Sony to issue refund on The Last of Us: Remastered PSN pre-orders

Pre-order The Last of Us: Remastered before its price drop? You'll be receiving a refund soon then.

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admiralvic940d ago

Called it.

Anyway, it was the right thing to do and I'm glad to see those people didn't get screwed.

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ifistbrowni940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

What rational thinker didn't see this coming?

@Spacecat, had Sony officially come out and confirmed that they weren't issuing refunds before? If not, then its not a 180 and you are making a joke that makes no sense.

randomass171939d ago

Anyone who was convinced by that last article that Sony would not dish out refunds. It was surprising news, but as usual Sony managed to figure out a solution that was good for everyone. So now the fans who pre-ordered can get their refunds and everyone goes home happy.

lelo940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Nothing like bad PR to get things moving. This should never have happened in the first place.
Sony should have just refunded the people from the get go, and moved on.

hkgamer940d ago

the difference is that the customer services were not told about this. stupid in sonys sideto not tell them, but staff at customer services cannoy just hand out refunds out of thin air.

Bladesfist939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

@hkgamer They should then elevate the matter to their Manager. Instead of responding in a way that could damage the companies reputation.

jessupj940d ago

I was predicting Sony would make this decision and in a very short space of time and low and behold, they did.

Some people might like to call me a fanboy for having such an opinion, but I'm only basing that opinion on sony's past history.

famoussasjohn940d ago

abzdiine - From the ToS, currently you cannot cancel or get a refund for pre-orders. Hopefully they change that, or if a price drop happens before the game is launched that they refund you or just don't charge you the full retail cost of the game until it's actually released.

speedforce131939d ago

says right on their support page you can. They tell you exactly how to do it too.

Lifendz940d ago

OP called it so kudos to him. Had a feeling this would happen just because to not issue the refund be contrary to everything Sony's been recently. Glad to hear it tho.

SnotyTheRocket939d ago

Still $69.99 in Canada... Such bullshit. Every game is that much here.

ziggurcat939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

i don't understand how there would have been any doubt that sony would ever issue a refund on the difference...

and i wonder if those usual suspects are sick of crow because they're consistently jumping on negative sony news like mouth-foaming, rabid dogs, only to have sony rectify the situation within 24 hours, rendering their vitriolic nonsense moot.

edit: just tweeted asking about canadian PS4 owners... shu's response: "I feel for you :(". i don't know how to interpret that.

edit2: it now says it's $54.99 in the canadian PS store.

assdan939d ago

I would have been incredibly surprised if they didn't.

showtimefolks939d ago

everyone knew sony would but since its a gaming site let's start something that doesn't need to be started

seriously in this day and age consumers always win if we just calm the heck down

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kungfuian940d ago

the whole thing is totally non-news

Darkstares940d ago

If it didn't get much attention would Sony have credited consumers?

Spotie940d ago

Since they're not Microsoft, yes.

Sony and Nintendo are more proactive then needing something like this to become a big deal before they enact changes.

randomass171939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

That is more so something I would expect from EA than Microsoft in all fairness. Remember the SimCity fiasco? I've worked with Sony customer service before and they were super nice to me (anecdotal, but whatever). There wasn't much doubt in my mind that Sony would put forth refunds and I'm glad to see that prediction come to fruition so quickly.

oODEADPOOLOo940d ago (Edited 940d ago )

Dont see point in people who already have it on PS3 to pick up remastered on release, remastered games will likely be first to be discounted during sales. I havent played it before or GTA 5 for that matter since my PS3 broke before games came out, but Im waiting for a bigger discount for both TLOU and GTA remasters.

XiYakushijuAkeginuXi940d ago

You don't see the point, but others do

oODEADPOOLOo939d ago (Edited 939d ago )

Wow that was the best you got, how about actually coming up with reasons of your own instead of leaving snobby half-assed remarks looking for upvotes eh?

HeavenlySnipes940d ago

I'm honestly getting it again just too see it in upgraded form and because there really isn't much to play on the PS4 until Destiny comes out

PinkEye940d ago

I'm waiting for Dragon's Age 3 in the fall instead. Destiny Beta wasn't in any way unique. Every mission felt the same. Maybe full game is good but i'll wait for reviews. Yeah ps4 is getting boring no games to play. Same with X1 as Titanfall is boring now too.

martinezjesus1993940d ago

Im getting it again and all my friends are too and they didnt even hesitate when they decided to preorder it, you havent played it yet so you have no idea how good Tlou is.

oODEADPOOLOo939d ago

Im not saying game insnt any good, but people are making a big deal over a $10 discount when its prob gonna drop by alot more in a few months. And alot of those people already own the game, thats what I was trying to get across.

AgentSmithPS4940d ago

If they have money and want to throw it at people that make great games can that really be a bad thing?

mike32UK940d ago

2 reasons for me. I could replsy the game until the end of time and never bore of it (I genuinely love it that much!), also I really miss the multiplayer

uth11939d ago

when up to 48% of PS4 owners didn't own a PS3 last gen, it makes a lot of sense

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rocky212940d ago

just got off Sony Chat, was told to contact them after Monday and they will process the refund

great news! :)