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GTA V Mod Adds First Person View, Shows Huge Potential for Virtual Reality

CraveOnline: "YouTube user XBLToothPik has developed a mod for Grand Theft Auto V which adds first-person view support to the game. Surprisingly, the game's animations and camera movement work remarkably well with the mod, creating an immersive experience in what is arguably the largest, most fully realized worlds in video game history." (Grand Theft Auto V, Xbox 360)

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MultiConsoleGamer  +   34d ago
There was a first person mod for San Andreas too. Very cool. I can definitely see the potential here.
Kivespussi  +   33d ago
Ooh! Can't wait for the PC version. This looks just great... Hopefully Sony reveals more info about their VR project soon. Also can't wait to see where gaming has gone in the next 10 years, can't believe it's been so long since I was just a kid, just playing PS1 & 2 with friends and family... Things were so simple back then, none of this crap that gaming industry has become
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Audiggity  +   33d ago
Modded GTA V + VR Headset + Virtuix Omni = Never leaving the house
Kivespussi  +   33d ago
Audiggity  +   33d ago
Ha. Ok, first of all, why would people disagree with either of our completely innocent comments. N4G is ridiculous.

2nd, I'll put in the request to Virtuix for "awkward couch movement" recognition to support your request!
Phene  +   33d ago
How did this guy mod a game that's only on consoles right now?
wannabe gamer  +   33d ago
probably with a modded console
Skate-AK  +   33d ago
Modded 360.
Shineon  +   33d ago
I want a modded 360 NOW!
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iagainsti120  +   33d ago
Just wait for the PC version to mod it, or for the more unlikely which is R* to make it a feature.

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