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Submitted by EvilCackle 594d ago | news

Battlefield Hardline Should Be Battlefield 4 DLC, Petition Says

Some gamers don't believe that Battlefield Hardline should be a full game. A new petition demands the Hardline be released as an add-on to 2013's Battlefield 4 instead. (Battlefield 4, Battlefield: Hardline, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

randomass171  +   595d ago
It should be free for anyone who bought BF4, especially when it launched. It will never happen but I feel that's what should happen.
ArchangelMike  +   595d ago
HA! This is EA that we're talking about. It's more likely if you ask for Hardline DLC to be free for those that have BF4 premium. But that wouldn't happen either.
randomass171  +   595d ago
Yup. I would never expect EA to do anything so generous.
Vegetarianshark  +   594d ago
Yup this game should be a compensation for giving us a $120(premium) game that is broken for 8 fking months. Screw EA, I hope someday DICE gets pissed too and find another publisher, sad that'll never happen. The most we could do really is to boycott their half-assed, overpriced game but still, brain-dead zombie gamers would buy anything.
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sackboyhappy  +   594d ago
DICE as a development team cannot find another publisher because DICE is a EA company, the people who work for DICE could go their own seperate way tho
Prototype_79L  +   594d ago
This video says it all:

Hardline is basically a mod, which will be charged at full price.
Matt666  +   594d ago
To be fair you could say COD:AW should be free then because it just looks and feels like every other COD, with a boring linear story line.

And for the people complaining, no one forcing you to buy the game, it feels nothing like BF4, I didn't know BF4 contained cops and robbers, I didn't know that BF4 had weapons like the baseball bat and the night stick, oh that right, it doesn't.
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xX1NORM1Xx  +   594d ago
That's not the same thing at all bf hard line doesn't feel like a cops and robbers game it's just reskinned bf4 with smaller maps and a few new toys say what you want about cod but it plays differently every time it may be the same thing every year but tell me there isn't a difference between ghost an black ops 2 or mw3 and black ops 1 I don't play cod anymore cause ghosts sucks so bad but you get my point
Matt666  +   594d ago
COD feels the same every year and plays the same every single year, they just throw in about 3 "new" weapons every time and some new maps. The story is always linear and boring and the MP is always broken and full of quick-scopers. Furthermore COD AW and COD:BO2 looks very similar with the whole future thing.
r3f1cul  +   594d ago
to say bf hardline doesnt feel like bf4... you must have never played a bf game before... because its feels exactly like bf without a doubt... not to mention how many aspects they are just blatantly taking from bf4, even the attachments have the exact same pictures and names... its bf without a doubt, if you just added new game modes to bf4, and a few new gadgets you would be hardpressed to tell the difference imo
Gamer1982  +   594d ago
Every new release of COD should be DLC and every BF game since BF2 should be DLC.. As lets be hoenst we only ever get new maps and new guns most years.. Only every 3 years or so we finally get a new engine.. Except for COD where we are still using a 6 year old engine thats just been retuned over and over..
randomass171  +   594d ago
The new CoD appears to be using a new engine though and the older games were still finished and not plagued with bugs.
Lawboy2  +   595d ago
I actually am in love with this game...playing the beta now and it's epic IMO...and I would note that I'm a huge COD Fan and really couldn't get into BF4 at all with all the glitches and stuff so I was pleasantly suprised by how much I am enjoying the beta....I really think I may have to pick up this game
ArchangelMike  +   595d ago
See, I probably would have liked it alot more if I hadn't played Destiny. That game showed me just how much Hardline is really just recycled BF4 material.

I had BF4 at launch and have played it on and off since. While I enjoyed the Hardline Beta, it is in no way a full priced retail release.

That's the real problem here, that EA will charge you full price for it, then charge you for its "premium content", and then charge you again for gun packs and unlocks. The game is just not worth that much - especially that EA have yet to release Battlefield single player content that is more than 4-6 hours long!!!
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Lawboy2  +   595d ago
I totally agree...which occurs a lot in the gaming industry releasing games just to make a quick buck...I'm just saying I liked it a lot more than I like bf4 for some reason
badz149  +   594d ago

You can't just compare Hardline with Destiny like that and say that Hardline is recycled stuff while Destiny feel fresh. that's taking a jab at EA (not that I say it's not justified) while praising Activision when Activision is just as bad at recycling stuff with CoD year after year since 2007!

Destiny is a new IP but even then, many who are currently in the Alpha is saying that it's more or less feels like Halo and I didin't mean it in a bad way.

the fairer comparison would be Hardline vs Advanced Warfare and you shall see that both are just as bad at recycling!
ArchangelMike  +   594d ago

You are right. Both Activision and EA recycle their crap. But to be fair, COD:AW looks alike is at least genuinely trying to innovate, in the same way that COD4, was innovating by going from WWII to modern day.

Hardline doesn't look like it is innovating, it just looks like an expansion pack. That can't rally be said for COD:AW, especially as it looks next gen to begin with, has a whole new set of futuristic weapons, and completely new game mechanics. Now don't get me wrong, I probably still wont buy advanced warfare, but all I'm saying is that even comparing Hardline to COD:AW, makes Hardline still look like a texture pack!
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   594d ago
I was hyped for hardline at first but as soon as i saw the new rainbow six, I knew that was the better game.
Ubisoft took a huge dump on EA with that announcement.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   595d ago
Makes more sense, than a actual retail game!
AllAboutGaming  +   595d ago
It already is. Stand-alone, full game priced, retail packaged and released DLC. EA is innovating :)
MysticStrummer  +   594d ago
Nah CoD's been doing that for years.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   594d ago
The beta was ALLL KINNDZZ of mediocre. Deleted it after 2 matches.
itisallaboutps  +   594d ago
I Wanna put my mushroom tip on the cd and give it to ea
XabiDaChosenOne  +   594d ago
LOL! Hodgetwins nation!
HaveAsandwich  +   594d ago
Played the beta for maybe 4 hours. Done with it.
GearSkiN  +   594d ago
I deleted the game after 2min play time.
Ron66  +   594d ago
I bet all of you don't have the balls to boycott E.A. If you do, E.A will cower and think twice to f**k with the fans. I have not bought anything from them for a long time
pumpactionpimp  +   594d ago
I agree Ron. I havent purchased anything in years from EA. To be specific, my last purchase was battlefield 3. After I saw what kind of mess that was, I saw the writing on the wall.

Since all I've seen is record breaking sales coming out of EA, yet fans still complain that they're spending money and not getting results.

SPARTAN3  +   594d ago
I didnt buy 3 I bought 4 bec next gen hype but boycotting EA this year should be easy dont buy sports games, Hardline, or dragon age and your good. thats what am going to do. I want the witcher over dragon age after the beta I really dont want hardline. Now if we could all say we want BF2045 and for Visceral to make a new game I would be happy.
ArchangelMike  +   594d ago
I'm not getting Hardline at all. I simply dont have cash to throw away on mediacrity.
AnotherProGamer  +   594d ago
So should Fallout New Vegas and Majoras Mask, both were made a year after the previous game and cost $60 but most people dont understand game development
wallis  +   594d ago
New Vegas was made by Obsidian, the original creators of fallout (IMO worth the price tag right there), and while largely working off the same engine it nonetheless introduced hundreds of hours of new scripted content. From NPC's to questlines to factions to environments to weapons to new skills and also new features like reputation.

I haven't played hardline so I can't say 100% where I stand on this but don't compare a singleplayer rpg to a multiplayer game. A mp game has emergent gameplay that largely requires the player's input to work (no players no game), and a lot of the time you pay your money for an on-going service where patches and new gamemodes get rolled out at a later date, as well as for things like dedicated servers. On the other hand singleplayer games require the input of the dev, and you're paying for the time they've already put in.

So the question is, are EA providing sufficiently new content to warrant a full price tag, and will they fulfil on promises relating to patches, servers etc? I don't see what's wrong with a legitimate debate surrounding said issues - obviously though if people disagree with you for any reason they just "don't understand game development".
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Muzikguy  +   594d ago
I like your counter argument, you don't see much of that here.
"So the question is, are EA providing sufficiently new content to warrant a full price tag". My answer to that would be "no". EA won't ever release a game worthy of full price and when they make it worth the retail price they charge $10-$15 for the individual packs that should have been in the game to begin with.

I'm with others on here and boycotting EA. I bought BF4 at launch and it hasn't exactly gotten better since. I feel like the game was a big flop. That's just my opinion. I remember back in the day though with BF2 having so much fun! I played that game for like 3 years! I think one of my biggest complaints with BF4 are the map packs. I won't buy them. Then when you do a server search there aren't many playing on them anyway. It's a waste of money and IMO the maps should've been free, especially the remade ones from BF2&3
brich233  +   594d ago
You guys are basing this on multiplayer alone? What about single player?
voodoochild346  +   594d ago
Lol battlefield single player? You must be knew here...
spaceg0st  +   594d ago
It really does just feel like a re-skin... And nobody (or at least the majority) could care less for the single player.
AgentSmithPS4  +   594d ago
The SP in BF4 was mostly boring and the worst part was having to replay some parts of it to unlock weapons for MP :|. I'd rather them just release a MP only game that works instead of giving us 2 half-assed things.
USMC_POLICE  +   594d ago
im confused
People are saying its the same game as BF4 after playing a beta of 1 map 2 game modes....last game to do cops and robbers was 25 to life on ps2,yet cod is a direct copy and paste yearly and all it gets is praise.
spaceg0st  +   594d ago
The last thing cod has gotten in the past couple years is 'praise.' In fact, more than ever people are downplaying the game and over it
OmegaShen  +   594d ago
DLC on a broken game vs being its own game that works..... I'll take a working game over more problems added to a broken game.
voodoochild346  +   594d ago
And EA will take your $60 plus premium.
OmegaShen  +   593d ago
Only if you buy premium, just download my friends for BF3.
SPARTAN3  +   594d ago
Dang I feel bad for Visceral there single player look pretty crazy Dice was spread to thin to make this MP. After hearing the director of visceral go and talk to EA about a new idea and have EA tell him nah your working on battlefield kinda sucks even tho he said he was excited.

My source was some E3 giant bomb video Jeff said that.
nerdman67  +   594d ago
The Hardline beta is fantastic, but not compelling enough for me to pick up at launch. Theres too much coming out.
It really should just be DLC for those of us with BF4 Premium.
mattgdrums  +   594d ago
after the buggy mess that was bf4, i doubt ill even consider playing the beta for this game. i mean bf4 still isnt fixed constant rubber banding on my pc, even with fixes
AgentSmithPS4  +   594d ago
EA/DICE are the slumlords of gaming, I won't be giving them more money any time soon. Aside from the months of BS I played for the past few days and even battlelog doesn't work, there's strange lag at times, balance problems, etc, etc it's just very disappointing.

The game can be fun but I'll dump it like a psycho when a better MP game comes out.
mattgdrums  +   594d ago
my main regret was after trying to play the game on my 360, (and buying premium as well) to buggy matches where the game constantly crashed, i gave the pc version a try. it did work for a couple days so i bought premium, than it started rubber banding and crashing and bugging out, so not only did i shell out 100 for the 360 version, another hundred for pc aswell
CorruptBoyd  +   594d ago
Best way to boycott EA is don't buy hardline !!!
AgentSmithPS4  +   594d ago
I was playing BF4 yesterday with some younglings and they actually said they were going to buy Hardline after all that happened with BF4. It must be true about their brains not being fully formed until age 25 or so ;).

With all these enablers throwing money at them I wonder if anything can be done to save the games we like from turning into trash.
bamillington  +   594d ago
Enjoyed the beta but not convinced.. to many good games coming out around that time.. if I get it cheap enpugh maybe..
Harpers_Ferry  +   594d ago
The same could be said for every Call of Duty after Modern Warfare.
TKCMuzzer  +   594d ago
All these articles are interesting. It's strange how the gaming community doesn't want to petition against COD every year. There have been times when the follow up games should have been just DLC as they have been recycling assets for years.
Interesting how the community are willing to shell out each year for a new COD but as soon as EA try it, there is uproar. Maybe this is more about the publisher than the game itself.
quenomamen  +   594d ago
Thank youuuuuuuuu
DasTier  +   594d ago
I would much rather play a full release of hardline than if it were dlc to another boring modern military game.

I so wish that the Bad Companuy 2 Vietnam dlc was its own game as it was so much fun but could have so much bigger.
Einhert  +   594d ago
In the days when BF was on PC only (the good days) this would be considered an expansion pack.
daBUSHwhaka  +   594d ago
Time to talk with our money.If this expansions not for you,don't buy it.I'm missing this for sure.BF4 still plays hideous.It's about time EA bucks up there ideas,but that's never gonna happen.
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Moe-Gunz  +   594d ago
To be fair this is just basing everything off of the MP beta that has two game modes and one map. Perhaps we should wait and see what else the game will bring before calling it an expansion.
PockyKing  +   594d ago
Nope, a beta represents everything that's in the actual game /s

This happens EVERY year, the same people bitch and complain about the next Battlefied based on its beta, and then the full game is actually quite good. Aside from bugs and glitches, BF4 is not a bad game.

Hardline is looking good, but the beta isn't really for people to give final judgment on a game, but most do because they don't know what a beta's really for.
gcolley  +   594d ago
They obviously don't understand the annual release concept these giant companies love so much. Vote with your wallet.
quenomamen  +   594d ago
No they do thats why they line up COD every Nov with panties all moist.
itisallaboutps  +   594d ago
Vote with your wallet. They made so much money off premium is ridiculous. The EA boss said bf4 was unacceptable yet he rushed the dam thing.
After spending over 100 on bf4. Hard line just don't sound satisfying
jnemesh  +   594d ago
You can petition all you want, but if you are really wanting to be heard, it's even easier. Don't buy the game!!! Don't buy ANY EA games until EA learns that their CUSTOMERS are just as, if not more, important than their shareholders! Quit accepting buggy, broken, half-assed games! Until and unless you do, this shit will keep coming.
#27 (Edited 594d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Mr Tretton  +   594d ago
This. Just don't buy it. Don't pay attention to it. Just don't care. There are other games to play.
WesMcDonell  +   594d ago
DLC or not it still looks like a blast. I'd take it either way.
quenomamen  +   594d ago
These morons are such hypocrites its not even funny, answer me this dopes.

1. Hardline will have its own SP campaign and MP, it only uses the BF4 engine and possibly netcode and some of the weapons. And the only game mode that is similiar to Rush from BF4 is Heist and maybe TDM other than that the other game modes are waay different. This makes Hardline just DLC right ?

2. COD4, MW2, MW3 have more in common than BF4 and Hardline FACT, right down to the same stupid white pickup truck in MP maps, and the same can be said for Blops 1 & 2 yet you morons eagerly stood in line at midnite to get a copy ? Like you will again this November ? Oh and let me break your little hearts right now. This year's COD DLC will not be running on a " NEW " engine, this will be another lie in a long list of lies.

Like I said alot of these gamers have the memory span of a dead Hamster.
Mr Tretton  +   593d ago
"yet you morons eagerly stood in line at midnite to get a copy ? Like you will again this November ?"

How on Earth do you assume these are the same people?

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