The Division Developer Insider: “We Already Downgraded A Few Things” writes: "We will not reveal our source dev (whose employment we confirmed and vowed we would not reveal the identity of) but the info should be taken with a grain of salt as a result. Today, I have the ultimate displeasure to inform the public that apparently the E3 demo of The Division"

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Evilsnuggle1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

This down grade stuff is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of who cares? If the game looks good and play good I do care about a game being down grade! I'm sorry this is PC fanboy stuff.

Godmars2901640d ago

The point is that they shouldn't be downgrading anything. They've known the specs of the systems they were working with for months.

Even if they and other companies have been working on titles like this for years, limits should have been set. Now they're saying they have to go lower than that.

mikeslemonade1640d ago

Ubisoft only makes above average games. Confirmed!

bganci1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

@Evilnuggle this has nothing to do with PC fanboy stuff.....This has to do with publishers downgrading the PC version of a game so next gen consoles wont appear outdated already. This is sad...I primarily game on consoles but for those who want to buy a really expensive computer they should have better graphics. Not a on par with console version.

BadlyPackedKeebab1640d ago

@godmars you assume some kind of organisation during development. Trust me its chaos. The problem is the spec changes all the way through development. A team responsible for one area may say it will be 50 percent more efficient later so others plan around that then its not. Believe me its all done by the seat of the pants. I work in a 10 man team and keeping things inline between just those 10 is almost impossible never mind 200 plus.

DevilOgreFish1640d ago

All i can say is I really hope i don't see a downgrade. i don't even want to know what the console version of this is. If the consoles can produce good results that's great, but if they end up cutting this down my respect for them will be deep in the negative.

I mean what is the point to all these demos with GTX680s running them in the first place? we're going out of our ways upgrading. this sh#t ain't free you know.

Fireseed1640d ago


Devs know the specs. But they create high quality content and begin scaling it back. High poly models, 4k textures etc, and then they begin downgrading things to fit on the systems.

JasonKCK1640d ago

UBI downgraded PC due to consoles. X1/PS4 can't match the original version shown on PC. In other words, PC gets screwed because of console only gamers.


GamingTruth1640d ago

bganci, you primarily game on consoles, but til pc shows me ingame graphics anything near console exclusives then no pc shouldnt have 'better' graphics their graphics are doing just fine console gamers from the looks of it should have 'better' graphics

AndrewLB1640d ago

GamingTruth- Here's some truth for you! No console can even remotely compare to this:

Remember how good Watch Dogs looked in 2012? Well PC gamers have figured out how to turn the features that were dumbed down for PS4 and Xbone back on.

Truth is, PC multiplats look better than any console, and last I checked, Star Citizen has graphics the PS5 probably wont be able to run.

jazmac1640d ago

@ GamingTruth

That's a ridiculous statement to make, PCs have consistently shown better graphics for very obvious reasons.

A good recent example coming to PC is Star Citizen which looks amazing, it's an MMO and is more complex than any other game I've seen thus far.

GTgamer1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

OK lets pretend im Ubisoft I Make Watch Dogs the game sells the most on consoles and the lowest on PC now please tell me why I should care what PC fans think, should I care what the lowest amouth of people that buy my game think? and I expect the same results with The Devision as it will sell the most on consoles and the lowest on PC.
Morale of the story PC fans need to accept that multiplatform games will always be downgraded for consoles because they are ones that devs see more profit it not PC.
So if you don't wanna see downgrades stick to PC only games if all your gonna do is complain about consoles holding you back but the funny part is the majority of PC only games aren't even the best graphic fidelity games because the most played games on PC are League of lengends, world of Warcraft and DoTa so why don't PC fans go complain about those games graphics instead of attacking multiplatform devs who have to create a game for every console and they wanna make sure everyone gets the same experience ಠ_ಠ.

GarrusVakarian1640d ago

People better start getting used to this. Devs show their games at E3, and then in the time between that showing and the release of the game, the game gets "downgraded", things's just what happens.

From now on, people should take what they see at E3 with a grain of salt.

Kingthrash3601639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Get used to it?
This has been happening for as long as I can remember. Especially with 3rd party devs.

jebabcock1639d ago

It sounds like PC gamers are getting Console ports. Be thankful you are getting that... Games like this don't sell as well on a PC... Most good game developers hang around because they don't waste extra time creating a PC version that will not earn them any profit in the end...

Look at watchdogs... Look at the Numbers there... THAT is why your PC version doesn't get love... That is why the PC version of most games don't get the love you think they should. There are a handful of games that do well on PC, but outside of that, it isn't financially viable... What the PC has to look forward to this gen is an X1 port that might be tweaked up a bit for MOST games that come out. And that is because Games will sell better on the X1 and the X1 game can be easily ported to PC. So they create the game targeting the PS4 and X1 and the PC will always be an afterthought... With the transition from PC to mobile devices underway over the course of the next decade, I don't see the Love for the PC platform to increase that much either... Granted the PC version will probably have better resolution and framerate depending on your PC, but outside of that I wouldn't be expecting alot unless it is one of the few games that was made specific for PC.

NiteX1639d ago

Obviously you should care you've been lied to.

tee_bag2421639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

So many self entitled attitudes here. So from what I gather.. some fanboys don't care they are being sold a stripped and downgraded game from Ubisoft because it makes their console of choice not look as weak when next to a PC build.
Wow.. now I seen it all, way to push the industry forward.. not! Let's have a race to the bottom so fanboy children can keep beleiving in father X'mas and their console is a supercomputer. Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.

aCasualGamer1639d ago

Memo to devs and publishers... don't reveal your games running on your ultra-high-uber-maximum-lord-o f-the-universe-breaker-of-black -holes-super-charged-machines if you intend to release them on consoles. Yes, i'm not saying PC gamers can't enjoy games on higher fidelity, i'm just saying leave that info and gameplay to later on during the PR campaign of the games. PC gamers already know that pretty much every cross platform game is best on PC, no need to make it obvious during your reveals. Just show what everyone will be able to get when they buy the game, not just the uber-PC-fanatics.

1. misleading
2. pathetic
3. obnoxious

So please stop it.

P.S. not hating on the PC gamers, you probably also agree with the fact that all these games look better on PC, but the misleading factor of the whole thing is really annoying to console gamers, in other words... i come in peace.

tee_bag2421639d ago

@ Evilsnuggle.

If you don't can about downgrades go play a NES.


People do and should care because these game companies SHOWED US ONE THING AND SELL US ANOTHER THING....Is that simple enough for you to grasp? You don't show people one product take preorder money and sell them something different it's actually called false advertising and it's illegal. And don't try and say that's not what this is because it's exactly what this is don't be obtuse!

FalloutWanderer20771639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

You couldn't be further from the truth! It doesn't matter what platform we are talking about here. Everyone is and will be getting screwed over with these kinds of practices.

Console owners are being tricked into believing games look a certain way when by release they really are not as visually stunning compared to the marketing B.S.

PC gamers are being screwed over for similar reasons as well. Although,the most relevant and common problem with PC is the planned parity some of these developers - a majority I imagine via the publisher breathing down their necks are enforcing PC restrictions so consoles look more competitive in comparison to high-end gaming rigs.

At the end of the day we are all being affected by this. WOW,what a stupid comment to make.If you can't see how this screws us - the gamers over,then I do not know what to tell you.

Being a PC player myself,I did take slight offense to that immature,ignorant comment you slew around as if that is the true issue here.

Developers,ESPECIALLY a game Ubisoft should be taken full advantage of every single platform they choose to develop on. We all know now after not only Watch_Dogs but a couple Ubisoft titles previously,this is not the case here.

Certainly not for a lot of PC players who unfortunately do not own a 2,000-3,000$ gaming rig.

They are left with either under-performing games on either equivalent PC specs to the next gen consoles or they brute force the game with shitty ports on PC specs 2-3 times more powerful than the new consoles! there is something really wrong here.

I do not use Ubisoft as an example merely on the fact that this article involves them but because they are one of the biggest offenders in recent years.

The craziest and most ironic aspect is that they have humongous game budgets and some of the largest staffed game development houses in the industry. Same with EA. There is no f**king excuse.


@DevilOgreFish - While I agree with what you are saying and I understand the point. The big difference here is really being up front about these demos. Honesty and integrity.

A majority of the time the reason they are using high-end PC's is because they are actually TARGET RENDERS!

The primary problem arises when you have dishonest developers & Publishers pushing their games visual fidelity as fact instead of being up front with the gamers and fans saying -

"This is what we are currently pushing for,we are hopeful or confident this is how it will look by release" You have plenty of devs who do just this but then you have just as many devs literally lying all in the name of millions of sales = big money!

Not that it did not happen at all back in the day but it sure as hell was a bit more uncommon compared to how the gaming industry is ran today.

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JP13691640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

The story is most likely full-on bullshit. If the developer in question really wanted to get the word out, why would that person only contact the barely literate hacks at WhatIfGaming? Ubisoft has a (deservedly) bad reputation at the moment, so it's expected that click-bait sites like this will publish nonsense and then qualify it with "take this with a grain of salt" statements. If you confirmed your source, how much salt should we need to take their words with? Either they didn't vet the source properly, or the source is their ass, with the latter seeming to be the most likely of the two.

Edit: This site has published eight articles since March, with a single "author" being responsible for every contribution. Sorry, there's no way in hell this guy has inside connections, or he would almost certainly be more productive than he is now.

TheOpenWorlder1640d ago

Last i checked they were on the witcher e3 monsters trailer...and they got a long history. take your dumb bullshit elsewhere. like oh yeah...ubisoft HQ ya goddamn shill.

Look at Watch Dogs. You still think it looks just like E3 2012 don't you tough girl?

JP13691640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Edit 2: Haha! TheOpenWorlder started an account just now to comment and defend his shitty site, then uses the old account to agree with the comment. And I'm the shill, you f***ing twat?

I'd love to know more about this Witcher 3 involvement, since it's literally the only credibility builder you could think of.

Did I defend Ubisoft? No, I didn't. Keep using your straw man to deflect the argument away from your know-nothing, half-assed ghetto blog.

Edit 3:

Either their source is an incredibly ignorant and misinformed graphics engineer, or the idiot author that made all this up doesn't know much about graphics technology. If anything was downgraded, it most certainly wouldn't start with screen space reflections, as those are trivial compared to things like volumetric fog and lighting, ambient occlusion techniques and high resolution textures and tesselation. But, the author likely doesn't know about these things, so he forgot to include them in his fabricated story.

Oh, and who the hell downgrades the graphics because of multiplayer issues this early in development? Non one, that's who.

AndrewLB1640d ago

OpenWorlder- Here is proof Ubisoft downgraded both "next-gen" consoles because they didn't have the power to run Watch Dogs, then to make them not look so underpowered, they downgraded the PC version as well, just not as much.

All the original 2012 lighting, shadows, effects, etc are still in the game files.

Here is the PC version when you turn things back on...





Exoil1639d ago

@andrew: None of those screenshots impressed me I must say.
The last pic looks almost exactly the same as PS4 version.
I'm glad they left out the Bokeh, looking at videos with it turned on just hurts my eyes. It's cool in photographs, in games, not so much.

The lighting looks mostly good though, but I saw the video you posted higher up. What's up with the lighting from cars headlights? Looks like crap!

FalloutWanderer20771639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Anything is possible,not saying what you stated is not the case here,it happens a lot actually.

However,if I was to be perfectly honest,the recent b.s. with watchdogs, Consistently bad PC Ports of AC series - I am willing to believe most of what was wrote in that article is likely true.(Even IF the article is a fake!)

I am saddened to even admit that because I truly enjoy a few Ubisoft games. It is not even just them,not to single out Ubisoft.

This modern practice of marketing deception has got to stop! DRM b.s. has got to stop! trying to take away consumers rights and ownership needs to not even get started!

Dealing on PC digitally via Steam,yeah but there are other reputable and respectful digital sites like with no DRM.
The Microsoft situation hopefully woke a lot of people up and proved a lot of this to those who were either in doubt or didn't care etc.

This console warring between gamers needs to stop,seriously it is ridiculous. Back in the day when I was growing up,shit wasn't like this,you owned the console(s) and played games that you enjoyed/loved.

I was what you could of called a hardcore gamer who did not discriminate any platforms! ( I still am just have the $$$ roadblock these days) I owned them all,only systems I never personally owned was the Jaguar ( I wanted that damn aliens Vs. Predator game so bad ) and neo geo ( Most expensive console of all-time I believe lol).
the rest,I eventually came to own and played on them all equally unless a particular game came out on another system.

I am not THAT old,only 32 but I can assure you,that is if you are a bit younger,when I was growing up getting into gaming,reading every single magazine that I could get my hands on,ha! no internet back then unfortunately, shit was not like it is today. that goes for not only the devs and publishers but also the gamers.

Maybe if we would of had a better,efficient way of talking to one another,things would of been different. who knows. Sorry, ranting and raving again. I get caught up and passionate sometimes. I am sure you and anyone else who read this got my point(s)

FalloutWanderer20771639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

@AndrewLB - thanks for those images. They look incredible. I am still looking forward to eventually getting around to playing WD. I am just waiting for as many patches and performance fixes/drivers before I jump in the game.

With the recent Guru3D findings,I think I will give the game a shot.

@Prototype_79L down below - I agree that some of the blame can be laid at the feet of whiny spoiled gamers who actually have no idea what a bad game looks and plays like compared to what many of us grew up with.Still, I do put blame on a lot of these big AAA publishers and the Devs who either allow it or lie outright.

90+% of the games releasing these days look incredible. Some better than others but the main point is that many of us have become simply spoiled with game visuals. It is good to push for better but at the same time,we are already approaching the uncanny valley at an alarming rate.

Of course, back then we had nothing to compare it to,it was all we had! I do remember still fondly day dreaming of what the future of gaming would look like and play like.

Rainbow Six: Siege was a nice surprise and I enjoyed the demo,I also agree with you about nothing but cgi target renders instead of trailers.

My personal E3 winner was: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt! GOTY 2015 contender all the way for me.

If anyone follows that game closely,they would understand why there is a lot to be excited about. One of the most ambitious open world or linear RPG games ever. I am rotting for the underdogs @ CD Project RED and something in my gut is telling me they are going to pull it off. :)

@HaveAsandwich -
"It's going to be shit on ps4. I own one. I'm
not even sure why."
This is exactly why I chose a few years ago to build a gaming PC. After playing games like Fallout 3/new vegas and Skyrim to then see all of the incredible mods I missed out on!
Not wanting to play the Witcher 2 unless it was played on PC as it was meant to be played.

why I am waiting and waiting to get the next gen consoles,prob. a PS4,since I am figuring a majority of xbox games will make it to PC. There are not enough games right now to justify getting a new system just yet. I say next year,then there will be a decent amount of games worth playing.

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1640d ago Replies(2)
Future_20151640d ago

"Currently as it stands, there is definitely a lot of push coming from publishers to not make the experience so different on consoles as to alienate people into thinking that next generation is not as powerful as PC."

so these "next gen" consoles are still holding pcs back and they have only been out under a year

1640d ago
GamingTruth1640d ago

til pc shows me ps4 and xbox one exclusive game ingame graphics pc isnt being held back consoles are, those gpus are more powerful than wii u

meetajhu1640d ago



From Nvidia 4xx series and higher and AMD 5830 and higher are already powerful than next gen consoles.

Vegamyster1640d ago


Every graphics cards upwards of a GTX 750 Ti ($150 card that's compatible with almost every somewhat modern computer) including older GPU's has benchmarks showing higher performance then all the consoles.

Ken851639d ago

Omg you PC gamers should stop bitching. You should be lucky your getting any games that are made FOR CONSOLES. You guys have plenty of games supposedly so play your 4k 120 framerate indie game.

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Meltic1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Well they are honest. But stop showing us fake stuff. Real stuff is better than just HIGH graphic in the end to us players. If you continue like this downgrade and lie people are not gona buy the games instead they pirate them. I did not purchase Watch dogs i knew they lied...

Magicite1640d ago

I hope this wont be another ''wash dogs'' case.

itBourne1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Did you read the first paragraph of this article? This is not professional journalism, and as soon as I got through the first paragraph, I pretty much disregarded the rest of the article. This sounds like an ass hurt fan boy wrote it.

On the topic at hand, yes a $1,000 dollar pc will out perform a console, wow that is a fucking surprise. Just the same as when you go on a date, you try to show the best sides of yourself, that is what the publishers do as well. Maybe if people get past the superficial shell, in real life and with games, they can actually enjoy what is in front of them.

DC7771640d ago

Knew that looked way to good to run. Nothing looks that good.

elgrantroll1639d ago Show
greenlantern28141639d ago

How many insiders have to be wrong before people stopping listening, a dev I can't name said everything was coming along fine. But what's that mean nothing because anyone can say anything when quoting unnamed sources. I like to wait and see what the game is like before I judge it.

3-4-51639d ago

* Only reason for downgrading is if they SHOWED US GAME ON PC, and now they have to scale it back to the XB1 Specs, which means what they were showing us was a lie to begin with.

The Negative part of having to deal with GRAPHICS!

iHazelwood1639d ago

wow.. You could already tell when they showed it at the Microsoft press conference that it was downgraded. This just means it will look even more downgraded.. Man Ubisoft sure sucks at optimization.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1639d ago

I don't think you understand what optimization means. Here's a video explaining what you're saying;

iHazelwood1638d ago


The dude in the video says that optimization is essentially downgrading. So what I'm saying is that Ubisoft is really disappointing with the way they do it. At least games like Ryse and Forza 5 after they have been downgraded still look like Next Gen games. Watch Dogs on the Current Gen consoles looks like if not worse than GTA 5 on Xbox 360.

JsonHenry1639d ago

As long as MS and Sony keep throwing money around so that their ports (PC is lead platform for most games this generation because of the x86 hardware in them) don't end up showing just how underpowered they really are this time around.

Yes, the PC will always be the one with most potential, yes the new consoles are capable of much greater visuals than last generation, no they are not nearly as powerful as they were compared to top end PCs as the 360/PS3 were in their day.

aragon1639d ago

Lol really so soon it's funny because downgarde

AgentSmithPS41639d ago

"This has to do with publishers downgrading the PC version of a game so next gen consoles wont appear outdated already." - comment guy.

Attacking people/things that aren't the root of the problem doesn't help, it only divides us and makes it easier for companies like Ubisoft, EA, etc to take advantage. Try to see from the POV of others and if what they want is fair try to support them in their quest to make games better.

Sometimes it's hard to feel bad for PC after the comments of some but it's not right for Ubisoft to downgrade anybody. All supported systems should get a similar amount of time spent on each of them. Enough with the lies and psychological manipulation of customers, I don't know if they should be forced to put "High range PC" on their gameplay vids or what, I just want to know what I'm getting and actually get it.

All gamers need to gather online in huge numbers and complain loudly and vote with their wallets until they change things for the better. It may work best if there are multiple forums/sites that aren't connected to the wrong people and they're moderated so fools can't spoil what's trying to be accomplished.

?Anyone know of such a place?

mcarsehat1639d ago

Do people actually believe this horseshint?

Like any development insider would phrase it like that. What this article says to me is Developer DON'T want to make games as pretty as possible and they hate people who play games.

Do people really believe that the developers are "Downgrading" games purposely just to mess with us?
I swear, the gaming community is getting stupider by the day.

Insider = massively unreliable, it's like when a rumour is constituted as news, it isn't important enough to count.

showtimefolks1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

good job UBI show games running on high end PC's than release them when they are stuck between last gen and maybe somewhat current gen

but graphics aren't everything, watch dogs was good so as long as division is good i don't mind graphical downgrade

even though with next gen consoles we shouldn't have to choose

SaturdayNightBeaver1639d ago

Haha, they done their job deluding the majority with showing high end PC version build trailers and previews , now they gonna start the real job by making the game to what console can actually do. When people actually find out it will be to late as majority will already pre-order and get blinded by the hype train ubisoft marketing teams are readying.

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JoyiusHammer1640d ago

I read it and it dont sound all that shocking to me. but the author does say grain of salt. at this point i gave up hope on expecting anything from the following people: ubisoft, from software. this is exactly why im not looking forward to bloodborne.

DragonKnight1640d ago

If you ever expected graphical powerhouse games from FromSoftware, you have no one to blame but yourself.

From is a small studio, none of their games have ever come close to being graphically impressive. Their expertise is ambience, story, and gameplay. They wouldn't even have the resources to develop a graphical showpiece.

And really, if your only requirement to look forward to a game are its graphics, you need to stop gaming because you just want to play the tech, not the game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1639d ago

By resources I hope you mean the lack of quality hardware to work with. Because yes ps3/360/x1/ps4 are not nearly as good as devs want them to be.

DragonKnight1639d ago

You'd be wrong. By resources I mean manpower and money.

For FromSoft and other small studios like them, the consoles are perfectly fine.

Be gon wit ye PC Mustard Race shite.

JP13691640d ago

It probably doesn't sound all that shocking to you since you're in the habit of posting articles from WhatIfGaming, a blog that can't even manage a three articles per month average. Your lack of grammatical skill makes me think you may actually be the delusional hack that considers himself to be the sole journalist of that shit site.

salmon_slapped1640d ago

I have to say I expected this to happen. The division looked way to good for something on consoles.

As long as the gameplay isn't compromised I'll be ok with it but if they remove some things that effects gameplay then I'd be pissed.

But the author is right this does need to stop.

GamingTruth1640d ago

what exactly in that game looks that good looks pretty sorry to me

Neonridr1640d ago

I said right from the initial reveal that there was no way the end product would look that good and polished. Everything from the holographic map overlay to the way everything seemed scripted.

I am sure the game will still turn out great but will definitely be different from what we have seen so far.

Activemessiah1639d ago

In another words, It's Watch Dogs all over again.

JoyiusHammer1640d ago

the reeality is you shouldnt trust devs....they have made a mockery of e3 and all things "reveal" I only trust Kojima now...

thehobbyist1640d ago

I dunno, I think Kamyia, Sakurai and the folks at From Software are still pretty trustworthy

JoyiusHammer1640d ago

lol...From Software shouldnt even talk....they false advertised harder than Ubisoft did

JWiLL5521640d ago

I still trust Naughty Dog.

The Uncharted reveal may look unattainable...but then I go back and look at Uncharted 2 and it seems reasonable again.

DragonKnight1640d ago

It's hilarious that you would trust Kojima. The man excels at showing nothing and overusing cinematics. If there is anyone you shouldn't trust, it'd be Kojima. He sells his games on the cutscenes more than anything else. That's how he gets away with so much. People see more graphically impressive cutscenes than anything else in his games, so they forget that his games don't typically look any more impressive than any other game.

JWiLL5521640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I'm not a big MGS guy, but aren't all the cutscenes 'in engine'? They don't even appear to have further rendering, just cinematic camera angles.

The Fox Engine is pretty impressive overall, considering it runs at 60 FPS on consoles.

SuperBlunt1640d ago

try again buddy there hasnt been a single metal gear cutscene that wasnt in engine. Sorry your favorite games blow compared to the art he creates

IWasHere1640d ago

Kojima is honest! All what we've seen of Ground Zeroes in 2012 has the same or better quality in 2014. There is furthermore gameplay of The Phantom Pain like on E3 2013 and this week.

In Kojima we can trust.
And to be honest: MGS V looks nice but not as good as other titles. From that reason we can trust him.

AndrewLB1640d ago

If you're running a frame counter with Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, you'd see the cut-scenes are locked at 30fps, meaning they're pre-rendered

IWasHere1640d ago


MG: Rising Revengence is from Platinum Games.

DragonKnight1640d ago

Can someone point out to me where I mentioned anything about "engines" or Kojima purposely using, say, PC footage or anything like that at all? I'd appreciate that. Otherwise I'll have to come to the conclusion that people are just making stuff up and coming to their own conclusions about what I said so they can defend Kojima.