Nintendo’s new development building now open for business

Nintendo’s new development building located near Minami-Ku, Kyoto officially opened on Wednesday. This will be a new base where both Nintendo hardware and software will be produced, and it will promote the product development and initiative of next-generation game consoles.

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Chupa-Chupa1641d ago

No No , this can't be. Nintendo was supposedly done. smh.

wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago

Just for the sake of reference, when did construction on that new building start?

EliteGameKnight1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I believe a couple years ago

wonderfulmonkeyman1641d ago

That was quick; Nintendo must have realized they needed more space for creating more games the moment the Wii U's sales started to slump.XD

It's good to see them expanding.

Madock1641d ago

That building alone explains Nintendo's operating loss this year

DoggyBiscuit1641d ago

Nintendo empire just get bigger

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The story is too old to be commented.