Oculus CEO: ‘You cannot hold back VR’

Oculus VR has been throwing about it’s weight lately. Snapping up big name employees, pushing brands and highly anticipated titles to the front of their showcases and promising the world with their forthcoming as-yet-unannounced virtual reality (VR) hardware, anyone would think that this is a company on the brink of changing the world as we know it. Oculus VR CEO, Brendan Iribe, thinks that’s the case also.

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mr.selfdestruct1552d ago

That's great,but you are by not releasing the damn thing. GET IT OUT ALREADY!! stop talking and release it....

Foxgod1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

And it shouldnt be, one more month until i have the DK2.
Also loking forward until the VR gloves become moe mature.

andibandit1551d ago

Hold back VR???
It's been around since the early 80s