Bungie Hates Microsoft Fans? Let's Hate Back

If there's one thing every gamer knows it's that you should never underestimate the value we'll ascribe to the tiniest things imaginable. Case in point: Destiny's exclusive alpha period on PS4. In the scheme of things it's just a matter of weeks. There's an open beta coming in less than a month on all the platforms. You'd think Xbox fans wouldn't be too bent about PS4 owners getting access to an alpha three weeks ahead of the open beta.

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Thatguy-3101642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

These developers aren't friends with us. At the end of the day they're in it for the money and whatever suites THEM. This is a similar situation on how Sony fans feel about Insomniac. Plus Destiny is a multiplaform game so I don't see why halo(another game) fans feel that they need to be entitled to the content that's releasing first on PS4. The whole practice of this time exclusivity isn't new and will not be going anywhere so people need to be patient if they have to wait for certain content to reach their beloved console of choice.

Eddie201011642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Bunji made Halo a household name, they developed the game and it was pretty much done when Microsoft bought the studio. Halo would still have been a great game with or without Microsoft. Bunji owe Microsoft no dept, Microsoft still makes plenty of money from halo games. Bunji owe Xbox owners no dept, you will still get halo games exclusively on your system and you will get Destiny as well. Bunji is an independent studio and can make exclusivity deals with whomever they want.

crxss1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

is Destiny exclusive to PS4? didn't think so.

it was a short alpha, get over it

JP13691641d ago

How do you not know how to spell Bungie? It's in the headline. Like, the very first word...

souga_houjou_jin1641d ago

crxss destiny have EXCLUSIVE ps4 content ONLY
and not timed

bouzebbal1641d ago

xbox fanboys are the worst to deal with..
"Bungie Hates Microsoft Fans? Let's Hate Back"
you guys have a serious problem...

Septic1641d ago

This is just silly. The game is still coming out on your platform. Spare a thought for Sony gamers who are fans of Insomniac and cant play Sunset Overdrive.

The topic is extremely bitter and childish in my opinion.

ZodTheRipper1641d ago

It's a new generation, contracts run out and things change. Get over it instead of "hating back", idiots.

No_Limit1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I ain't hating. I do understand it is a business partnership just like any other deal from COD to Assassin's Creed. Remember GTA4? MS had exclusive contents for a long period of time and no doubt there were more PS fans for the GTA series at that time.

I still hate these exclusive deals though no matter what console it is on but people need to be grateful that at least the game is on both consoles, I don't think an exclusive alpha or timed DLCs matter that much as I am still getting the XB1 version because my buds is on there and I prefer Live and the controller for FPS better, over any minor extra stuff any day.

What whatever console you prefer to play it on, it will be a great game either way.

chaosx1641d ago

Halo was meant to be a game like Myth , made for the Mac, looking down over a battlefield not FP. If MS had not have bought it , it would not have been the massive success it was . So yes fans have the right to be pissed that after a decade of supporting a game / company that same company jump in bed with Activision and turn around and flip those supporters the bird . Bungie would not be where they are today without the xbox community FACT.
I guess as long as both platforms know that this company doesn't give two flying F&%ks about its community and will forget about you in a heart beat , then its a case of buyer beware. Fool me once etc…...

darx1641d ago

Well MS did start the whole timed exclusivity thing anyways...a taste of their own medicine?

gaffyh1641d ago

Bungie hates Microsoft fans? So does that mean Insomniac hates Sony fans?

GTFO with this article.

DasTier1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

"Halo would still have been a great game with or without Microsoft."

Im not sure how much I agree with that statement.

Considering how much Apple has always seemed to hate gamers, and we'd seen the 3rd person shooter it was designed to be until Microsoft got involved and changed FPS' forever.


Alexander Seropian (founder and CEO of Bungie Software Products)

"Microsoft will provide us with the resources and infrastructure we need to continue to build great games and make them available on a worldwide scale. We are also looking forward to helping define the Xbox platform, which may soon be the world's premier game console."

I really don't think Halo would have been anywhere near as successful without the support of Microsoft and becoming the face of the Xbox.

sinspirit1641d ago


Heck. No.

Halo was never going to be like Myth. It was always going to be a first person game in its setting with multiplayer. They started the ideas and concepts of Halo after the Marathon trilogy, which was also a space game about an alien invasion that had online multiplayer. Halo is basically its spiritual successor.

Halo was already well into development, and was already seen before Microsoft bought the rights to the game.

Gorilla_Killa_X1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

What a bunch of crybabies. Get over it. I'm a Sony fan but you dont hear me crying about sunset overdrive and insomniac. If ms didn't buy the rights to halo it still would have been a huge game. Geez you guys and your deserving attitudes.

Kribwalker1641d ago

MS still owns equity in bungie so they are making money either way, no matter who gets exclusive content, by going multiplatform Sony Ponies are lining MS's pockets without buying xbox's. I frankly don't care who gets what timed or exclusive DLC, if I eventually get it I get it, if I don't I don't. No sweat off my back, I'm most likely not even getting destiny with all the other games coming out. Especially that Master Chief collection. 100mp levels, that'll keep me busy for a year.

kneon1641d ago


Not only is the topic stupid, the authors solution is even more stupid

"Are you really mad at Bungie? Don't buy Destiny. It's that simple."

So their solution is that owners of the console that is on it's way to being out sold by at least 2 to 1 should not buy this game.

The theory must be that Bungie would see low sales on Microsoft's platforms and magically change their business practices. Given the ever increasing lead of the PS4 in the market a likely outcome could be that they just drop the XB1 for future releases and ship only on PS4 and PC.

sonarus1641d ago

yea hate back so they can come back and beg you to play their games

DonkeyWalrus1641d ago


I'm afraid you're wrong. Halo was originally going to be an RTS when it was first showed in 1999. Bungie even quoted that Halo was "basically Myth in a sci-fi universe." Then in 2000 it was changed to a third person shooter. After Microsoft bought Bungie and Halo starting being developed exclusively on the Xbox, Bungie rewrote their game engine and changed the game again to an FPS which is what we have now.

sinspirit1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


Oh, okay. I finally found a link about it.

But, still, Microsoft had nothing to do with the switch to a FPS Halo.

Halo was coming out on Mac and the trailer showed interactivity that RTS don't typically have like people getting in Banshees and Warthogs, AKA, they already rid of the RTS gameplay.

And then it was going to be a 3rd person shooter before Microsoft bought Halo.

And then it became a first person shooter. It was all Bungie making these decisions before Microsoft. Again, they already had first person shooter experience, and while they initially planned to have a RTS and change things up they decided to go back to something they've already done before but in the Halo universe.

Sevir1641d ago

Are xbox fans really that bitter about an alpha trail and exclusive content coming to PS4, even though the game is cross platform and launching day and date with the PS4 version?

This is a new Low. Yeah. Bungie's fame came to be because of being owned by MS and the brand they created with Halo. however. They've been independent since 2011 so don't feel bad that they formed a partnership with Sony to build that fanbase up. For a lot of PS gamers this is their first Bungie experience so Sony forming a partnership to make sure PS gamers experience the best of a Bungie game shouldn't complain.

Bungie has had a partnership with MS for 10 years making not just exclusive content but exclusive games.

its silly and childish. This is a business decision, not some conscious decision to piss off fans.

Its why I cant see how PS fans and diehards getting upset at Insomniac for partnering with MS, They've given Sony with their partnership 15 Games exclusively, and given MS 2 with One being exclusive. What's more? I cant fathom the ire they are getting over Sunset Overdrive when Insomniac Gave us Ratchet and Clank last year on PS3, and are giving us a new PS4 exclusive Next year over the summer.

The fanboy attachment to studios is cool, but to hate them over business decisions that over all benefit the studio and overall fans of Gaming is just selfish and stupid.

Just be happy that both these studios are alive and well making games for us gamers instead of hating them over things that benefit them and certain segments of the gaming industry and its fans.

randomass1711641d ago

I don't understand the fuss. Bungie is still making Destiny for Xbox platforms but just signed a deal for some exclusive content for Playstation. As was stated before, what about Sony fans who can't play Sunset Overdrive? It's a silly thing to complain about.

kreate1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

in general, I hate ppl who hate me. idk why.
but not online. u can hate me on n4g. oh well.


yea whats up with that?

BattleAxe1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It's no different from Insomniac going Xbox exclusive. It feels like a slap in the face, but at the end of the day, each studio is out for their own self interest.

If Resistance 3's multiplayer hadn't been such garbage, and had the single player ending of R3 not been such crap, I might have actually felt a bit betrayed by their move to Xbox.

Nick_5151641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I don't know why everyone thinks Bungie owe Microsoft... Xbox wouldn't have been much without Halo...

redwin1641d ago

When GTA finally came out on the Xbox it didn't do this exclusivity for MS. PS fans did not get left out of exclusive content. Now you have your halo wannabe game. You can keep it. I'm not getting it. There is usually a loyalty to the fans from a company Bungie has none. I have both systems and I can see that. If Xbox comes out with exclusive content for Xbox you wouldn't like it either.

dantesparda1641d ago

"Bungie Hates Microsoft Fans? Let's Hate Back"

Im not surprised, MS fanboys, are the most delusional and whiniest and worst of all the fanboys.

kickerz1641d ago

Haha Bungie is not spelt like Jumanji lol

Gaming1011641d ago

lol wow, this whole thing just screams crybaby Microsoft fanboyism. They get exclusive Call of Duty timed DLC, and other timed exclusives yet when someone else gets a timed exclusive Alpha they cry like man-children...
And you all wonder why no one outside of the gaming industry take gamers seriously, and assume that gaming is still a children's hobby, probably because they're right, you're all of bunch of whiny screaming tantruming self-entitled babies.

rainslacker1641d ago

Well, the author of this article seems to think that MS made Bungie what it is today. Even implies they'd be some lowly macintosh dev had MS not brought they would never go with trends. smh. Acts like the only real game of worth that Bungie has ever made was Halo.

I really wonder how many of those Halo fans this author talks about could list one single game that Bungie has made other than Halo. I know I could, because I've played several of them a decade before MS ever thought of the Xbox. Wonder how many of those Halo fans appreciated the dev enough say, "Hey, what else can you bring out that's great?"

I remember when MS brought Bungie. It was quite the big deal, because Bungie was a highly respected developer at the time....which they still are today. And I don't blame them one bit for wanting to move onto something new and wanting the freedom to do so.

awi59511641d ago

No it wasnt the halo bungie was making for mac looked like halo wars. The game that shipped looks like nothing like the final game. It looked like a real time strategy game. Go on youtube and look at the mac version of halo ce its night and day not the same game not the same gen at all.

radiocaf1640d ago

souga_houjou_jin it is timed. Just at least until fall 2015.

Monster_Tard1640d ago

As far as we know, Activision could had struck the deal.

The article says Bungie owes Microsoft, I think it's the other way around, Halo 1 basically was the ONLY reason to buy a original Xbox back in the day, without it there probably would not had been a Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

This is all over 1 extra mission, 1 extra multiplayer map and 2 extra guns... is it really that big of a deal?

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GamerzElite1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Sony paid them for exclusive deal like MS doing with Call of Duty for years, so stop hating.

Prototype_79L1641d ago

Insomniac games wants to court MS fans? Let's hate them back.
After PS exclusives like Pyro, Ratchet and Clank series, and Resistance 1-2-3, MS reached again in his pocket to pay off for another exclusive.

Bungie makes a MULTIPLATFORM game and now the crusade started, WOW. It doesn't matter that MS instead of creating and supporting some exclusive studios for their platform they rather wave their checkbook for third parties, just like did for Titanfall, Plants vs zombies: garden warfare and ALL of the CoD DLCs, and forcing smaller studios with parity clause.

Real mature attitude...

ruefrak1641d ago

My thoughts exactly. Microsoft bet on Call of Duty and Battlefield last year while Sony went with Destiny and Watch Dogs. MS went with the safe call while Sony gambled on some new IP.

Sevir1641d ago

But Prototype, Insomniac is still making PS exclusives... we got one last year on PS3 and we'll be getting another exclusive on PS4 in Summer 2015... The first look will be at Gamescon this year. why bitch and fight

lelo1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Yep, Bungie are like every other developer out there. They are in for the money, and that's that. You can't blame them.

Stupid are the fanboys that owe their allegiance to console companies (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) and developers. Actually I find it quite sad that there are people out there that think companies and developers love them simply because they are fanboys and waste money purchasing their products. Those companies are in for the money, and NOT for love.

randomass1711641d ago

It is important to treat your customers well and not try to nickel and dime them, but in the end you are right. Companies are indeed in it for the money and blind fan loyalty to the point of bitterness is silly.

Retroman1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


you POSTED the most honest accurate truthful comment ever in 6 years i've been a member . while everyone bitch and whine who's better daily which one cheaper and powerful you sir said it like it ls. " no company " give a damn about us but our money to survive , and the daily childishness continue .

9,000 bubbles for you sir .

truth be told don't care any more who agree's or disagree we all only giving a personal opinion, none of us right none of us wrong .

Retroman1641d ago

only thing REALLY matter how long they can manipulate our mind and steal our money.

of course i don't expect anyone to use common sense on here, realistic thinking is a federal offence on here .

fermcr1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

One thing I find funny is that Bungie were pissed at Microsoft for making and supporting Halo for 10 years, and yet Bungie doesn't seem pissed to make and support Destiny for the next 10 years.

Spotie1641d ago

I think they were pissed because they weren't given a choice.

rainslacker1641d ago

Maybe they wanted to move onto Destiny while with MS, but MS wanted more Halo? The people over at Bungie have some creative games under their belt, and even if they, as a company, work on Destiny for 10 years, once the game releases, it's probably going to give them time to work on other things as well. After the game releases, it's mostly just DLC type stuff, and possibly a big update every few years. In the meantime, they can create a new IP, or bring back an old one if they so choose.

Truth is, no one knows all the details about why Bungie brought back their independence. But they felt it important enough to do, when they could just as easily have created a new studio at a fraction of the cost, and likely gotten support from a publisher.

One thing to consider. For creating Halo for 10 years, they don't own it. It still belongs to MS.

sic_chops1641d ago

@kribwalker since you are a troll I will chime in on your comment. Do you know that a MS follower like yourself lines sony's pocket every time you buy a blu-ray or a physical xbox one game? I guess we gotta treat first graders
Like first graders. Get out with your stupid rubbish.

otherZinc1641d ago

Insomniac isn't Bungie!

Resistance isn't Halo!

SONY Super Fans didn't even buy Resistance! Everyone bought Halo! My SONY Fanatic Friends didn't even buy Resistance. The ones that did didn't beat the damn games; I beat all 3 Resistance games & I bought a PS3 when they packed Resistance in.

Stop comparing Insomniac & Bungie!
That's like comparing Air Jordan & Rusty Lerue!

However, Bungie can sell me a Blank Sheet of Paper for $59.99 for its first release. After that, Bungie must make a great game like everyone else.

I'll give Bungie a pass on its first release after Halo; because they have Earned my respect as one of the greatest Developers of "All Times"!

Why o why1641d ago

Damn...I never knew they only made resistance games....

ramiuk11641d ago

MS fanboys are the worst ever.

last gen they was boasting about 360 version of something is 576p and ps3 can only manage 540p etc etc,the cell is crap!!!

yet this gen its not about the graphics or resolution its about the games.

98xpresent1641d ago

I guess you've been living under a rock lately.

ramiuk11641d ago

living undera rock?why??

MS fanboys still saying it.
its about the games,resolution doesnt matter.

i have no loyalty,thats why i buy whats best in the current market and this time its PS4

Bryanarchy1011641d ago

Trust me broseph, PS fanboys are no goodie two shoes either.

Your also wrong, this generation IS about graphics/resolution AND video games. Not just one.

Sci0n1641d ago

^^this is why there tears are always so tasty to me LOL. I was here last gen and apart of other gaming sites all over the web the 360 fans thought it was cool to cool to kic dirt on playstation owners because multiplats like mafia had a few less blades of grass on the PS3 then it did on 360. Then they would turn around and ignore the amazining sony exclusives that looked way better then any 360 exclusive by leaps and bounds. It was about graphics to them for such minimal differences regarding multiplats now when we see differences like 720p vs 1080p on next gen its not about the graphics anymore to them its about gameplay lol!

lelo1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

"MS fanboys are the worst ever."

I have a PS4 and don't have a X1, but I've got to disagree with you. Playstation fanboys are the worst ever. Just take a impartial look to what's been happening in N4G (and many other gaming sites) the last few years. I'm not saying there aren't moron Xbox fanboys, but Playstation fanboys, there are quite a few blind nutcases.

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nosferatuzodd1641d ago

well i hate them has well so i cant say anything bad about bungie it would be hypocritical

threefootwang1641d ago

Lol this article is beyond ridiculous. How many multi platform games does MS pay extra on top to get paid DLC a few weeks before Sony can??

The one time something works out the other MS fans are raging.

Just pathetic.

SonyMontana1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

LMAO by this logic Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Treyarch all hate PlayStation players (which they don't). Its business people, this is what companies do - maximize profit.

Magicite1641d ago

its common to hate MS related things, also same goes for apple.

aragon1641d ago

xbox fans just please dont start petitions and send death threats to the devs, the alpha is nothing to be pissed about, the content is nothing either xbox still gets the game this article is trying to enrage xbox fans more than they are merely an article to provoke people into behaving disgustingly with petitions and death threats.

Alexander1Nevermind1641d ago


Guess you never heard of Gears of War. Hell MS even bought the game from epic just to keep it out of playstation fans hands for next-gen. Really don't understand a the butt-hurt with this. lol

redwin1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

If Naighty Dog comes out with a new IP and gives Xbox new dips and exclusive content you will be enraged too. I have both systems and I can see that. Evil clown on ps4 and batt26 on Xbox . There r players that bought everything from Bungie and now they switch sides ? Lol. Maybe MS should give ND a boat full of $ just to prove a point.

Ps: I agree on the gears, but we all might get Unreal Turnament this generation (that's from Epic)

LordMaim1640d ago

@redwin: I don't understand you.

Destiny is still coming to the Xbox One.

Naughty Dog is a Sony studio.

B_Real1641d ago

Yeah, I don't see what people are getting upset over. Sony paid for this timed content (probably a lot for it), if a company sees the value in buying timed content then that is their decision to make. I don't like this practice from MS or Sony but it's not like I have a choice, so I just deal with it. Microsoft decided to spend their money Call of Duty timed DLC and Evolved timed DLC and beta and when those games come out I will enjoy that content earlier because of the timed exclusivity deal.

On a personal note, I still don't see the hubbub about this game. I hope the story delivers, because nothing I've seen from the Alpha has me too psyched. I am anticipating the beta to decide whether to cancel my pre-order or not, I hope its amazing and Bungie is a great studio so I have faith

saber000051641d ago

Dude.. You seriously annoyed with them that they went a little more exclusive for PS4 owners, instead of xbox users? May I remind you that ALL of Halo is exclusive for Xbox? Who cares.

thehitman13981641d ago

Last time I checked, it was not micro$oft that made halo is was Bungie. Micro$oft just supplied the money. Any company can do that. Also if it was not for halo, there would be no xbone. Also if micro$oft wanted it so bad for their fans, then why didn't they pay for it? They certainly paid for it with titanfail.

P.s. how did that work out for them? This Mo guy (aka Mr. Butthurt) is just mad that PS4 is lead platform for this amazing game. And all he has for his xbone is titanfail. So I guess I know why he is so pissed, lol.

Lifendz1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Exactly. These games are made by corporations whose sole goal is to earn money. Hate is not a part of that equation. Does EA hate Sony because they made Titan Fall exclusive? No. MS paid enough to make exclusivity a viable option. Same is true for Destiny's "exclusive" DLC.

Personally, I hate any of this timed exclusivity stuff. I suppose it's better than the entire game being exclusive, but it's still annoying.

showtimefolks1641d ago

seriously xbox fans, i mean really?

get over it

miyamoto1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I knew is an Microsoft owned website like Polygon, Eurogamer and Kotaku..... and I was right.