The part about PlayStation Now nobody is talking about

There's a key feature to the PlayStation Now experience that nobody is talking about: save data management.

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bouzebbal1639d ago

one day i want SNK channel on PS Now interface with online play.

fenome1639d ago

I noticed the 'mini XMB' and saw the where I could access my online save files when I first got in. Unfortunately it didn't let me start up where I left off on Poker NIGHT 2 though. I just assumbed that maybe it just wasn't incorporated yet.

It still is in the testing phase, so I just figured they haven't let you tranfer your PS3 data to your PS4. I only tried it once, so maybe I did it wrong?

I'm gonna go see if they've got this going.Brb :p

fenome1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Okay, I think it does work, but I didn't notice before because for some reason my online saved file is a new game. When I tried it before it didn't look like it did anything, but this time it started me fresh and took away all my winnings. I was doing good this time too. lol

This was the only game that was on the service that I actually had an online save file with back when I started. Now they've got other games that I could've tried out with it, but I'm not paying the 'test' prices they have right now. The best way to test these prices is by not paying them. Money speaks louder than words in situations like this.

You can talk crap about it all day long, but once you buy it you're buying into it. You can test the service without contributing to these prices. I hope other testers realize this as well and have a backbone where we need it.

If anyone wonders why I'm speaking openly about the beta it's because for some reason I can't get into the private beta forums where I'm supposed to talk. I would've been there saying this otherwise, that's the whole point. Get an error every single time, so whatever, I'll just put it out there. lol

Askanison41638d ago

This is something MS started doing with Xbox One.
Signing in from a different console and still having access to your saves without even thinking about it is very cool.

It'll be a good feature for the PS to have :)

jnemesh1638d ago

Really? MS is letting you manage save game data for their game streaming service? Oh, wait, that's right... They don't HAVE a game streaming service.

Askanison41637d ago

Well that was immature. Well done.

jnemesh1637d ago

Yeah, my response was a bit too snarky, sorry!

MasterCornholio1638d ago

You mean cloud saves? Playstation Plus already has that.

Askanison41637d ago

So why is this news highlighting it? I'm confused.

ginsunuva1638d ago

NEWS: Playstation Now games are streamed and don't run locally!

Omg nice cool hidden secret feature, detective!