7 Epic Moments From The Destiny PS4 Alpha Weekend

When the news graced computer monitors that the alpha was available to play this past weekend for a first look into what Destiny has to offer, PS4s and faces lit up with anticipation. If the title of this article isn’t indication enough, the game is just a blast to play. Never before has there been a game that so seamlessly combined what were previously considered to be vastly different genres of games. Bungie has crafted something that marries the high-octane thrills of first-person shooters, the rich lore of narrative-driven games, the multiplayer components of AAA shooters, the social interaction of MMOs, and engaging cooperative gameplay. As a result, it’s truly epic.

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Xbot12141553d ago

in my opinion destiny will flop..... stay tuned

D-ROB1553d ago

Sounds like you missed the opportunity to play the Alpha reading your comment. Me on the other hand has had the chance to play and can honestly say it looks amazing and plays fantastic.

Crazyglues1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

@ Xbot1214

Yeah the only way you could come to that conclusion is if you didn't play the alpha..

Everyone I know and everyone on my friends list, loves the game, that never happens...

Normally a few people tend to hate, but all I hear people saying is, "oh I didn't think I would like this game like that, but now I'm defiantly getting this"

The last game that this many of my friends liked, was GTA V (and a few people said they didn't like it) and that did 34 million copies.. This game, everyone said they loved it... everyone who played the alpha. --Now you could say that's just a small amount of people, but most of them are hardcore gamers so I would say they more then often tend to be able to tell when a game has hit the secret sauce.
And they have all said Destiny has it.

I would say this one is going to do numbers..

I think Bungie hit it out the park, and the numbers are going to surprise people.. (they nailed it with this one)

||.........___||............ ||

thrust1553d ago

They nailed it with all the games they make!

Panaru1553d ago

Thanks. I really, really needed this laugh this early in the day.

Arkardo1553d ago


In my opinion, you're a butthurt Xbot who couldn't play the alpha... stay tuned

GarrusVakarian1553d ago

I have yet to find one person that thinks the game will flop after playing the alpha. There's even a 'Destiny withdrawal thread' over at NeoGAF, that's how much people loved it.

But, looking at your username, you're probably still butthurt that Bungie are making a game for PS, hence your trolling.

Squeaky_door1553d ago

"There's even a 'Destiny withdrawal thread' over at NeoGAF"

That's pathetic

devwan1553d ago

Wasn't really that interested in destiny, wasn't even sure what it was 100%. Obtained code for Early Access Alpha and was up into the small hours 4 nights in a row, thoroughly addicted, scoured every inch of Old Russia, levelled my character and weapons, obtained better armour, etc. etc. just could not put it down. Only thing I didn't do was PvP, not at all interested.

Destiny will be GotY this year and I wouldn't bet against sequels branching out and refining and expanding upon the various aspects of the core game, with more GotY candidates to follow. It's going to be massive.

Utterly awesome. Counting down the days to the Beta and September 9.

Stay tuned.

IraqCombatVet1552d ago

I've been reading a lot of comments on different sites since Destiny's Alpha launched and I've never seen where a game's Alpha received such an incredible amount of positive feedback.

I've had Destiny pre-ordered since last year. As soon as they announced it I knew it would be huge. My most anticipated game besides the Witcher 3.

I can't wait to see the response when everyone plays the Beta and gets the true experience. Going to be insane!

AceBlazer131552d ago

What do you think this is, Titanfall? Titanfall players are already saying destiny is the better game. Sad that you missed the Alpha but at least you get to enjoy what seems to be 1 of the best games of the year so far come September.

Thatguy-3101552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

You know I actually thought the same thing because it had so much stacked up to it. However, after trying the alpha I can reassure you that it will be the next big franchise. I freaking loved the beta and by the looks of it a lot of people did. Destiny seems like the type of game that will be difficult to stop playing. Everything just seems endless when playing it.

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GutZ311553d ago

Before playing the Alpha, I didn't have my eyes set on this game.
After the alpha, I can't play anything without feeling like I need to go back to Destiny.
The game is just that good.

Crazyglues1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

Yes exactly, that's how I feel right now, I just can't wait to get back to playing Destiny..

It really is that good. (very addictive once you start ranking up your guns and getting into missions)

GutZ311553d ago

The problem for the Xbox only guys, is that they can't start the Beta till the 20th vs the 17th for PS3 and PS4 users.

Once they get a taste, the hate "should" subside, but no one can tell until its here.
The 17th can't come fast enough, I need to hibernate or something.

MasterCornholio1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )


Well those Xbox fans hating on destiny because the PS4 got the alpha first or the extra content first are being really silly in my opinion. This game is being made by Bungie the studio that created Halo. As far as I know Halo is a fantastic franchise and sold millions on the Xbox due to the fantastic gameplay that it has. I'm pretty sure that Bungie is putting the same care into Destiny and from the previews it will be a fantastic game to play. They should drop the hate and embrace Destiny because if they do they will probably have loads of fun with the game and Bungie needs their support.

In the end as gamers all we want to do is play good games regardless if the platform.

MightyNoX1553d ago

Welcome to the Destiny-withdrawl club. Sandwiches and refreshments are over there. Now let's huddle around and share our stories.

GarrusVakarian1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

I remember the time when myself and five other strangers danced together on top of one of the stalls at the tower. Then we found a ball and chased it, until it fell off the edge of the balcony.

Good times.

MasterCornholio1553d ago

I haven't played it but after watching several let's play of the alpha im extremely interested in the game.

GutZ311553d ago

The Lets-Plays do it no justice.
Watching others play this game is far from the actual meat of the game.

Once you get to play it, you will understand just how different watching it vs playing it is.

No offence by the way, its just really hard to judge this games value by video alone.

cr33ping_death1553d ago

im going through withdrawals. i swear i never payed attention to this until i played the alpha

GutZ311553d ago

I haven't been able to turn on my PS4 without trying to login to the alpha.
I feel really bad that I havent even started watchdogs and I dont even want to.

BionicRogue211552d ago

Haha am I the only one that can't let go of the Alpha icon on my PS4? I won't delete it until the beta comes out! haha

cr33ping_death1552d ago

I laugh at the disagree.

@ Gutz. Yeah I tried to again today. Said "hmm maybe this time",but sadly nothing.
@ Rougue yeah I was going to delete it but i had that very same thought. Ill just leave it there till the beta comes out. Already registered my code on the Bungie website.

sovkhan1552d ago

I'll bet on this...

Destiny is going to the next big thing, everybody was waiting for...

Just, have a look on how people react after the alpha...This is more telling than thousand reviews or articles

leemo191552d ago

After playing the Alpha I'm glad I pre-order it. The Alpha was only 10% if that of the real game, can't imagine how big this game really is.

BionicRogue211552d ago

Yeah I am pretty sure they said the alpha was less than 10% of the complete game! Correct me if I am wrong :) But I agree! And imagine what the game will be like once they start expanding as well!! So excited!