Daily Joystick Podcast Ep 172 - PS4 is best selling console 5 months straight.

Paul from AAG writes "This week on the All Age Gaming podcast E3 2014 is over and we recap on our overall thoughts once the hype train departed the station. We discuss the latest news including Sony’s fantastic console sales figures and the top 10 games according the NPD. Also, Microsoft explains how its extra 10% of new found power thanks to no Kinect will improve gaming for all, including Kinect owners. Also on the show you can find our latest game reviews and of course what we’re playing and the traditional shout outs. This plus a whole lot more on the All Age Gaming Podcast. "

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BullyMangler1338d ago

yaiii! yippee for ps4!

lol have FUN with those saLes figures

wonderfulmonkeyman1339d ago

Why is this linked to the Wii U section?
The article doesn't explain what this has to do with Nintendo...

DaGamingKing1339d ago

This is not an article, its a link to a Podcast for you to listen to.

urwifeminder1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Seems to be all it has going for it don't hear about anything other than power and sales how boring, at above it is also in the xbox section new tactic to get people to comment on things they are not very interested in.

MasterCornholio1339d ago

Power+ Sales + Games = PS4


Can't sell a gaming consoles without any games. People buy consoles to play games.

That's why the PS4 is doing so well.


MysticStrummer1339d ago

We all pray for the day when UN peacekeepers will bring justice to your country, whose corrupt government forces people to read and comment on articles they aren't interested in. I can only imagine the horror of being strapped to a chair or table and being forced to listen to podcasts, Clockwork Orange style.

Endeavor to persevere, and know that the free world has not forgotten you.

DaGamingKing1339d ago

Its placed in the Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U section as its a pocast covering all the gaming news thats focused each and every other week on those systems for the past 4 years.