PS Vita Playstation Store Sneak Peek For June 24th

Check out this detailed look at the large list of games coming to the PS Vita this week.

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MAULxx1641d ago

I haven't owned a vita yet but I am interested.

dcj05241641d ago

Most of the games are decent. As with any platform you have crap ones

MAULxx1641d ago

Oh I am. The thing is, I'm not much of a mobile gamer. I have a PSP that's really brand new from lack of use. Really, the main draw of vita for me is the free plus games every month. I mean I would probably buy a handful of games for it just because I own it but I don't know how much time I would spend playing on it. Also, the dual analog sticks. I never understood the lack of a right stick.
Now, when I weigh those draws against the hurdles of ownership, that's when things start falling apart. At least for me.
Hurdle #1- Cost of the system vs. actual play time on the device.
Hurdle #2- To really enjoy the vita, there's the need to buy a memory card which is additional cost.
Hurdle #3- The need to purchase some sort of case for portable protection of the vita. Another additional cost.
So there's 3 cost hurdles right there that makes me want to save that vita money for future PS4 games.
So, for me, it comes down to entry cost plus additional costs mentioned vs. actual time spent playing games on the Vita.
As I said, I'm not much of a mobile gamer. I'd much rather be playing on my PS3 & PS4. I'm not on the go that much so I just don't think it would be worth the investment.

DualWielding1641d ago

dcJ0524 nobody is arguing that Vita has great games the problem is that not that many are exclusives... I have it because its the only console where i can play P4G but someone who doesn't like JRPGs may have harder time justifying buying the console

our_games_are_art1641d ago

I can't wait to buy a vita BC of plus I already have a decent set of games on their and the ps one classics man!

HugoDrax1641d ago

You just will need a large enough memory card. I initially had purchased a 16GB card used from GameStop, for $21. That is not enough memory, so I forked over another $80 and just bought the 64GB card off of Amazon.

our_games_are_art1638d ago

Man I've been hearing about this more and more. Sony need to fit more memory on to those cards already! I wish they never went proprietary.. thanks for the reply appreciate the tip!

TheLastGuardian1640d ago

Another World for me. I just beat the spiritual successor Heart of Darkness earlier this year. Looking foward to playing the predecessor with better visuals on my Vita.