Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Far Cry 4

In-depth PS4 tech analysis from E3 2014.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

1008p? What a weird resolution. Also hit 20fps at one point. Ubisoft needs to get it together. This cross gen crap is killing this gen. I want to know why MGS Phantom Pain is running 1080p at 60fps while open world and still looking amazing yet these developers can't neither 1080p or get 60fps.

AgentSmithPS41251d ago

Maybe they just wave a white flag at their performance problems instead of fighting them?

MRMagoo1231251d ago

with it being on all platforms you would suspect it would be easier to get the higher res and frames on the newer hardware when you consider its being made with the last gen consoles in mind, who knows tho, they have a few months at least to get it right.

MasterCornholio1251d ago

Thats a weird resolution.


ZombieKiller1251d ago

Because you're comparing Far Cry devs to Hideo Kojima. The guy is nothing but quality since the first MGS!

I agree with you though, there is no excuse for this! Except maybe that it's a demo and not complete yet.

brich2331251d ago

Uggh, MGS Ground Zero was crap.

Eonjay1251d ago

According to the article, they highlighted the fact that this was an early build and that they are expecting this to be full 1080p and even more solid framerate come 11/18.

My takeaway is very positive and inspiring being as though this is nowhere near final build.

brich2331251d ago

It has alot to do with the quality of the deveopers, engine being used for the game, the optimizations made, time and budget. So get over the 1080p 60fps on consoles and build a powerful PC for multplatform games like Far Cry.

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