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GR - The last space combat game I played was probably Star Wars Battlefront. When I was offered a chance to check out publisher Grey Box Studios and developer Yager’s upcoming space combat game, this was the style that came to mind. Visions of dogfighting other small, single pilot starships zooming in between large capital class ships, avoiding heavy gunfire while trying to outrun and evade my opponents so that I could get the drop on them and take them out. Well in some aspects my thinking was right on track, at least when it came to ship to ship battles. But I was wrong; I would be flying a large capital class ship.

In Dreadnought you’ll have the opportunity to fly an assortment of large capital ships. Gigantic cruisers peppered with an array of turrets that can turn and fire on enemy ships that will eventually try to take you on in combat. Dreadnought will be a free-to-play multiplayer game that will eventually include an episodic single-player campaign. After my brief time with Dreadnought at E3 2014 I can say that it’s just as satisfying piloting a behemoth of a large space cruiser as it is in similar games where you pilot small one-manned fighters.

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Huh, space combat. Please be satisfying, Dreadnaught.

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Free to play and oddly the impression I get is that for a "Space" sim action takes place over/on planets.

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F2P multiplayer with a single player campaign PC game. As per article.

Also a "space" sim which takes place on planets.