Steam Summer Sale 2014 | Day Three Featured Deals - NA/UK/EU

Here’s a round up of day 3 of the Steam Summer Sale deals for North America, United Kingdom and Europe. Grab them now at -

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ArchangelMike1635d ago

Awww man, thanks for the heads-up. I get to pick up Rocksmith 2014 for the PC at 75% off!!! I got it for my PS3, but having it on my Laptop makes it just that little bit more portable.

Shame my progress isn't transferable though. Meh, it means I just get to play all those awesome songs all over again... :D

Dearslay1635d ago

I've been considering picking it up for a while, I've now just got to find a cheap second hand controller somewhere!

ArchangelMike1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

By 'second hand controller' you mean... a mouse? Or do you mean the Realtone cable? Because you sure as hell can't mean... a guitar?