The industry’s problem with Ubisoft’s diversity

Game journalists are all too eager to complain about a lack of diversity, says Continue Play's Shaz Abdulla, but they're not as quick to celebrate when developers and publishers get it right.

The latest controversy surrounding Ubisoft at E3 is a case in point.

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KinjoTakemura1515d ago

Made up controversy, by hacks calling themselves journalists.

ContinuePlay1515d ago

Which is the point being made in the article - calling out the hypocrisy of journalists who are happy to whip up controversy for non-inclusion, but don't celebrate when developers ARE inclusive.

KinjoTakemura1515d ago

I agree. People who are looking for hits on their websites aren't journalists.

cyguration1515d ago

Also, if diversity is the thing that's supposedly going to "magically" drive sales, why the heck wasn't AC: Liberation as big a seller as previous entries? Or why is it that mediocre action games like Wet or Remember Me don't sell as much as other mediocre action games where the lead isn't a female protagonist?

If simply being "diverse" would drive up sales from people who pass up a game because of gender/race differences, then games that star the opposite of the industry's "norm" would then be rocket-busting games that sell huge... right? Right?

The SJWs never seem to have an answer as to why all the games aimed at female audiences on Steam don't sell as well as DayZ or The Stomping Land or Watch Dogs. They don't ever seem to have an answer as to why the adoption rate is so low for adventure games and non-action titles when they're made in great abundance by indie devs.

The content and games are there, but the sales are not.

Simply catering to people who whine about these things won't make the people who didn't care about these games in the first place, magically jump up and buy them.

zpoc1515d ago

great article.

assassin's creed is one of the *only* modern AAA franchises to have a female (of color, no less) as a protagonist, and yet the media seems intent on shaming ubisoft every chance they get. i really don't understand it.

as pointed out in the article, people are more interested in expressing faux outrage than anything else.