Crossing the line: from preference to fan boy

Larry from DJ Podcast writes "Everybody has preferences in life. Some like Ford over Chevy, McDonalds over Burger King, and in my case, Microsoft over Sony. The real question is when do preferences cross over into irrational hatred towards the competition."

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1639d ago


I have a Preference,
I want a PS4 and I also pray that all the Big 3 remain in completion with one another because-

I think it keeps them from turning corrupt, growing stagnant, or Failing to focus on nursing and growing the gaming industry...
- Obviously, That is good for us.

That said-
Used to be that "Fan boy" was not as serious a word as it is now.

Fan-boy used to mean preference and not fanaticism.(although ironic b/c of the prefix lol) And we made jokes about fanaticism but they were just jokes-
Now I have stopped using the word b/c the meaning changed.

Some people get way too crazy for the things they like- forming a life-long-vendetta against someone else over a counsel "preference" is out of bounds dumb.

(The same can be said of sports... fighting the rival team's fans)

fatneal1639d ago

having a preference is simply just liking what you like

being a fanboy is:
hoping another company fails
trolling comment sections
rejecting great games similar to games you like just because the company you love didnt make it or it isnt available on a certain gaming medium
buzzword users (ex. casual gamers/hardcore )

KinjoTakemura1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Agreed. Except for saying the use of buzzwords like casual gamer is a sign of a fan boy. I find that casual gamers are turning this console generation into a cry baby fest that isn't centering on gameplay and great games, instead, this generation is turning into a playground fight that is based on graphics, resolution, whiny attitudes and superiority complexes. They are called casual gamers because most of their gaming time is spent playing games on smart phones that provide games at an instant with little to no waiting. I have been a user of Sony products since the PS1,and I have never seen any console debut with a large selection of games and I don't expect it, but those who are new to console gaming do expect instant gratification and they whine and complain because they aren't getting it. I am far from a fan boy. When Sony does something I don't agree with, I let it be known. When I play a crappy Sony exclusive, I let be known. Fan Boys defend and justify their console of choice like they are getting a share of the profits. It's pathetic.