"Sonic Boom Was the Worst Sonic Game I’ve Ever Played" | VGS

"Let me be clear by saying that I’ve played nearly every single Sonic game. Yes, even the bad ones. As a Sonic fan from the early 90’s it’s hard to pass up any of his games. And even though people claim his 3D adventures sucked I actually enjoyed many of them especially SA, SA2, and Generations. Up until now though it’s been well known that Sonic 06 and Shadow the Hedgehog are the worst things to ever happen to the Sonic universe (Spinball for me). Well, after my time spent with the Sonic Boom E3 demo, I walked away frightened and shaken feeling that this could very well be the worst Sonic game made to date."

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The_Hero1639d ago

I doubt it'll be that bad.
There's still a few calibrations to be made, but overall it looks interesting.

Chrischi19881639d ago

I doubt it, too. Not because boom looks great, but because there were some really bad entries of sonic.

veegeeeffex1640d ago

It cannot possibly be worse than Sonic 2006. There is just no way. This person is being hyperbolic.

randomass1711640d ago

Don't see what all the disagrees are for. Sonic '06 is pretty terrible in every way imaginable. At least this game has more potential in its story and visuals.

veegeeeffex1640d ago

The disagreements are because N4G.

Neonridr1639d ago

the law of N4G averages it out.. :P

Madock1640d ago

Talk about hate from the first glance!
He already made a judgement from playing 2 stages & felt comfortable enough to unleash sush an article header

-Foxtrot1640d ago

You do realise he's not the only guy who thinks this, the majority of people who played it at E3 thought it was pretty bad.

He might of just found it even worse then others

SoulMikeY1640d ago

Well if a "Sonic fan" hates it, it will sell millions. Sonic fans don't usually play my types of games and vice versa. So I'll count this as a win.

Chrono1640d ago

Worse than Sonic 2006!

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The story is too old to be commented.