Far Cry 4 Protagonist Does Not Fit ‘Angry White Man’ Archetype

"Recently, powerhouse video game publisher Ubisoft has received criticism for a lack of diversity among its game protagonists. What’s more, a poor choice of words from Ubisoft creative director Alex Amancio caused Ubisoft to be labeled as sexist" |

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Chuk51521d ago

The premise for the character relations (Ajay, his mom, Pagan) is really, really promising. The Nepal influnces are exciting me, hopefully it delivers a better narrative than Far Cry 3.

Pozzle1521d ago

I agree. I'm also excited for Ajay's connection to Kyrat, how he will react to his homeland being taken over, and what his relationship with Pagan Min will be like.

Being a Himalayan native gives him a more personal connection to the story imo.

TekoIie1521d ago

"Ubisoft provided a full reveal for the protagonist in the upcoming Far Cry 4 game, Ajay Ghale, who is clearly a man of Asian ethnicity."

No, no, no. The lighting of that picture is clearly altering his skin color and I would like to confirm my bias within this controversy... White it shall be/s

Jokes aside I don't think story will be this games strong point at all (however I always hope to be proven wrong on negative expectations) but the interactions with the villain will definitely be something to look forward to.

DanteVFenris6661521d ago

Am I the only one who thought farcry 3 trampled over ever other first person shooter story? The madness that was portrayed was beautiful

randomass1711521d ago

That game broke a lot of "rules" with conventional shooters, mostly due to how psychotic it all was. Far Cry 4 will probably push that same envelope forward. I just have they have another Blood Dragon-type expansion with the new game as well. :)

DonDon1521d ago

On what basis can you say that the story might not be as great? Have you an early build of the game?

TekoIie1521d ago

Past experience with the franchise not a good basis?

Charlieholmes061521d ago

I don't like at all that political correctness is coming into gaming! I'd really prefer to leave all the real world politics out of gaming please. I also can't believe that people think creative authority belongs to anyone but the creator of it. That's not freedom but rather the opposite of it. Can you imagine if outside people decided for us the rules of our creativity. That's what they're trying to do in this case. Next, movies and books and on and on....

Chuk51521d ago

gaming doesn't exist in a vacuum. If it did, how could anyone write fiction in the industry? How could a game like GTA (which is directly built upon social satire) even exist with social awareness.

Why o why1521d ago

Diversity doesnt always have to be seen as political. Nothing wrong with moving away from the tried n tested stereotypes and I mean across the board.

Yi-Long1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

There are 6 billion people in the world, yet 99% of the main characters in games and movies are white, males, and mostly even American.

How the hell is having an Asian male lead character in a game in some way caving in to 'political correctness'!?

Hell, if you could throw any criticism towards this lead character, is that he looks more like a gorgeous South-American soap-opera actor, than like an Asian guy.

Stop crying 'Ow, they're trying to be politically correct!!!' each and every time a game has something other than a white dude as the lead character!

thricetold1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Then we need new creators! Why the hell does 90% of games have to be generic white guy saves everything when we all know 90% of all gamers are in fact are not just white males? This goes for movies as well since Hollywood has been doing this for decades. The last samurai is a tom cruise, the Mexican is brad Pitt, etc.

If they can't think "outside the box" then they need to get the hell outta the industry and go take a look at the history of our world from more than just their narrow perspective. This current bunch thinks only whites can save the videogame worlds and continue using other races as fodder or stereotypical laughing boards.

Of course this is a non issue for you if the majority of the characters look like you already and of course everyone else is entitled making a big deal out of nothing says the person who is the very definition of entitlement.

aliengmr1521d ago

Wait, did you think that characters in video games were always the product of absolutely unhindered creativity?

And "Next, movies and books and on and on."? Really? Welcome to the world of mass media, where art is very often designed to sell rather than be totally creative. Artists are always forced to do one thing or another no matter the medium.

This idea that the "artist" has total creative authority is laughable. And yes, I can imagine if outside people decided for us the rules of creativity, this happens all the time.

Your comment is so completely blind to reality I'm starting to question whether there should be a /s at the end.

Using the standard protagonist template to maximize sales, is the absence of creativity. And the absolute worst thing is for an artist and their art to go unchallenged. Its not about being "PC", its wanting more risks to be taken.

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Sketchy_Galore1521d ago

He doesn't fit the angry white gruff male model archetype but he does fit the slick boy-band douche archetype. He's still clearly a product of market research and focus groups. If there was some kind of actual artistry left in most games the protagonist would be an actual character created by an actual artist and not just some slick or gruffly handsome douche stuck on there for marketing purposes like a model on the side of a men'swear store bag.

Look at Lee from the Walking dead, look at Clem, did you ever even stop to consider their race? I know I didn't and I believe that's because they were characters created for the purpose of the story. The artists clearly felt these characters fit the story best and we sense that as we play. I think, even without knowing it, we sense when a protagonist has been entirely created by marketing committees who tried to second guess what the 18-25s will find cool, I think that's why we instinctively feel the need to scrutinise these characters, because we sense that desperation and falseness.

Basically most videogame protagonists are Poochie when they really should all be Itchy.

randomass1711521d ago

I think Ubisoft is emulating summer blockbuster movies. A lo of those have the kind of douchey suave guy you're talking about. I think Jason Statham counts for that Can we have an action shooter starring Jason Statham?

Pozzle1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

"Look at Lee from the Walking dead, look at Clem, did you ever even stop to consider their race?"

I haven't played the Walking Dead games, but I know a lot of Asian men are big fans of Glenn from the show. He's one of the few heroic Asian men on tv (without being an Asian martial arts stereotype or anything like that) and I think it's great that people are relating to him and also seeing that Asian men can be heroes and romantic leads (instead of just sidekicks or goofy comic relief).

Grap1521d ago


randomass1711521d ago

On the internet? Certainly you jest. ;P

mananimal1521d ago

@ Grap


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