Uncharted 4 reportedly uses multiple models per character

From the article: "Uncharted 4's gameplay trailer which when first released, led many to speculate that it was CGI, but Naughty Dog was quick to point out that everything we saw in the trailer was actually in-game running real time. The gun-totting Nathan Drake has a facial model that looks almost photo-realistic. Ever wondered why that is so? Well, wonder no more"

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

I'd say it has a little something to do with it.

"Corrinne Yu, coder at Naughty Dog confirmed via Twitter that for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, they are using a brand new facial animation tech and she will discuss everything about it after Uncharted 4: A Thief's End ship."

johndoe112111252d ago

Ok, so even though I more or less agree with this article and the technique that they discussed, I think it's a little ridiculous the way they stated this as fact when it did not come from an uncharted developer. I think they need to ask the uncharted devs instead of some random guy, even if he is qualified and has a lot of experience in the field. The fact is he is not working on this game.


This is not the case for all games. For examples GOW3 and GOWA don't use LOD (Level Of Detail). I noticed that and the devs confirmed that many times. When Kratos was held by Cronos' fingers having the size of an ant, his model didn't get recued in polyocount and his muscles still flexed even at that size (I noticed that and even the devs confirmed that same thing in the same part too). Uncharted games used LOD especially in multiplayer when your opponent character is far from you. They never used LOD between character you play ingame and the one you see in cinematics. In fact they use same model:

The only thing different is that the facial animations are more elaborated and more natural in the cutscene while they are limited when you play, since you don't see him so close or very talktaive in gameplay. If Trevor Stricke sprouts BS or (or truth but not in right place) to just downplay Naughty Dog's amzing work in Uncharted 4 (which may even have a better tech than previous games), then he really falied hard and proved his jealousy like a ****hurt ignorant fanboy.

fr0sty1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

LOD is the practice of swapping lower polygon models out with higher as your perspective moves closer to it. It's been done in gaming for many years now. It would be expected that Uncharted 4 also would use this technique, even on characters. Why render all 40k polys of a character that is way too far away to be able to see them? As long as they can blend together well during the transition, I see no issues with it.

CertifiedGamer1252d ago

They used LOD in Ryse to try to make the character look better up close but I wouldn't accept this as a fact because some random developer is speculating past techniques.

Gamingcapacity1252d ago


Every game uses this technique. Not just with characters but also scenery. If a game didn't use this technique, a lot of the pixel-pushing power would be used up very quickly.

assdan1252d ago

I'm SO tired of this quote that's on every article talking about uncharted 4: " led many to speculate that it was CGI." If you could read at all, you'd know that IT WASN'T A CG TRAILER!.
Here's the sony press conference.
Skip to an 1:42:20. Before the trailer comes up, it clearly says, "the following was capture directly from a ps4." I don't know why there was ever speculation that this was CG.

SniperControl1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Fanboys my friend, they just cant accept UC4 is gonna be a total beast.

Sy_Wolf1251d ago

The Killzone 2 reveal footage must have also been real time running on a PS3 then right? Developers quite often lie about things being pre-rendered of even what platform their game is running on.

GamingTruth1251d ago

well sy_wolf the difference is is that uncharted games are made by naughty dog and their work never downgrades in later stages of development and they arent liars, secondly what many people leave out 99 percent of the time is that guerrilla games didnt even make the originally make the killzone 2 trailer one of their studios AXIS did and guerrilla made the actual game, third ps4 has definite hardware many of the technologies built in it have yet to be unveiled so not only are these graphics realtime but not even the tip of the iceburg my friend listen to the pc nerds if you want concerning multiplats of which pc fanboy developers talk crap about consoles to make pc nerds happy and buy more pc hardware but ill live in the reality of the next gen ps4 is giving me as already seen in infamous second son and killzone shadowfall and other ps4 exclusives already released

XBOTTOX1251d ago

@GamingTruth Naughty Dog dropped a 60fps trailer for uncharted 3 back in the day.

DoomeDx1251d ago

Sorry GamingTruth,

I love naughty dog as much as all the other gamers out there. But even naughty dog does downgrades.

DigitalRaptor1251d ago

Assdan is completely correct.

If this was pre-rendered CGI, Naughty Dog could make it look a lot better than it does. You want proof to go along with this assessment?

Corrinne Yu: "Our U4 trailer is an in engine real game level running on a real PS4,Paolo.Our trailer doesn't look good enough to be prerender CGI"

Dat modesty. Saying their trailer doesn't look good enough to be pre-rendered CGI.

ziggurcat1251d ago

@ doomedx:

that's been confirmed as fake. nice try, though.

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XiSasukeUchiha1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )

Hmm interesting for sure using multiple model if this true.

snipermk01252d ago

That's why the title says, "reportedly" if you actually stop to read things properly

Emrage1252d ago

why the fuck are you always first or second

rezzah1252d ago

the attention, or to get points for each comment made.

jebabcock1252d ago

Time travel my friend... he has discovered the secret of being everywhere at once..

Relientk771252d ago

I honestly want to know if he even sleeps

FalconLover1252d ago

@Sasuke what Ninjitsu or you using to be always on top -,-

MegaRay1252d ago (Edited 1252d ago )


Not everything about an interesting game have to be "interesting"

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gamerfan09091252d ago

I'm excited for this game. I recent;y played Uncharted 3 again and man it's such a well designed game. It literally feels like you're playing an action movie at all times. I just hope they keep the light hearted feel of the uncharted games and not the more dark serious feel of TLOU.

ltachiUchiha1252d ago

The funny thing is I think 3 was the worse out of the series but when I say worse, I mean it was still a great game, its just it couldn't top UC2 but then again a few of the heads who worked on UC1 & UC2 & TLOU didn't work on UC3 so that is why UC3 turned out that way. Great game but didn't top the game before it. UC4 has the main team working on it so u know it is going to deliver.

gamerfan09091252d ago

I felt Uncharted 3 was better than the first one and better than the TLOU. I thought it was the best written Uncharted game they made and the set pieces were the best of the series. The airplane setpiece, the abduction level, and the boat set piece, and the desert journey are some of the most beautifully excited scenes/ levels in a game I've ever played. I think Uncharted 3 is the most complete game they've ever made. I didn't like it as much as I do now when it came out, but after a second playthrough it's amazing.

imuze1252d ago

This is nothing new to gaming. Gamecube's Resident Evil 1 remake used two models you could easily tell. Close up cut scenes looked way more detailed compared to the gameplay models.

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