It's getting better: I spent an entire day at E3 playing as women characters

Polygon: "This was my second E3, and the first year I decided to make actual appointments. The good news is that this year would mark one of the most positive feelings I've ever had about the industry -- because I saw myself represented every. Single. Time.

Could I really spend the entirety of the day at the show playing as female characters, or finding female characters in the games?"

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ShaunCameron1608d ago

My sentiments exactly. Since when did the industry owe anybody any inclusion?

MAULxx1608d ago (Edited 1608d ago )

Only the author of this shite article cares.
Why keep propagating BS?
Vote down this crap.
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Story Quality? Vote WTF?
Like this website? Vote no.

sonicsidewinder1608d ago

Wah, I think I'll be making use of those powers more often.

SolidGear31608d ago

I care because I have a penis and like playing as a vagina occasionally. My last playthrough of New Vegas was as a female :3

MAULxx1608d ago

You have New Vegas & many others that fit the bill then. Why demand it for every game?

Grap1608d ago

Remove this crap. This site used to be gaming site not politics crap, more and more of this crap are poping up in this site.

3-4-51608d ago

There NEEDS to be more Male Hosts on the View.

I'm going to complain until I get my way.

That is how this works right ?

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anticlimax1608d ago

All this gender business seems a bit one sided. Let the developers decide what fits in their story. Have you ever heard a man demanding he can play as a man in Tomb Raider? I didn't think so.

Mikefizzled1608d ago

Its ok for gender centric storys like Tomb Raider and Bayonetta but its the games like AC Unity where theres essentially 4 protagonists and non of them are female.

SaintAlpha1011608d ago

Maybe Ubisoft don't want a female protagonist in AC Unity?
I'd rather have four male characters that were intended to be there instead of three male characters and one painfully forced female assassin who was added to calm the feminists down.

Developers don't need to change their games to satisfy raging feminazis.
95% of the people complaining about this probably won't buy the game regardless, so their opinions hold no water.

It's like those people that complain and demand an apology from a comedian for a joke he/she made when the person complaining hasn't seen any of the comedians material or supported him/her before the joke.

TekoIie1608d ago

The problem is that your arguing in favor of tokenism.

If a character is going to be male, female, black or white do that in the design process of the character and don't shoehorn it in.

What Im effectively saying is dont change whats canon. Bayonetta is a white female and should not be changed because its a part of the character that many love.

Remember the outrage over the mandarin not being chinese in Iron Man 3? Same argument applies for that.

DualWielding1608d ago

I think people are being unfair with the Assassins creed thing, we do not for certain that they are 4 different characters. To me it sounded like its all the same main character people use to play single player and they can join for coop.... the player appearance is customizable but its always male because the character is male in story, voice ect...

Mikefizzled1608d ago

Dude I completely agree SaintAlpha101. I was just explaining there point of view.

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Einhert1608d ago

Why do people get so obsessed about gender?

Really should not matter what somebodies sex is when playing a game.

LightDiego1608d ago

Here is a cookie for you.

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