in wich he states that there is no damn reason for there to be a female assassin as everyone will still play as the main character but will appear as some other generic assassin to the other players.

It's completely ridiculous that people would throw a hissy fit over this. I'm as baffled over the stupidity concerning this "issue" as I was over the whole Far Cry 4 debacle.

Ok! Fine he exaggerated, who give a shit!

XiSasukeUchiha1514d ago

This rumor turned out to be a.......dud.

Wintersun6161514d ago

That reminded me of MGS2. The soldiers fired a grenade at the feet of Fortune but it turned out to be .... "a dud!"

BattleN1514d ago

"Dude where's the blast" ?

uth111514d ago

I knew the "day or two" claim was ridiculous

matrixman921514d ago

why is this such an issue now. People didnt complain in 4 that there was no choice, or 3, or 2, or brotherhood, or revelations, or 1. The series is not known for having female assassins, other than in one handheld spin off that sadly nobody played; it was a great game. This would be like looking at mgs5 and asking why you cant play as a female. The series isnt known for that, why do they have to add it. The co-op skinning is pointless anyway...everyone is playing as Arno

DragonKnight1514d ago

To be fair, I want to play as that Chinese Assassin in the movie AC Embers.

matrixman921514d ago

yeah, Shao Jun. If that rising phoenix thing is real, thats what I am hoping it is.

But even then, i dont think it would be a main entry.

DragonKnight1514d ago

It should be. They could make a really good AC game with her particular tools and skills. Plus China has so much turbulent history that they could make whole series' on that country alone going back to before the first Emperor right up to the Boxer Rebellion. That's thousands of years of history.

TekoIie1514d ago

A lot of people wanted that. Being trained by Ezio is more than enough of a reason for her to have an entire trilogy like he did.

FarEastOrient1513d ago

Not just China, there is a rich history of assassinations and wars from all the countries of the east.

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LordMaim1514d ago

In 4, or 3, or 2, or brotherhood, or revelations, or 1, you weren't customizing your assassin. You were playing a specific character in a story, not making your own.

DragonKnight1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

"not making your own."

And you're not doing that in AC Unity either. You play as Arno and only Arno. The depth of the customization isn't in Arno's appearance.

Read number 9. I'd post it here but it's lengthy and would likely go over the character limit.

You still play as Arno, but the customization comes in your choice of skills and gear so that you can create your own personal version of Arno.

It's not like you create an Assassin who is then given the name of Arno.

AC Unity is a personal story centering around Arno just like every other AC game centered around those protagonists.

DragonKnight1514d ago

"I will definitely miss a female Assassin in Assassin's Creed Unity"

How can you miss what was never there and never going to be?

Here's the one thing Ubisoft could easily have used that could not be argued, is a legitimate reason, and would prove the immense immaturity and hypocrisy of the SJWs.

AC Unity's multiplayer is based on the Watch Dogs mechanic. I'm assuming that when Ubisoft says the Assassin is "highly customizable" they either mean you can customize your online avatar's appearance, or they mean Arno has a lot of customization options. Both are irrelevant to the mechanic.

In Watch Dogs you always play as Aiden. In multiplayer you will see yourself as Aiden and everyone else will see you as a randomly generated character taken from NPC models with absolutely no thought given to gender. It's a random choice in Watch Dogs.

So now let's talk about this mechanic in AC Unity. You will always see yourself as Arno, and other players will also see themselves as Arno.

Assume for a moment that the option for a female online avatar were in the game, you'd never see it. The only people who would would be the other players, and then the "I want to play as a female" point becomes completely moot as the protagonist is male.

So, in order for Ubisoft to do what these people with a lack of any insight want them to do, one or both of two things would have to happen.

A) The protagonist's role in the game is completely stripped down to a "just happens to be there" role so that either a male or a female Assassin could be playable as it won't have any impact on the story. This means changing the story completely. Every AC game that exists is a personal story of the Assassin in the game. It's been that way with Altair, Ezio, Connor, and Edward; so it's the same with Arno. So either the protagonist's role means nothing of real importance, or you're suggesting that Arno be permanently changed to Arnette and completely disregard those people who don't want that. And yes, there are people who wouldn't want that.

B) The co-op system would have to either be removed, or overhauled to a more generic system to accommodate female avatars. This would just turn AC Unity into just another Assassin's Creed game with no real innovation or impactful changes just so that some people can play with a character that has virtual boobs but no real impact on the world.

As we can see, neither of those 2 options would be good for the game that Ubisoft wanted to make and release, and thus that is a legitimate reason Ubisoft could use. It can't be argued against unless you're prepared to take the discussion out of "what's good for the game" and into "what I want."

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