Mario's creator is fighting for the heart of the Wii U, but it might be too late

If you are the type to assign winners and losers to E3, Nintendo would be this year's winner. They announced a sweeping set of new games, all focused on delivering experiences you couldn't get on other platforms, nearly all created either in-house or published by Nintendo. Too bad more of them aren't coming this year.

That's because this year feels like Nintendo's last stand for the Wii U and the company isn't going to let their console wither on the vine without one last massive push.

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MultiConsoleGamer1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Nintendo will be just fine.

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BattleN1635d ago

Quality software and Ii'll be happy!

Nintendo4Life851635d ago

Hey Polygon you forgot to mention the Xbox One too just was wondering if you guys was looking at those Xbox One sales, and i would love for you to do an article on why Xbox 1 still struggling to sale even after price cut and after their successful E3 conference, just thought i'll throw that out there.

Spotie1635d ago

What, and upset the guys who pay their bills?

bobacdigital1635d ago

Technically we don't know if it is struggling yet cause that price hasn't been available as long.

But ya no one is taking about how the Wii u still has more sales (and is outpacing it) and how Microsoft gave up on the kinect or how they are screwed in Japan.

Ihatetrolls761635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

That's funny considering the wii u should have double the sales of both systems but most of these blind fanboys and that's coming from both camps sony and ms wouldn't know a good system if it bit them in the rear and all three are great systems with great exclusives. And on another note ms isn't doing that bad with preorders in japan in fact they where number one for a while and sold out

Artista 1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

How is a console that did 3 mill out the gate struggling? A console thats currently at 4.5-5mill in less than 6 months stuggling? I understand that you guys getting a little defensive over this imaginary war you've created among yourselves, does one have to be so deluded?

randomass1711635d ago

It's because in comparison to PS4 it really isn't doing as well. Unlike PS4, Xbox One has not managed to outsell Wii U, which PS4 did rather quickly.

GenericNameHere1634d ago

The Xbox One sold 3M units despite being $500. It slowed down after December, and the Titanfall bundles were at $400, but that's still a huge amount of console sold. And even then, it was and still is outselling the Wii U, even during May, which was Mario Kart 8 month and the month Halo 5 and the Kinectless $400 Xbone was announced.

Where did you hear about the Xbox One still struggling to sell after E3? I don't think EU discloses weekly or monthly console sales, and the US has NPD, which is a monthly thing. The NPD sales data last week? That was for the month of May ending May 31st, not for the month of June. There are people claiming MK8 Wii U bundles are out of stock almost everywhere, but that's not representative of Xbox One sales post June 9th.

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iplay1up21635d ago

Wii U has had a boost in sales this month MK8, and SSB is just around the corner, so I think Wii U sales are just going to get stronger. This holiday should be great for Nintendo.

zero_gamer1635d ago

Mario Kart 8 tells me it's not too late. Nintendo needs to keep the trend going. PS4 and Xbox One are not even a year old so the Wii U has a lot of time.

pwnsause_returns1635d ago

well, it seems they have a consistent timeline of games coming into the console. so thats good. I think they will pull through in the end. they have my money already hearing that the next star fox is in development.

HighResHero1635d ago

That could definitely build some momentum if they play their cards right.

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