The 6 Most Infamous Videogames Ever

Denis Murphy writes- Just like Film and comic books before it, videogames have been the go-to scapegoat for politicians for the past two decades to blame on many of society's ills. From blaming them on underachieving students to more serious, sadly often school based tragedies, videogames are under the microscope of many.

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AllAboutGaming1485d ago

Manhunt was great. I'd say Mortal Kombat wins based on the mainstream coverage it got back in the day which instantly made it cool.

Grave1484d ago

I would LOVE a new Manhunt on the current-gen. C'mon Rockstar!

Fullbucket1484d ago

Agreed! I spent many an hour with that game back in the day. With the new rating system, one can only hope it isn't banned here in Australia like the other Manhunt games.

ChipChipperson1484d ago

Ah the memories. I still remember reading about Thrill Kill from my first issue of OPM magazine, the one with the Crash Bandicoot, December 1998 issue.