Destiny Alpha Impressions: A Future Game of the Year Contender? | Short Pause

The Destiny First Look Alpha has come and gone, and Short Pause got a chance to play it! How is Bungie's hotly anticipated sci-fi epic shaping up? Does this have the potential to be a future game of the year contender? Read on and find out!

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REDGUM1491d ago

I'll save my thoughts till I get a hold of the Beta code in July before I get my hopes up too high.
It is looking good though.
Fingures crossed hey !

guitarded771491d ago

I was in the Alpha, and I was highly interested, but not sold before playing. After playing, I had to pre-order right away. I know it's best to keep a level head, and not get your hopes up, butI'll just say "It's the one shooter I need this year". I don't care about CoD or Hardline... I'll probably get Far Cry 4 too, but Destiny should keep me busy for a while. It is very deep. Almost like and MMO/FPS. There is so much to do, and so much to upgrade.

GasTankKiller1491d ago

I agree with pretty much everything you said just not the Far Cry 4 part. Just not interested is all.

A few of my buddies just bought PS4's this week and pre-ordered Destiny.

REDGUM1491d ago

I don't get the disagree '? ???

Wni01491d ago

game. of. the. GEN ER A TION! Oh babe

Patricko1491d ago

This game will blow every other game away :D
Bungie made it again! Legend is coming lads!

system221491d ago

Meh. I'll wait for the full game but I was not blown away with the "alpha". I'm sure it will be good, as Bungie obviously knows how to make a good game, so maybe this just isn't my cup of tea

Pyro2000x1491d ago

it has heavy RPG elements so i see why you don't like it damn you COD fans are boring.

tigertron1491d ago

Just because he wasn't blown away by it doesn't make him a COD fan. I wasn't either myself if I'm honest.

system221491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

So you assume I'm a COD fan and then characterize me as boring because I wasn't blown away by an alpha as if I compared the two in your make believe mind? As if that makes any sense. This is the kind of rabid lunacy that plagues this site. My opinion is different than yours. Suck it up and act like an adult. Insulting people with a differing opinion makes you look insecure and petty.

Just so you know though and not that I feel I need to explain myself to you; I got bored with COD years ago.

MatriXcian1491d ago

Alpha was AMAZING and secured this game to "must buy status". I cant wait to get my hands on the final release.

ZeroX98761491d ago

I just loved borderlands amd after playing the alpha, It'll be an awesome title to play with your friends! Always loved playing coop and the PS4/Xbox One needs some good coop games.

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