Metal Gear 101 - Who's ready for MGS4? Learn everything before it's late...

Everyone seems to be excited and ready to play Metal Gear 4: Guns of the Patriots. However, are you worried about not being able to follow the story in MGS4? Did you forget who's who and how the story went in previous games? Check out our comprehensive guide to everything Metal Gear. Learn about the characters, organizations, previous games, and more!

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jwatt3476d ago

I've actually been getting good reads from different websites and from the pre order dvd and I feel very confident that I am up to speed on the mgs story.

Streamlyne3476d ago

This is pretty good. i can show my friends who have no idea about the series and maybe they will understand my obsession.

Shayera3476d ago

It definitely helped me understand it.... Metal Gear is like a soap opera! I guess I've been missing out on something. I might even play MGS4!