How Much Does Gaming Shape Children?

I wrote about this same subject for an English presentation and it got people talking about their views. A few years have passed now and I wanted to re-visit this topic. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to post your views in the comment section below.

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fr0sty1337d ago

For me, it has inspired creativity, developed my problem solving skills, given me killer hand eye coordination, made me better at operating a vehicle, and enhanced my social life (this was back when arcades were a thing, but even today kids socialize online when gaming).

gentlemengaming1337d ago

Definitely on the creativity. Even though this is an odd choice, I actually came away from playing Deadly Premonition wanting to write my own story because I found it to be so odd and fascinating. Not to mention DeviantArt. That place is filled with fans creating pieces of art that was inspired from a video game.

Thanks for the comment!