Editorial: Mirror's Edge 2's Focus On Combat Is A Mistake

DICE says that in order to remove some of the "frustration" of the original, they're going to focus on first-person combat. Next stop, Generic City.

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Fireseed1614d ago

Let this be evidence as to why game's shouldn't be revealed too early, cause if they show what they had done at the time (In the case of Mirror's edge it was the combat system) people believe that it's "focusing too much on the combat" regardless of them proclaiming that it's sticking to it's parkour focused roots.

Oh and FYI it's not Mirror's Edge 2, it's just Mirror's Edge it's a reboot.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Rebooting what was already a new IP (being the only game in the series last gen) is a fail in itself.

Salooh1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

Every time i see your hate in an article of a certain game i get more excited for that game lol

Wni01613d ago

Can they PLEASE, PLEASE add a Tag multiplayer game or Zombie Tag? I wouldnt need another game.

Immorals1613d ago

Isn't having combat in the first place the reason the first one sucked? That, and the fact it's essentially a giant QTE

randomass1711613d ago

The combat in the first game was only fun when you were knocking enemies off of buildings. The gun parts weren't as fun as that or the parkour. Not sure what you mean by a giant QTE though.

Immorals1613d ago

It was press button then the next button perfectly timed or fail..

Sketchy_Galore1613d ago

If they're talking about first person hand to hand combat it's not exactly what I wanted to hear but not a deal breaker. If they're talking about shooting I doubt I'll even pick it up despite considering the first game the most underrated game of the previous generation.

dcj05241613d ago

They're talking hand vs gun combat. Like flying kicks off of a wall jump or using you're agility to dodge gunfire and knock em out cold with a quick jab or kick.

In the E3 video they showed that you gotta be quick and move around alot.

tigertron1613d ago

They're improving combat mechanics, that's a good thing because combat in the original wasn't that good.