Minecraft to Wii U?, Wii U Sales Skyrocket, Ubisoft vs. Nintendo - Week in Review 6/21/14

Welcome to the latest edition of Nintendo Enthusiast - Week in Review. Join Shawn Long as he breaks down all the recent news of the past week, such as Minecraft possibly coming to the Wii U, Ubisoft taking shots at Nintendo, Armillo's release date, Nintendo seeing success on the May NPD and much more

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ptownjbo1635d ago

I'd be down for some Minecraft on Wii U. Gamepad makes sense, casuals will dig it.

3-4-51635d ago

That or make NintendoCraft

Fel081635d ago

The Gamepad would be perfect for Minecraft.

1nsaint1635d ago

how? not bashing on the thing but just wondering why it would be better then mouse and keyboard or controller

Nuggie1635d ago

You wouldn't have to press a button to bring up the inventory as it would be ever present on the gamepad and it would have the same control scheme as the mouse. Not as familiar but definitely the best of the console control schemes.

lilbroRx1635d ago

Two screens at once. No need to stop to access inventory. Touch where you want block to be placed on the touchscreens.

The Wii U Gamepad is a regular controller plus, so it will always be better than a regular controller at everything. The worst case scenario for the gamepad is that the auxillary functions are used and it become a regular controller.

Mouse? Wiimote. So many possibilities.

SirNintend01635d ago

Yeah Nintendo needs to reach out and try and make it happen.

MsmackyM1635d ago

I would love to see Don't Starve on the Wii U.

DoggyBiscuit1635d ago

Minecraft for the Wii U is a pipe dream

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