Should Sony Ditch E3 Stage Shows Like Nintendo?

Push Square: "Very few people earnestly enjoy change. This author gets the jitters if Chart-Track’s weekly UK sales data isn’t ready to write about first thing on a Monday morning, and don’t even mention routine rupturing Bank Holidays. It was little wonder, then, that the web was awash with cynicism last year when Nintendo opted to circumvent its usual E3 stage show shenanigans for something a little more personal – a format which it furthered in Los Angeles last week. But with the House of Mario exiting this year’s colossal convention in an unexpectedly strong position, has the firm proven that press conferences in their traditional guise are well past their sell-by date?"

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Relientk771640d ago

No, but keep the E3 conferences just about the games.

randomass1711640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Nintendo didn't really "ditch" E3. Their approach was just unusual. In fact, they arguably had more presence after conference day was over since they were live streaming their games to everyone and advertising said stream.

edit: Just to add, I'm not against Sony trying the same approach, or even both traditional and digital conferences.

wsoutlaw871639d ago

ya they definitely didnt skip e3 like people were trying to say, they just did it differently.

iamnsuperman1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I think they should ditch conferences but Sony should be wary to do it so quickly. Problem is the Nintendo conference did not get the same coverage as other stage conferences they have done in the past nor did it in comparison to Microsoft and Sony. I think everyone should do this live streams but wait till everyone is ready to make that jump (I don't think the other companies are ready)

lonelyplayer1638d ago

No, Nintendo had a great show, probably the best but its impact could had been better with a e3 conference.

Spotie1638d ago

The real issue is that Nintendo's way doesn't really reach anyone outside their preexisting fanbase.