Super Smash Bros. ideas you Want to See

This article/opinion piece explores what more the Super Smash Bros. series could expand into, that it has not yet done, such as idea #2: Royal Rumble.

Characters, stages, and items are not be directly discussed.

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BattleN1640d ago

4 vs 4 battle royal online matches
Traditional 1 vs 1 Street Fighter style
Tag battles

randomass1711640d ago

Two of those three things are in public online and all three are online with friends. :P

MattTheGameFreak1640d ago

I wonder if it would be technically possible to support 8 players on the screen at once... I want to guess not, but it would be cool. Only large stages would be ideal though.

randomass1711640d ago

Since both games have a touch screen involved, I like the idea of a "Smash God" creating mayhem for the other characters, drop random items and just generally driving the course of the battle. It would be a fun little party mode if anything.

thehobbyist1640d ago

Boss fight mode where the 4 controller players fight the boss that's controlled by the gamepad player.