Suda51 playing a lot of 3DS games, but currently has no plans for games on Nintendo platforms

Coming from a GameRevolution interview with Suda51:
"-GR: What are you playing now?
-Suda 51: A lot of 3DS Nintendo titles.
-Gil: Is there any interest in getting back into Nintendo -development? No More Heroes was on the Wii.
-Suda 51: Right now there are no plans on Nintendo titles."

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Abash1555d ago

Suda51 and Nintendo should start talking about a partnership to develop No More Heroes 3. I'd also love to see the first two games remastered on Wii U

randomass1711555d ago

I was thinking the same thing. With No More Heroes' popularity, it would be silly not to make it happen. Maybe even make it a collection with the earlier games like Bayonetta.

wonderfulmonkeyman1555d ago

Oh lord, a collection of NMH 1 and 2 with updated OPTIONAL stick-controls for the Game Pad and Pro Controller on top of a third all new one?

I would die of happiness!

TheFreshestLlama1555d ago

A $250 version with remastered 1 and 2, plus the third one. All hard copies. Actual Size light up replica of the sword. My erection would never cease.

randomass1711555d ago

@wonderfulmonkeyman I know right? Sign me up! :D

@TheFreshestLlama Er, don't you think $250 is a bit much? Nintendo isn't charging extra for Bayonetta 1.

robtion1555d ago

I want Lilly Bergamo, not Let it Die.

KonsoruMasuta1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Too bad Lily Bergamo was canned for Let it Die.

It looked like it had real promise.

robtion1555d ago

@KonsoruMasuta: Exactly. I'm really disappointed :( The art design for Lilly Bergamo looked amazing. Let it Die must be the first Suda/Grasshopper Manufacture game I'm not interested in.

prodg521554d ago

I agree. Lilly Bergamo looked really interesting. I wish they would continue development.

Errefus1555d ago

</3 NMH3 seems far away or never.....

ScubbaSteve1555d ago

It makes you wonder what platform is best suited for the "Batshit crazy" genre.

AWBrawler1554d ago

he is BSing we know he's going to roll out a NMH3 for Wii U. Did he forget he already hinted at that back with Wii?