12 Console Exclusive Games That Badly Need a PC Release

SkunkMe: PC is the most powerful hardware to play video games, not any console beats PC yet. As the PC gaming offers limitless possibilities with a variety of benefits. There is a list, contain 12 video games that deserve a PC release.

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hiredhelp1637d ago

Your talking exclusives your out your mind...
Im pc gamer owner of ps4 PC being my primary but even i know some them games never hit pc.
Now when you talk likes of Bayonetta Then sure its multi platform why not.

emad-E-three1636d ago

Writing an article asking for a Sony's first party games (owned by sony!!) on a none sony platform to release on is plain stupid and pathetic, All I can say to him KEEP dreaming.

PC gamers with all do respect are ok on spending a fortune on a new hardware parts but "some" of them aren't ok with putting a 400$ on console for 6 years life time to play the exclusive games on that platform, @G3NZ yeah writing an article is cheaper than playing the games on there platforms /s

JBSleek1636d ago

People still think building a good rig cost a fortune?

hakeem09961636d ago

No one with a PC cares about Killzone .A mediocre shooter .On the other hand i personally think whole Zelda franchise needs to make its way to PC .I'll go even further Nintendo needs to give up the console business and make all their games multiplatform.they'll make more money than they are making now

emad-E-three1636d ago

Though you liked it or not that "mediocre" game I prefer it on other FPS, and its not just about Killzone!

uth111636d ago

Won't spend $400 on a console, but will buy a new $300 graphics card every year to "keep up"

Stenmark1636d ago

Why would i pay 400$ for a system that has no games?I'm sorry but i haven't seen a single title that will make me buy a console anytime soon.

GTX 750 Ti(150$) > PS4 GPU... o7

guitarded771636d ago

Well, with PS Now, there is the possibility to play PlayStation exclusives on PC. It's still in its infancy, but 10 years from now most of the world should have fast enough internet to support it all.

The gaming landscape is changing with technology, and while I prefer playing on dedicated hardware, I do realize that things are changing. And Sony, MS and Nintendo will need to change with the tech.

bmf73641636d ago

Here's the problem with how Sony and Microsoft work.
Sony Computer Entertainment does not normally co-operate with Sony Online Entertainment because SOE's primary job is publishing/developing PC titles like Payday 1, DC Universe, and Planetside. If they make a Playstation port, so be it. More money made from them. SCE, historically, has and NEVER will make a PC port so they can keep their AAA GOTY-worthy titles on their own platform to make more money.
Microsoft, however, has been different. Throughout the Xbox and early 360-era, they HAVE had their award-winning titles ported to PC. Gears 1, Halo's 1 and 2 have all been ported to PC because they own Windows and wanted to expand both their Xbox and PC gaming. However, they begin giving the PC-gaming community a big ol' f*ck off since forcing Halo 2 to be a Vista exclusive then eventually stopping their PC publishing altogether (f*ck Don Mattrick, f*ck Steve Ballmer). Phil Spencer promises that in expanding the Xbox Division's set focus to games, it included rekindling their PC fanbase (on Steam, may I add since GfWL is shutting down).
The Halo Collection has better odds of being ported to PC than the Killzone or Uncharted collections because of how Sony and Microsoft work.
This article is 90% filled with Sony titles that will never be ported and is just trying to create a far-cry from a PC elitist who's head is too far up their ass to expand themselves to a console to enjoy the best that has historically been on a Playstation.
Before the PC Master Race drags me down thinking I'm targeting them as a whole, I am only targeting the author for not dishing out the $250-$400 for a PS3/PS4 if they are listing a bunch of Playstation titles that they oh-so desire for PC.
If that's not enough, I am a PC gamer and PS4 owner.

FamilyGuy1636d ago

This list is mostly Sony exclusives but Sony has a console they they want us to buy, a few consoles actually so chances are none of these will release on PC. Even the few titles that Sony does release on PC are likely to slow down as the PS4 becomes a priority.

papashango1636d ago

it's no different then the many time I've seen Playstation owners wish that Half Life 3 would be Sony exclusive.

bmf73641636d ago

@Andrew those are Sony Online Entertainment titles, like I just explained... Tell me one title from Sony COMPUTER Entertainment, then we can talk.

user56695101635d ago

This seems like flame bait written by a fanboy. Badly... badly? Seriously. Zelda ? Why wouldn't I just buy a wiiU because they have everything else worth playing. The others are overrated . Infamous I like the first but asking for a port if it could happen why bother. Most of the games on the list is good games but incredibly over hyped .

Platforms need exclusives if not whats the point. If you want to play a game that's not on the platform you have, then buy the platform its on. Its that simple. PC gamers know this more than anyone that's why most of us have a console along with our amazing PC .

We badly need exclusives that's made by the console maker huh? Dumbest thing ever. Sound like somebody is trying to make us look petty.

Giul_Xainx1635d ago

Twelve reasons why pc elitists hate console gamers..... that would have suited the title for this flamebait article to actually gain some grounds. But no.... they want ports... ports and more ports. Nice way to pick on pc fanboys.

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Mr_Writer851636d ago


Yeah because "no games" and "no games I want to play" are the same thing.


Magicite1636d ago

Playstation first party exclusives will NEVER be on PC, at least not officially.
Probably the same can be said about Nintendo.
Microsoft on other hand could bring their exclusives, especially Halo 3 to PC and thats understandable, same goes for 3rd parties.

F4sterTh4nFTL1637d ago

Only Red Red Redemption is badly needed on PC. I would not mind an Xbox One, PS4 & PC release of it like what they are doing with GTA V. Come on Rockstar give us a remastered version on RDR.

DialgaMarine1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Or give us a sequel? I'd much prefer that.

1636d ago
zeuanimals1636d ago

And Dragon's Dogma. It runs horribly on last-gen consoles and the resolution is pretty funky too.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1636d ago

Never got the big hoopla for Red Dead Redemption. Tried it, didn't like the gameplay or game mechanics and wasn't all that impressed with the story. So don't see why pc gamers would want it on pc and stuff. Besides since it is an older game doubt that it will come to pc if RockStar hasn't already done a port to it.

humanmap1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

If u like the game want to play a game it doesnt matter which system ur gonna ply it.i play in all sysytem so if im going to play only in pc i will miss tons of very good games even though i know pc is better but doesnt have the game that i want to play.

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MrSwankSinatra1637d ago

You will never see playstation or nintendo exclusives on PC unless it's through emulators. Red Dead Redemption will come eventually just like all rockstar games have, Halo 3 is probable since MS has said they wanted to have more focus on PC, Dragons Dogma might come as well at this point capcom needs all the money they can get, Metal Gear i don't see happening since PC already missed out on 7 different games in the series, bayonetta financially doesn't make sense since it didn't even sell well on the PS3/360 and with bayonetta 2 coming out only on wii u you would be missing the second part of the series on PC.

Hellsvacancy1637d ago

I wouldn't bet on Red Dead Redemption ever coming to PC, bit late don't you think?

MrSwankSinatra1637d ago

Honestly i think it'll come out eventually. i might be wrong, but i just don't see rockstar not releasing their second most popular game of last generation next to GTA V on PC. Then again they didn't release red dead revolver on PC either so maybe you're right.

AnotherProGamer1636d ago


The reason RDR hasn't been ported to PC is because the coding is a mess, to put the game on PC means they have to rewrite the entire game and that would take years and lots of money.

Next Red Dead will probably come on PC

RedDeadLB1636d ago

Red Dead and Metal Gear Solid are the ones that are missed the most on PC. I have my fingers crossed for MGS5PC, but I gave up on RDR for PC. Which is such a big shame.

All hope is on you, Kojima. Give us a MGS game on PC again.

ocelot071636d ago

I have never understood why MGS never comes out on PC? Metal Gear Solid 1 and Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance did.

Why not MGS3? I can sort of see why MGS4 didn't as it was a PS3 exclusive. The one with raiden in (the shit one) was released on PC. Very weird indeed.

Also another game series that does not get released on PC is the WWE game? Am sure there PC gamers that are wrestling fans right?

I can only ever remember WWF/WWE Raw coming to PC and that was 14 years ago.

KonsoruMasuta1636d ago

Does this guy understand what a first party game is? You will never see a good portion of those games on PC.

Back on topic: I was actually quite surprised when Dragon's Dogma was not released for PC. It was marketed towards a western audience and it would have had a good chance of doing well on the platform.