20 Best N64 Games Ever

One of the most fondly-revered and influential consoles in gaming history - here are the top 20 best titles from the N64.

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Geobros1641d ago

Nice flashback!! I saw some of my favorite games but I would add Mystical Ninja.

Goldeneye, I think was the best FPS i have ever played. Multiplayer was epic too....

demonddel1641d ago

That was the good old days Goldeneye Zelda oot MGS gt2 Majoras Mask some of the best games ever made realistic graphics mess everything up

Monkeycan81641d ago

Mystical Ninja I miss that game so much It and a bunch of my other N64 games were robbed when somebody broke into my house some years back.

I loved being able to crawl on the ground like a worm such a weird game.

Moonman1641d ago

Great list...

To get another Banjo on a Nintendo platform one day... sigh ;p

Eck01641d ago

all the good games i remember were on the list.. i didnt really play alot of n64 .. other than.. mario 64 i still play that like once a year.. from beginning to end

DraconicPanda1641d ago

JFG was top 3 for me.

1. Mario 64
2. Perfect Dark
3. Jet Force Gemini

kewlkat0071641d ago

Man I remember when I first played was awesome..

MrChow6661641d ago

I was about to say that, I was completely blown away by turoks graphics and the game was great very immersive and challenging, good times

Jonny5isalive1640d ago

ohh man I loved turok, I liked the first one more than the second. Still to this day turok 1 is a very unique game.

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The story is too old to be commented.