PS4/Xbox One Clock Speed Isn't A Reliable Way To Compare Performance,DX12 Can Boost Cloth Simulation

"The number of processor cores has increased as well, and so has the memory bandwidth," explains Cloakworks' Joe van den Heuvel.

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DrRobotnik1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

It might not be a reliable way, but by looking at the physical evidence on screen. PS4 is winning in the performance department.

gameseveryday1639d ago

Yep, that is true. On a related note, I am not sure why Sony is not revealing the clock speed of the PS4 yet.

stuna11639d ago

If you really think about it, there's no need too! I think the only reason Microsoft felt the need to reveal their clock speed,was for the sole purpose of trying to put a positive spin on a negitive situation! That their system was underpowered.

This could be considered a plus on Sony/PS4 side, because talk of a up clock is not needed at this point, considering that the PS4 is at this point viewed as the more powerful system of the 2. This is basically a power reserve that can be accessed later on down the line, if the need arises.

hello121639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Its not a rumour Sony confirmed months ago what the CPU clock speed of the PS4 was.

Sony system already gets very hot at 1.6.

Sony confirms the clock speed of the PS4's processor, clocking in at 1.6GHz - the equivalent of 43 x PS2's (NYSE:SNE, NYSE:AMD)

CPU's are identical in both the PS4 and xb1. The xb1 could run at 1.75ghz because of their larger fan. This new story doesn't add up at all.How can Sony push their CPU to 2.75ghz when both CPU's are identical?

Look up what the NYSE is! Sony has told investors what the clock speed is its 1.6ghz

Kayant1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"The Xbox One is clocked at 1.75Ghz whereas the PlayStation 4 is rumored to be a clocking at 1.6Ghz with the capability to be over clocked at 2.75Ghz" - Seriously people are still going with dumbness.... Sigh. The Jaguar cores in both consoles only go up to 2Ghz at most because they are the mobile variant- That 2.75Ghz refers to the highest frequency in the system on the FCC report that being the GDDR5's memory clock irrc.

Also it makes absolutely no sense the PS4's would overclock to 2.75Ghz in the box like that.

It has been confirmed multiple times PS4 cores runs at 1.6Ghz .

Confirmed here on several slides. Presentation from an amd event where a sony dev was talking about audio.

We know clock speed is meaningless because facts points towards devs getting more performance from PS4's CPU. And we have games/benchmarks that show it.


"Sony system already gets very hot at 1.6." - Sure it does.

carreirabr1639d ago

Afaik Sony never confirmed PS4's CPU as a plain Jaguar and not a custom designed processor, just like the 16+4 GPU.

GameNameFame1639d ago

Even with slightly lower speed, actual benchmark prooves that ps4 CPU is over 15 percent stronger.

Kayant1639d ago


Doesn't matter MS don't make any major differences to theirs that has resulted to radical differences in games.

Digital Foundry: Is it essentially the Jaguar IP as is? Or did you customise it?

Nick Baker: There had not been a two-cluster Jaguar configuration before Xbox One so there were things that had to be done in order to make that work. We wanted higher coherency between the GPU and the CPU so that was something that needed to be done, that touched a lot of the fabric around the CPU and then looking at how the Jaguar core implemented virtualisation, doing some tweaks there - but nothing fundamental to the ISA or adding instructions or adding instructions like that.

johndoe112111639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Exactly how deluded and full of crap are you? The ps4 runs cooler than the xbone. All temperature tests done proved that. How do you know that if they were to up the clock speed in the ps4 it would run hotter than the xbone?

Unlike Microsoft, Sony didn't just throw a big fan into their system and say "There you go, you'll run cool now." No, there was a science behind the design which they explained at a conference earlier this year. That is what allows them to have a smaller fan and still run cooler than the xbone. Where did you get that info, misterxmedia?

Guwapo771639d ago

Because it doesn't matter what the overall clock speed is as long as it's performs as intended. There are MULTIPLE factors which determines a processor's performance. Just take a moment and look at desktop CPU speeds and their performance ratios. There hasn't been any real boost in clock speeds but their performance has increased x fold.

MysticStrummer1639d ago

@KNWS - If PS4 gets "very hot", how would you describe XB1, which gets hotter even with the larger fan?

TheGreatAndPowerful1639d ago

Console Wars: Xbox One Vs. PlayStation 4 -- Processors (Round 3)

vishmarx1639d ago

who cares what the clock speed really is?
ps4 is obviously more powerful,
i though that was settled by now/
nearly every game runs better ,the witcher dev flat out said it a few days ago.

besides; ms first claiming a gpu overclock and now this DX12 bs.
do they really need this if their console isnt the weaker one?
why cant we have one game where xb1 outperforms ps4,instead of wasting its glorious power on this awesome cloth simulation?

mwjw6961639d ago

@johndoe11211 Sorry but your wrong.

"The Xbox One has been on continuously for about 3 hours now, and just past 2.5 hours of Dead Rising 3, and the vents are reading around 110-114ºF/43-45ºC&qu ot;

" Been playing for over 3 hours now, with the PS4 comfortable in my home theater cabinet in its flat position. The Playstation remains a little under the temperature it was when I was around 30 minutes in, which is around ~133ºF/56ºC. "

That is a 20ºF difference after 3 hours... so where are your tests that show it running cooler??? POOR SDF...

sic_chops1639d ago

@Knws FYI, the xbone runs warmer than the ps4. It's funny because the box is bigger, there is no internal power supply, it has a huge fan and there is a hole in the top. I'm surprised they didn't keep the disc tray to release some extra heat when it's opened. The truth is, is that MS can't make hardware worth a Damn...

MysticStrummer1639d ago

@mwjw - Digital Foundry says XB1 is slightly cooler while idle, and slightly warmer while gaming.

How does XB1 manage to draw less power and still get warmer, especially being so large and with a larger fan?

Eonjay1639d ago

If the PS4 does more work at a lower frequency, I think it is safe to say that clock speed gives a skewed reading on the CPU ability.

Think about the GPU clock speeds.

Azzanation1639d ago

Sony hasn't revealed (which they have 1.6ghz) because the X1 CPU runs faster. If Sony had a more powerful CPU then they would be bragging about it everyday just like Cell last gen.

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MasterCornholio1639d ago

I've read many comparisons between multiplats and 90% of the time the PS4 version is better. The other 5% of the time they are the same while the last 5% the Xbox One takes the win.

I think all the rational people have already accepted that the PS4 is more powerful but that doesn't change the fact that multiplats are still fun on the Xbox One. If I was an Xbox One owner I would just ignore the comparisons and just enjoy the games. It doesn't make sense to be bitter just because the PS4 has the better version of the game.

bennissimo1639d ago

In a MP game, though, the community and online service are pivotal in the decision to buy, and as a console owner with both consoles, the X1 tends to win that argument.

Biggest1639d ago

Xbox Live used to win that argument 2 years ago. There is no data, outside of sales, to suggest that one network is superior to the other.

MasterCornholio1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Completely off topic in my opinion. I was just talking about the differences in hardware and nowhere in my comment did I mention the differences between online services.

Next time stay in topic.


Exactly. Even though there's tons of people that argue that Xbox live is better than PSN there's just no evidence to support that. I've seen comparisons between both services and there's no difference between the two. With my experience in Spain I never had issues with lag on PSN but with the Xbox 360 I took advantage of the lag I had to cheat in Halo 3.

But anwyays why are we even talking about the networks when this article is about the hardware?

Try and stay on topic.

Ghost_Nappa1639d ago

Exactly, I own an Xbox One because I like the exclusives better than anything Sony has to offer. How much better/worse multiplats run on ps4 is irrelevant.

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imt5581639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

According to some earlier tests, PS4 CPU is faster. Maybe PS4 is @higher clock speed, but devs can squeeze more from PS4's CPU :

EDIT : KNWS is owned... again. As always.

EDIT 1 :

Well, in another news. Directly from MisterXmedia :

Some quotes :

We KNOW there are STILL NDA's on the xbox one.

SO WHY would Phil want to tell everyone that Dx12 is going to be such a game changer it is crazy.

MS have with Dx12 Shown PROOF of how such a MASSIVE difference they have been able to achieve with the CPU's (which means more CPU is available for Compute, physics, ai etc)

I don't know why people are worrying about Phil Spencer's comments regarding DX12.

He is obviously still under NDA about this whole situation and it's clear that Microsoft will continue to troll SonyGAF for the foreseeable future.


There you go!

hello121639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

How is going to do that when both CPU's are identical and came from AMD?

Neogaf knows more than the stock market? Sony has already confirmed what the processor clock speed is to its investors. Delusional some of you are.

The CPU processors were clocked at 1.6 for Sony and Microsoft. The only difference was the larger fan in the xb1. Microsoft was able to cool the CPU,easier and managed to up the clock to 1.75ghz.

Imt558. I've proved you wrong about the CPU so just go away and stop making a fool of yourself.

Why have you got this obsession with misterx? You seem to spend lot of time reading what he has to say.

I follow Microsoft plans not misterx maybe you can't tell the difference.

Directx12 is a game changer. Why because its a new API.
And lot of devs predict will help out the xb1.

Will the xb1 suddenly become more powerful than the PS4. I doubt it, but i believe the differences between both machines will be reduced with it.

imt5581639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I told you, KNWS, that i read MisterXmedia blog just for laughing, nothing else. Lots of bullshit is there.

Your quote :

Directx12 is a game changer. Why because its a new API.
And lot of devs predict will help out the xb1.

What truefan said a few days ago??? "Xb1 fans haven't really mentioned DX12 that much..." :rolleyes:

Kayant1639d ago

"Directx12 is a game changer. Why because its a new API.
And lot of devs predict will help out the xb1."

Yet you ignore the words from the makers of the API that haven't labeled it as such for XB1.

"Neogaf knows more than the stock market? Sony has already confirmed what the processor clock speed is to its investors. Delusional some of you are." - The only one being delusional here is you where you fail to see there is a link from the neogaf lpost pointing towards a benchmark testing CPU performance showing PS4's CPU being better than XB1's.

LoydX-mas1639d ago


"the makers of the API haven't labeled it as such for XB1"????????

Umm....The Xbox is named after Direct X, both from Microsoft. In fact the original name for the Xbox was DirectXbox.

In addition:

Do you truly believe Microsoft would not have designed the Xb1 to take advantage of DirectX 12 when they are from the same company and being developed at the same time?

Kayant1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


"Do you truly believe Microsoft would not have designed the Xb1 to take advantage of DirectX 12 when they are from the same company and being developed at the same time?" - No I don't because well they already have It's called DX11.X and it's XB1's API with DX12 features ALREADY.

Edit -

DX12 is based on some things from XB1's API in the first place. The point of DX12 is to bring console-like efficiency to PC and Mobile. XB1 is a console so already has some of these features.

"Forza Motorsport 5 is an example of a game that pushes the Xbox One to the limit with its fast-paced photorealistic racing experience. Under the hood, Forza achieves this by using the efficient low-level APIs already available on Xbox One today. Traditionally this level of efficiency was only available on console – now, Direct3D 12, even in an alpha state, brings this efficiency to PC and Phone as well. By porting their Xbox One Direct3D 11.X core rendering engine to use Direct3D 12 on PC, Turn 10 was able to bring that console-level efficiency to their PC tech demo."

MRMagoo1231639d ago

Dont you xbone fans get sick of waiting for the next big thing that is meant to close the gap? You know the whole point in DX12 is to bring console efficiency to PCs right ? That means its meant to make PCs more console like, not boost consoles.

The best thing you guys can do is wake up and just accept the xbone for what it is and give up on this dream that some how the console will catch up with the ps4.

You will get more 1080p games probably at some point but I can bet you all the money in the world that if you get a multiplat game to 1080p on both the xbone and ps4, the xbone version will be missing certain things that the ps4 has.

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system221639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

It has won in resolution, not CPU power. The ps4 CPU is actually considered a bottleneck. CPU and GPU are completely different things. Suckerpunch did a whole write up on it. Look it up.

sinspirit1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

That has nothing to do with the comparison this article is about. This article has nothing to do with DX12 on XBox. It is talking about DX12 for PC. "the CPU Overhead is expected to reduce by 50% with DX 12" only for PC. X1 already has a low-level API without much CPU overhead. This doesn't apply to consoles.

There is a benchmark done that shows the PS4 CPU performs better.
The CPU is a bottleneck for PS4, but it doesn't make it weaker than the competitions. It wasn't even designed around being a CPU heavy system anyways.

How can these gaming journalists be so uneducated with anything they write about.. and be paid for it..

lifeisgamesok1639d ago

This is very accurate and the benchmark these Sony fans are bragging about was only testing 1 core not all of them so it proves nothing

Even the company that provided the numbers to compare said so

sinspirit1639d ago


Both consoles have 6 cores available for games...

If one core outperforms one core, that means all the other cores do the same. So, you're basically saying the performance difference on PS4 vs X1's CPU is even bigger, leaning towards PS4, which by your tone doesn't sound like what you wanted to say..

truefan11639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

LOL at ps4 fans still getting all riled up arguing specs, you want to argue something lets argue games. Rashid Sayed especially always posting these stupid articles just to make the same people come in and make it seem like mister x comments for XB1 fans. As I have repeated said no one except those who have used it knows what DX12 will enable XB1 to do. Phil Spencer said expect Perfect Dark Zero to Halo 4 level improvements, that is not MASSIVE, but it is definitely SIGNIFICANT. This quote happens to be along the lines of his most recent quote.

Stop using specs as a diversion, lets argue why the only retail ps4 exclusives I can't play on my XB1 are KZSF, Knack, infamous, mlb, drive club, lbp3, and tlou remastered VS. Forza 5, Crimson Dragon, Killer Instinct, DR3, Ryse, Titanfall, Kinect Sports Rivals, Forza Horizon 2, Max COB, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive, Ori and the Blind Forest (published by MSFT), and Halo MCC. You can't keep naming all those indies that are starting to get released on XB1, also that I could just get it on PC is a lie because if you really had PC's you would have bought Watch Dogs, Wolfenstein, Thief... for PC. Not to mention if you had a PC you would have never mentioned all those indies to begin with because you would have those indie games already. MSFT is trying to support 2 platforms, if sony put infamous ss, kzsf, or knack on psvita, no XB1 fan would say I can just buy those for vita.

Also lets talk about why Yoshida is expecting less AAA exclusives on ps4 because of the costs and his satisfaction with indies but MSFT on the other hand is still working on bringing blockbusters to the market and taking chances on new games (Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive). It seems we have gotten sidetrack with all the smoke and mirrors. LETS TALK GAMES!!!!

Bennibop1639d ago

Truefan1 you are on another planet you constantly mention half of ps4 exclusives and then list titanate, dr3, crimson dragon (which is an indie by the way) and killer instinct (which is not even half a game!) really just give it a rest and before you start I own x1 and ps4 and am enjoying both and looking forward to the future on both machines!

Kratosthegr81639d ago

@ Blindfan,KNWS nothing,MPOG and the rest of you... You guys are like a bunch,school of ticks on a dog's balls. You guys never know when to quit. Nothing you guys say ever make or ever made sense. You guys aren't gamers.. ur wankers.. I bet. Blindfan wanks KNWS, while KNWS wanks,MPOG,MPOG wanks,Georgy Porgy.. and so on.. grow up..and use the grey matter between your ears.. PS4 vs XBOX one who gives a damn. I'm a gamer. Had all the consoles before the current gen. Have a PS4 at the moment but will get an Xbox one when it releases here in South Africa in September. You guys shouls really grow up and stop living in your fantasy wonderland...

Kayant1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"Stop using specs as a diversion, lets argue why the only retail ps4 exclusives"

Max COB,Project Spark, Ori and the Blind Forest, Crimson Dragon, Killer Instinct - Someone needs to learn what retail means because you obviously don't.

"and taking chances on new games (Titanfall)" - Moneyhatting a title from 13 months exclusivity to full exclusivity after crazy hype and love for a title is hardly taking risks.

"MSFT is trying to support 2 platforms, if sony put infamous ss, kzsf, or knack on psvita, no XB1 fan would say I can just buy those for vita. " - Good thing MS is putting Ryse, Killer Instinct, Crimson Dragon, Halo MCC on Xbox 360 and PC. Oh wait....

sic_chops1639d ago

@trufan since you have no argument, you wanna change subject and talk about games. Off topic.

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Pogmathoin1639d ago

Oh god, how do these articles keep popping up? Like pop up windows on explorer.... Never leaves you in peace.... PS4 is more powerful..... The End.

incendy351639d ago

I would say Xbox is winning as far as processing goes. Multitasking is the most processor intensive thing you can do on a system and PS4 doesn't even have that feature but instead uses iPad suspend resume.

windblowsagain1639d ago

Cloth simulation is already being done with with GPGPU on PS4.

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Godmars2901639d ago

Just had the boss of Xbox say that DX12 wouldn't make any major improvements, now there's this article saying yes it will, trying to indicate such via what is a minor detail, while also offering, "clock speed? Who needs that?"

How about just waiting for the games, which will speak for themselves.

Elit3Nick1639d ago

not a significant improvement is not necessarily the same as not a noticeable difference

Spotie1639d ago

But it requires a significant improvement in order to generate a noticeable difference.

Law of diminishing returns and all that.

system221639d ago

It makes significant improvements in CPU efficiency, not necessarily graphics. People seem to get confused by CPU and GPU on here.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Phil spencer already said that the dx12 won't have a massive change.
It'll improve with some things in the X1, but no, nothing really big.
I think it will change some in the performance department though!

MightyNoX1639d ago

Because the fanbase is not convinced. Already we've had misterxmedia publishing a post and saying on twitter how Phil basically just *wink wink* downplaying DX12 so he could blow them all away.

The base is starved. They're in need of reassurance articles.

corvusmd1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Well, technically you are quoting him incorrectly. He didn't say that DX12 "wouldn't make any major changes". When asked about the API, he said not to expect "massive" changes. That doesn't mean that there won't be any, or that they won't even be significant. As we are seeing with the unlocking of the 10% GPU...even just that is making noticeable it doesn't have to be massive. Developers like Project Red are already saying that the differences between systems are already very slight, and not "massive".

More to the point, there is much more to DX12 than just it's low-level API. I am by no means a dev, but from what I hear, that is where the advantages to XB1 will come, in the extra tools that DX12 provides, not just the low-level API aspect of it. Right now it appears that properly using the ESRAM isn't being taken advantage of, and again, from what I hear, DX12 makes it easier for Devs to take advantage of this and use it as a benefit instead of burden (because it's not just simply EDRAM 2.0).

Now do I expect massive changes out of DX12, no. Do I suspect noticeable changes, yes. I think most of the tools and advantages won't be easy to quantify in numbers like "reduced strain on CPU by blah blah %" or anything, but it will help developers make better games much more easily (and apparently make porting games an EXTREME breeze). I guess we'll all just have to wait and's all a guessing game at this point. However, when I see people saying that "DX12 will have no advantage for X1 because it already has a low level API", or things like makes me think they're only getting half the story. From what I understand, the "no massive change" comment was a response to the low-level API aspect...I only hope that it makes ESRAM more beneficial to take advantage of for 3rd party devs instead of an extra pain in the ass step.

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gameseveryday1639d ago

Ummm...DX12 is also coming to the PC, and the Xbox One will benefit from it but not so much when compared to the benefits it will give to PC games.

Bennibop1639d ago

The whole point of dx12 is to bring console like access to pcs. X1 and Ps4 already have this. Dx12 will not change anything of much use for x1 other than the usual incremental changesbyou get over a console lifestyle. Ps3 and x360 both improved over time so will ps4 and x1. Just seems that social media is the big difference now as we keep getting stupid stories about people leaving the jobs and performance improvements of 10 g 50%. Another seems to be Microsoft spin however.

henr0s1639d ago

Why do people continually put up these clickbait articles? You can't change the hardware with a software update or the 'cloud' how do people not realise this?

medman1639d ago

People are dumb, that's why. They'll believe anything. As they say, there's a sucker born every minute. When it comes to dx12 and clouds, better make that every 10 seconds.

Jury1639d ago

They want it so bad they are prepared to ignore common sense

assdan1639d ago

I don't know. And I don't know why I keep clicking on them lol.

Artista 1639d ago

It's a cycle.

Performance related articles are posted. Clueless, bias gamers comment. Rinse and repeat.

and it's always ''