Nintendo Will Give $5 of Every 3DS XL/2DS Purchase to Ronald McDonald House

Nintendo and EB games Canada have teamed up and will be making a $5 donation to Ronald McDonald House charities as part of their game to give program.

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randomass1711486d ago

Not my favorite food place, but I totally respect giving to charity.

Neonridr1486d ago

well it's not like the money has anything to do with McDonalds, just a charity McDonalds helps sponsor.

Glad to see that some money is going to a very needy cause though.

SPARTAN31485d ago

Wow taking huge losses every year haveing higher ups take pay cuts and they still do charity. Very nice Nintendo.
(I know they have like billions in the bank but still feel good stuff.)

George Sears1485d ago

It's all about them tax cuts.