PS Vita: A Companion Device Sold as a Game System

Hardcore Gamer: The problem is that Sony’s promotional talk and actual sales practices are constantly conflicting, and that hesitance to fully commit to direction is why the Vita is continuing to nosedive in sales and consumer interest.

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NewMonday1641d ago

sales are actually getting better, last month NPD was like up 1000%, and in Japan it is steady with great numbers.

Vita is a multi-function device, play games, remote play, and in the future PSNow.

iamnsuperman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Percentages mean nought when a system doesn't sell well. Though they are better (not nosediving) than they were pre PS4 but probably not by much

SoapShoes1641d ago

Ummm he didn't say it was doing amazing, he said they were improving and he is correct. That fact renders this article incorrect because in order to nose dive it needs to be pretty high in the first place. While it isn't lighting up the charts it has been doing fairly well in Japan and since the slim launched in the west. So yeah, this article has some good points but ultimately doesn't have things straight.

LOGICWINS1641d ago

Eh...I'm pretty sure remote play falls under the "playing games" category. And though PS Now may be the Vita's biggest selling point in the future, that future doesn't look very bright unless Sony's revises their pricing scheme. I know PS Now is in its beta stage, but how in the blue hell could you miss that Guacamelee costs $15 to own and also $15 to rent for 3 months?

Sonys out of touch big time. We shouldn't have to TELL them this is an issue. They should just know it.

gamerfan09091641d ago

To be fair to Sony, Sony can't price it freely. This is where the service is ultimately flawed. For Sony to get these games to be rented, publishers will want a certain percentage off of each game sold. Sony has to price this service so they can pay the publishers and still see revenue from it. It's a flawed service and if you wanna know how it works watch the Pach Attack episode on it. It's a very interesting, and informative insight on how that business model is done.

AlexFili1641d ago

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all have terrible prices for their digital stores. Some nintendo games are £40-£50 on there vs the retail where the prices are £25-35. There's something wrong when the digital version of a game costs more than the physical copy. Only Steam has it right and that's thanks to pre-purchase discounts and sales.

NewMonday1640d ago

I'm mean playing games natively

PSNow is for those who want games but don't have the console to play them on, no one in their right mind would play a game on PSNow when they can play it on a console they have.

as for prices the market decides, to high and people don't buy then prices go down,

3-4-51641d ago

Vita is a GREAT console. It's the games available for it that aren't as good as they could be.

So many potentially great ideas are wasted like never before.

Too many Vita games that do A,B,C,&D right but then screw up E & F so bad that it makes the game not fun to play unless your really into that type of game.

^ Not good for newcomers to a certain genre.

This is where Nintendo got it right with the 3DS. There are a few games on it that are really inviting to newcomers of a certain genre and really welcoming to all types of gamers and thus it appeals to more people.

* It still has niche games as well.

* Vita needs to keep getting the games it's getting, but the % needs to move towards games that appeal to more people. NOT CASUAL GAMES, but games that are easier to get into & more appealing. Slightly less weird.

xX1NORM1Xx1641d ago

I agree there are a few gems people also remember its a portable it's not ment to have MUST HAVE games that will make u not want to play it at home the big thing for me is terraria and borderlands and soon enough minecraft I like being able to go on holiday or day trips and play it on the way in the car or something

AlexFili1641d ago

Every good game on the console is either lacking a major component or is otherwise flawed. Assassin's Creed is missing the amazing multiplayer component, no zombies on Black Ops, 2-man limit on Borderlands 2 co-op...

It's not like any of these decisions can ruin a console but put it all together and it's not a pretty sight. They are in a worse situation than the Wii U because at least the Wii U has great games and good games in the pipeline, Vita has... PS4 remote play and that seems to be it, besides indie games which you can play on just about anything. It's a shame, the PSP was a must have thanks to Monster Hunter and games like Peace Walker.

Foraoise1641d ago

These articles really need to stop. They're getting annoying.

ValKilmer1641d ago

I agree, but this is a pretty fairly weighted examination of the issue. Author seems to be a Vita cheerleader, ironically.

Personally, I love the Vita with all my heart. I just wish Sony would either go all out marketing it as a serious 3DS competitor or just retool it into a PS4 companion.

Foraoise1641d ago

I agree, with you completely, Batman.

LOGICWINS1641d ago

No ones forcing you to click/comment on them. Don't see how you could be annoyed by something that doesn't affect you if you choose to ignore it.

gamerfan09091641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Why? It's the truth. I have a Vita, and although I enjoy the occasional indie or port here and there, it doesn't live up to half of the promise Sony had for it. It's simply criticism. More people need to challenge Sony on their stance with this system and then maybe it will improve. The more people that just go along with the program, then that's less sales the system will have and the less games will be made for it.

joeorc1641d ago

Simply criticism? What,oh my god this is way beyond simply criticism. 3 years the same things over and over but yet the reasons were fallen on deaf ears.

No matter what Sony would have done, many wanted to write the obituary of the PSVita even right now, this thread you have the same people already calling PSVita a failed system, than it would not matter what Sony does with the playform now right? What does it matter now right its a failed platform right?

But..but were fighting for the platform because Sony is [email protected] sure not fighting for the platform right?

KonsoruMasuta1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

'Tis a sad time for the Vita indeed.

Seriously, the only reason you are seeing these articles is because of Sony. Yoshida openly came out and said that the Vita will be getting less first party support and will be getting a bigger focus on indies, remote play, and PSNow.

It honestly makes me mad to read something like that. I don't really care for remote play or PSNow. I thought the Vita was going to get tons of AAA and first party support like the PSP did, I did not pay $200 for a streaming device. Whatever though, I'll just buy what little games do come to it. The games are good, I just wish there was more support.

I can't wait for Freedom Wars or Gravity Rush 2, I just wish there were more first part games.

lunatic00011641d ago

Tell me about it...I invested a lot in this system...I even bought the bundle that released a week early and I'm really mad that Sony literally gave up on the system...its a great handheld with lots of potential but I can honestly say it was a bad investment for me...should have waited until it was really cheap to play the few good games it has and from the looks of it now and in the future...there isn't much and there isn't going to be much besides indies

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gamerfan09091641d ago

Sony can save it by doing 3 things. Stop promoting it as a remote play accessory device or if you're going to promote it as such then drop the price to 99 bucks or bundle it with PS4's like the gamepad is with the Wiiu.Have their big studios, ND, SSM,MM,SP,QD,GG, ect to expand their studios and make Vita AAA games. And lastly pay third party publishers to bring huge franchises to Vita. If EA doesn't want to bring a game like ME or Dragon Age to Vita, then fund it yourself. If 2k doesn't want a bioshock or GTA on vita, fund it yourself. Sony needs to look at what Nintendo is doing and copy that.

xX1NORM1Xx1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I don't think Sony is really seeing ps vita as a priority ATM with the ps4 and Sony having money issues not the playstation division of course that's doing better than ever but they still can't just throw money at devs all the money they could have used for that was spent on ps4 exclusive content and such but as soon as the ps4s first year is done and there are a few fantastic games out for it I'm sure they will start to focus more on vita as ppl pick them up for remote play I for one would kill for bayonetta 1 on vita but that will probs never happen :(

sonerone1641d ago

gaming system sold as companion device actually

welly3001641d ago

Sony can take some of the blame but not all. Mobile phone market has fragmented the market even 3ds sales are below expectations.

KonsoruMasuta1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Yes, even 3DS sales are below expectations but you don't see Nintendo coming out and saying that they are lowering first party efforts and putting a larger focus on indies. They still support their hardware with first party games.

Yoshida came out and said that there will be less first party support. That is an extremely troubling statement. It may not flying off the shelves but they still have dedicated fans that expect decent support for the handheld.

joeorc1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Why yes they expect support but when sony does , oh well thats "just a PS3" port where are the games Sony?

Again no matter what Sony would have done with AAA 1st party efforts its seen as just a port machine go ahead look at the official playstation blog and every freaking gamer centric forums.

Sony I think is bluntly going indie and 3rd party games because at least if its going to be a "just a port machine" they will be getting games for the system, hell its not even just the PSVita alone even the PS4

Is being painted perception as just a port and indie machine. Astroturfing at its finest.

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