'Planetside 2' feels right at home on PlayStation 4

Planetside 2 is one of the most ambitious first-person shooters out there. Currently out on PC, this free-to-play massively multiplayer online game developed by Sony Online Entertainment holds over 1,000 players on a single server, as they join together and compete with other squads to gain control over territory and other resources. PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to jump into the action when PS2 makes its console debut later this year.

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nerdman671635d ago

I really hope the game is a lot better on the PS4. The PC version was OKAY, but I didnt play for more than 20 minutes. Too much microtransations and not enough gameplay to keep interested.
But since some friends will be playing I am sure itll be easier to get into

JP13691635d ago

Your statements seem to contradict themselves. They boil down to, "I didn't play long enough to have an opinion, but I don't like this game for specific reasons."


Vegetarianshark1635d ago

"Too much microtransations and not enough gameplay to keep interested." 1/10, but nice try, next time put in more effort.

XisThatKid1634d ago

Nice way to attempt to be relevant but not have any really material to speak on. charlatan I believe is a good word for you.

nerdman671634d ago

I was exaggerating, I have several hours logged. Clearly you haven't played it, it is kind of a drag. Nothing but "You want cool new weapons? Give us money,"

XisThatKid1634d ago (Edited 1634d ago )

Sorry did/am playing it, I don't have a good PC for it and I'm looking forward to PS4 release day 1 for me even play it with a PS4 controller to help acclimate myself for console. Check if you want my name "Xiss" I have two characters now love the game and from what I understand with my experience, I don't see any weapons that I Can't unlock through playing the game. Enlighten me if I'm wrong but I don't see them,I could be missing something.
I'm on VS.

macethedon1635d ago

Have they said whether this is 30 or 60 fps yet? if not then I hope they go for 60, even if it means for lower resolution, this game needs that 60 fps!

MysticStrummer1635d ago

Last I heard they said they had it peaking over 60 but I'm sure that means with very little going on. I'm fine with a solid 30 though.

XisThatKid1634d ago

THis was indeed spoken about at E3 1080p 60fps never go below 30fps

1635d ago
josephayal1635d ago

a Flawless Victory is achieved by sony

ramiuk11635d ago

im sure they said its at
60fps and 1080p with graphics equiv to ultra on pc.
although alot of things have been redone it looks lovely

jmac531635d ago

I wish they would just give us a release date already.

avengers19781635d ago

That's all I want to know too...

MysticStrummer1635d ago

I'd be happy with an open beta.

Dojan1231635d ago

On Twitter yesterday one of the devs said within 6 months. That could be Dec or tomorrow. I would love a date.

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The story is too old to be commented.