Realistic Bathroom Environment Created In CRYENGINE

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member “18T220″ has created a bathroom environment in CRYENGINE, thus showing how flexible and powerful Crytek’s engine can actually be. This environment looks amazing, so kudos to 18T220 for achieving visuals surpassing those found in a lot of games. Now imagine what developers will be able to achieve with Crytek’s engine (provided they are willing to push the graphical boundaries)."

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randomass1711554d ago

Quite! It's a step closer to looking photorealistic.

Utalkin2me1553d ago

I have to disagree. While it's fairly decent for a individual who done it. And not to take anything away from what he achieved. But it is far from impressive and photo realistic.

1553d ago
Milesprowers1553d ago

Bathroom simulator coming soon.

Agent_hitman1553d ago

Porn simulator by Crytek soon.. joke

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The story is too old to be commented.