The Steam Summer Sale Day 3 buyer's guide

3 it's a magic number, but what does day 3 of the steam summer sale have in store for us?

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christrules00411343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

It's the best platform for PC gaming. Not sure why people would leave dislikes but not answer a simple question.
Download it, buy games and when your in game you can go into the threads easily and chat with others about in game problems or how to get a mod working, ect.

You can view steam here if you wish : http://store.steampowered.c...

s45gr321342d ago

Yeah I do that sometimes go into a steam forum post about an issue I have with a game. I always get an answer maybe not politely but hey it solves the issue at hand

urwifeminder1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Chuffed just got Timeshift enjoyed it on the 360 buying a lot of last gen games playing them maxed out looks stunning , def getting all multi plats on pc this gen after seeing how limited consoles made these games look still enjoyed them.

annedev1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )


Barneyco1342d ago

Damn these sales. I've already had to add funds to my steam wallet twice LOL.

DoctorJones1342d ago

Bought The Swapper, playing it at the moment and it's a great game, very unique. Gonna wait a few hours and see the next lot of games before I decide on what else to buy today.

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The story is too old to be commented.