These Are The Most Liked Video Game Consoles In Every State

In the world of social media, one game machine reigns supreme—and its identity will probably surprise even the most dialed-in joypad jockey.

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AceBlazer131642d ago

The people that prefer XB1 should really look into buying one, could help break that 5 month losing streak.

XD this graph looks like it's fresh out of Asstown.

avengers19781642d ago

That's true, they should really be out there buying.... Instead of liking it on facebook

gameon19851642d ago

Well, wait until next month to see if the price cut helps if sells pick up and it out sells PS4, then we know that america really is a Xbox country, and the only thing Sony had was the price. Because lets be honest, they for damn sure don't have the games.

king_george1642d ago


If price was the only thing helping the ps4 sell more than X1 i dont think the gap would be as large as it already is.... and its only growing actually.

"They for damn sure dont have the games"

They both dont right now. MS and Sony still havent really come out with that must have game for their respective systems. If anything, nintendo has been the most impressive software wise

mkis0071642d ago


I have yet to see a single shred of evidence showing how the xbox one could be said to have more games than ps4.

A lot of you people keep saying it like it's an obvious thing, but no proof of this exists.

georgeenoob1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Well said. This definitely explains why X1 has a better attach rate than PS4. Most people who bought an X1 have the money to invest in games. Price is definitely a huge factor, I'm very curious about NPD June.

Cool name, bro.

ShinMaster1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Wait... we're counting Facebook likes now?

Ok then, I'll play

* The official PlayStation page as 37m likes.
* The official Xbox page has 23m likes.
* And the PS4's sales reflect this, in North America and the world.

This was a bad survey.

fenome1642d ago


Opinions and dribble being said like they are facts. lol

Born and raised in America, never owned an Xbox, never wanted to. They dropped the price a while back to $450 and bundled in Titanfall (system seller?) for free with Kinect and it didn't do that much. Why would One without the camera or their top game at the time all of a sudden turn everything around?

Doesn't matter to me either way, I just don't understand why people see this as an 'added' value when the Kinect alone is worth more than $100 and it doesn't come with a game like the old bundle. Overall it might be $50-100 cheaper than the One with Kinect, but it's not a better deal by any means.

MysticStrummer1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Using Facebook likes as proof of anything is truly comical.

Gotta find your straws where you can I guess.

Who knew Facebook represented "the world of social media" all by itself?

Meanwhile, the article talking about which company had the most coverage during E3 was downplayed by some of these same people, since it showed Sony getting much more.

Keep up the good work N4G. Top notch comedy here.

Sabo1642d ago

I would rather my console be more popular on amazon top sellers than a poll on facebook, but that's just me I guess...

mikeslemonade1642d ago

The $399 X1 sku has been a flop. If you look at Amazon will see it's pretty low on the list and the Titan fall bundle is higher than it.

MysticStrummer1642d ago

Here's the article I referred to above. I was too late to edit.

fenome1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Before anybody tries to think I'm anything but an actual gamer, let me clarify. My first console was an Atari 2600 and I've loved every console I've ever owned along the way. I loved Bonk's Adventure on the TurboGrafx 16, and Jurassic Park on Sega CD.

I've never been biased against companies with consoles until Microsoft showed up, it just didn't feel right for me with how they crashed in trying to monopolize and monetize everything. In all these years they still haven't made me see them any differently either.

I'm rambling now and my whole train of thought got derailed (I might have drank 2-4 beers too many to be in the comment section right now :D), so I'll just end it on this note:

These are just my opinions and experiences, everyone's different, who gives a shit? Get your game on or you're doing it wrong.

LamerTamer1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


I have been playing since 2600 too (I relive some of these with emulators on the Nvidia Shield, perfect for these). I did buy the 360 last gen because multiplats were a bit better than on PS3. This gen it is the opposite so I went PS4.

I agree a bit about MS though, they just busted in throwing their money around. With all of that DRM stuff they were going to pull, they really turned me off.

Well said though , bubble up vote added.

Prime1571642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

Microsoft has 45 games availible RIGHT NOW, and Ps4 has 82. Who doesn't have games? With 218 total announced for XBox, and 269 for PS4. Again, who doesn't have games?

Wikipedia says this about XBOX, including the near future: "There are currently 218 games on this list.

Exclusive = 33
Microsoft exclusive = 13
Console exclusive or timed = 18/3
Multiplatform = 159
Playable = 45 available to purchase (9 of these are exclusive to Xbox One)"

And this about PS4: "There are currently 269 games on this list (16 of which have been confirmed as free-to-play).

Exclusive = 28 (1 of these are free-to-play)
Sony Exclusive = 21
Console exclusive and/or timed = 77/3 (8 of these are free-to-play)
Multiplatform = 139 (3 of these are free-to-play)
Playable = 82 available to purchase (10 of these are exclusive to PS4)"

Seriously, no console release has many games... Hell, most consoles I've bought have released with LESS THAN TEN games, and both of these consoles gave us 20+ in november releases. Both are doing well, but wake up, you dulusional fanboys.

Maybe it's time to make an image to show the dumb xfans who spin their lies.

JasonKCK1642d ago

"I would rather my console be more popular on amazon top sellers than a poll on facebook, but that's just me I guess"

Amazon could only dream of having the user-base of Facebook. There are 500 million Facebook accounts. Total number of Amazon customer accounts are almost 100 million.

Terrible comparison.

sadfeet1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I advise everyone to watch this.

Truth about Facebook "likes".

r2oB1642d ago

@ jasonKCK

Do you think a company would prefer 100 million people that subscribe to a site to actually buy products, or 500 million people that subscribe to a site to take selfies and post pictures?

JasonKCK1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


Yeah, because none of those 100 million on Amazon have ever taken a sefie on Facebook. (rolls eyes)

And yes I think a company would "prefer" 500 million over 100 million.

zero logic

Mugen_mind1642d ago

I'm sick of everyone calling the $399 Xbox One a price cut when it's a downgrade because they took out kinect. It would have been better if Microsoft give it a bigger hard drive like 720gb hdd for $399 since it not removable. I know I will be getting a lot of dislike but I don't care because a kinect less system is just a way to justify a higher priced kinect when they add new kinect games and appt. or features in the future.

Kayant1642d ago


"Well, wait until next month to see if the price cut helps if sells pick up and it out sells PS4" - So like in march when the TF bundle was readily available for $450 and $400 for some days and the other deals that were done that month and it didn't come ahead.

Now pure anecdotal evidence suggests XB1 wouldn't outsell PS4 in june -

PS4 -
Amazon 7
Gamespot 28

XB1 -
Gamespot 63

Amazon TF bundle 45, Kinectless 47

It will help but chances it outsells PS4 is slim maybe in the holidays but right now. It's not happening IMO.

liquidhalos1642d ago

It's sales, not sells. " the price cut helps if sells pick up" how can you read that and still not correct it? SALES!

morganfell1642d ago


It isn't making a difference. If you look at the hourly online sales for Best Buy, Amazon, and Gamestop, the X1 is actually doing worse than at any previous time. I told people the day the KinectlessSKU announcement was made it would not help and cold hard numbers are proving that to be true.

Mark my words, wehn the numbers for June come out, defenders will say,

"Well it didn't go on sale until June 9th."

"MS didn't advertise it so most people do not know: - (Yeah right, even twitch streams on Live from PlayStation have it)

Blah, blah, blah.

They will scrampble to find a reason. But the fact is, and I have been saying this since launch, this isn't about price.

avengers19781642d ago

If it's all about price why is the 450& white Destiny bundle selling so much better than the kinectless 400 XB1.
Fact is XB1 should be worried about competing against the Wii U not trying to catch the PS4, post E3 Wii U has more interest and is selling better than XB1.

DragonKnight1642d ago

@JasonKCK: You have the stupidest logic ever before seen in life. Amazon Best Seller's List is an aggregate of products that have actually sold, not an aggregate of "likes" or wishlists.

And saying "yeah because none of those 100 million have never taken selfies on facebook" is completely stupid and misses the point entirely.

I can't believe you're trying to equate a page that monitors clicks vs a page that monitors sold products and even thinking for one second that facebook is a better judge by virtue of how many people are on it. You don't have to spend money to "like" something, you do have to spend money to have it count on Amazon's Best Sellers list.

What the hell we're you thinking before you spewed forth such utter nonsense?

redwin1642d ago

Lots of people haven't bought their Xbox one because they still playing 360. I know a few.

JasonKCK1641d ago

Somehow in the magical land of Playstation 100 million = more than 500 million.

fenome1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )


It's not just about numbers, it's what those numbers reflect. Say they did a test and 5 billion ants walked towards an Xbox while only one thousand walked towards a Playstation. Would that indicate anything? Absolutely not, it's all about context and what the numbers you're using reflect.

Amazon is about actual purchases while Facebook 'Likes' are just someone clicking a button. There's a big difference between saying 'Oh, that's cool' and 'I'm spending money on that'.

I can 'Like' an airplane on Facebook, but does that mean I have the intention of buying one?

ZombieKiller1641d ago

Gameon speak for yourself. You clearly are missinformed and have no clue what you're talking about.

"america really is a Xbox country" It doesn't take an analyst to determine whether or not "america really is a Xbox country" considering in NA alone the PS4 is CRUSHING the X1.

"they for damn sure don't have the games"
Again, FAIL. The exclusives on the PS4 are WAY better than the ones on xbox. Not to mention all the multiplat games looking, running, and playing better on the PS4. So EVEN IF it didn't have the exclusives, multiplat games are way better on PS4. Look at Arkham Knight's preorder numbers alone, it was like 4:1.

Change your name to XboxON, clearly you have no idea what game on means. Just like GeorgeNoob, you do it for the attention.

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gameon19851642d ago

They probably will now that it's the Same price as PS4.

chikane1642d ago


you keep thinking that price parity is gonna help your box. when the fact is the ps4 is still the better system

amazon Top sellers

PS4 #6

Box one #49

both 399$

get a life you box fanboy and accept that the ps4 is a better system

Skankinruby1642d ago

Lol and Microsoft has what? Halo collection? Just stop if sony has nothing then Microsoft is definitely grasping at straws with their sad list of exclusives

Dubaman1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

It's position on Amazons top sellers list doesn't mean something is better than something else. You know that right? Also, calling someone a fanboy because they said the xbox might sell more units because of a price drop, is purely asinine* Then you go and state the PS4 is the better system, accept it lol Grow up dude. You're the fanboy and i'm betting because your 'source' for why it's so better is Amazon, that you only prefer what's popular. Grow up. People like different things. If you want to use Amazon though, here's the UK "results":
Xbox One = 19
PS4 = 29.


-extremely stupid or foolish.



XboxOne -

PS4 -

WiiU -

Evilsnuggle1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

To bad most games are in sub full HD and have lower frame rates on xbone than PS4. As a owner of currently 2 360 . Five in all 3 RROD 3 OG xbox lifetime . I have no interest in the weak inferior hardware of the xbone . Or any of the exclusive of xbone but Phatom Dust and Below . Below is a time exclusive so it will come to the PS4.

Xbox live gamertgag evil snuggle

[email protected]

Same here I have owed almost ever games system since Atari 2600 ever Nintendo ever Sega ever Sony ever xbox and 3DO and most handheld . But how fast gamer forgot how Microsoft tried to destroy gaming as we know it with always online and no used games . I'm done with Microsoft and that weak hardware in xbone can't win me over.

mkis0071642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


I apologize for this in advance.

The hourly list obviously fluctuates a lot. As of right now its #19 xbox and #26 ps4...for the uk.These spots are pretty close together. A gap of 7 spots. Looking at the other gaps where ps4 is ahead; it is ahead by a mile.

Amazon UK 2014 to date sales.
PS4 #5
Xbox1 #48
Gap of 43

I think the US numbers are the ones Xbox one needs to change

Hourly USA
PS4 #7 Destiny white PS4 #25
Kinectless xbox #49 Titanfall xbox #51

Huge gap between ps4 and xbox one of 42

2014 bestsellers USA (#123 all playstion $$codes)
#5 ps4
#30 Titanfall xbox one sku
#37 kinect xbox one

That is a huge gap between positioning for total year sales. Gap= 25

Again the us is where the xbox one needs to start selling more than the ps4 in order for MS to have a chance in the rest of the world. Looking forward to the rest of world launch date. another argument will die that month.

SniperControl1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

@Dubaman & chikane

Guys, isnt this arguement about the X1 "Dis-kinected" at £350, the "Dis-kinected" is not even in the top 100 best sellers on Amazon UK.

Gamers aren't thick in the UK as MS obviously thinks we are, the TF bundle is a far better deal at £369 with kinect and a FREE game, it's only £30 more.

The "dis-kinected" bundle is a total scam by MS, it's a total insult to the intelligence of UK gamers. Thats why the cheaper X1 will have no effect what so ever, MS want to sell more X1's, price the damn thing around the £310 - £320 mark, what it's actually worth.

SoulSercher6201642d ago

So almost 2 weeks in with the dis-Kinected XB1 and still being outsold by the PS4. When is that exactly supposed to outsell the PS4?

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Jonny5isalive1642d ago

yup, just like in presidential elections my state of florida cant decide.

chikane1642d ago


not the only one that says the PS4 is the better system close to 10 million that have bought it also agree. which is why its killing the box in sells

Codewow1642d ago

I'm waiting for Halo to buy it. Until then PC is where it's at. \o/

MRMagoo1231642d ago

So im guessing satire articles are the thing now ? because no one in their right mind would think this is indicative of how many ppl support each console.

truefan11642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

This is exactly why I don't think MSFT is worried about the early ps4 lead. Europe excluding the UK is the main concern. XB1 will pull even in the US by early 2015. The Halo Master Chief collection will be the #1 system seller this year for any system. If MSFT does a holiday Halo MCC bundle, nothing can match that. Old gamers looking for that Halo 2/3 nostalgia and new gamers will all buy the MCC. There are still a lot of 360 players who have yet to upgrade, I expect a lot to upgrade to XB1 this holiday season.

LeCreuset1642d ago

Then why did you duck out of taking me up on that bet when you claimed PS4 wouldn't win more than two months for the rest of the year?

MRMagoo1231642d ago

You can expect as much as you want trutroll but its not gonna happen, PS4 is where the gamers are going now and it will continue to do so.

0P-Tigrex1642d ago

PS4 has the white Destiny Bundle.. I can imagine Sony will push that September through the holiday. Sorry. A white Ps4 dominates your silly master chief.

guitarded771642d ago

@ LeCreuset

LOL... Oh snap. :D

Clarence1642d ago

Yeah just like Titanfall was the number 1 system seller. Face it no RROD, no year head start, no win for the xbone. A lot of 360 players have upgraded to a new console. It's called the PS4.

A couple of months ago you could get a xbone +kinect+ Titanfall for $399, they still couldn't beat the PS4 for the month.

The best M$ could hope to do is to get even with the PS4 in NA. The 360 sold 20m more consoles in NA, yet the still ended up in last place last gen.

LamerTamer1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


Yeah but Destiny is also on the Bone, and it is online only, MP only which requires a PSN+ subscription to use, a bit of a niche. At least Halo has offline SP campaign modes too, a bit more well rounded. I have both consoles and vastly prefer the PS4 but Halo collection may be one of the few games I buy for the bone.

iceman061642d ago

I'm sorry. I usually don't stoop to the level of console wars comments. But, this is just silly. MS actually cut the feature that their console was built around to be competitive (in terms of price) with the PS4....and it hasn't even been out a year yet. If THAT doesn't spell worry, I don't know what does! I DO believe that Halo will move some systems, as it's such a huge seller. But, your statement about MS not being worried is just silly and myopic. EVERY company that loses marketshare (and with it mindshare) to another should and WILL be worried. If not, then they are extremely arrogant or just very poor businesses.

0P-Tigrex1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


Did i say Destiny alone will will be the driving factor? No. The White Ps4 is gonna be a hot seller that will sell units throughout the Fall and into the Holiday. Alot of people who already own a Ps4 will buy it just to have it.

I'm aware Destiny is multi platform..PS4 however is the lead platform for the game.

If anyone were to look at it, PS+ is cheaper than XBL.

I know i might be rambling at this point. My point is the Halo MCC comes out in december, the White PS4 comes out in September. Do we need to wait till December to yet again see if THAT pushes the Xbox One ahead? Truefan is saying because of Halo MCC the Xbox One will recoup a 3.5+ million gap into early 2015.. Idk if he was dropped on his head as a baby..trolling.. or just an idiot but that math simply doesn't add up.. The Xbox One would need to VASTLY outsell the Ps4 every month in order to catch up and i don't see that happening. It may get neck in neck when Xbox One is released in other countries.. but right now it was said Ps4's are still tough to find in EU. It's scary.. even though there are shortages the Ps4 is selling 2:1 more than it's competitor. Once Sony gets full production going with the Ps4 i fear there will be no stopping it. Xbox One MAY outsell the Ps4 in NA..but it will never outsell it worldwide especially once the big games start rolling in.

Whoever buys the MCC for the Xbox One i know they'll have a good time I loved Halo 1-3 growing up. But me...I wouldn't buy a collection of old games i played back in high school for 399.

DonkeyWalrus1642d ago


Just need to make a minor correction. Halo: MCC comes out November 11, not in December.

SoulSercher6201642d ago


Dam man you got him

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pyramidshead1642d ago

lol well said. Definitely a skewed result or at least one that doesn't mirror reality. These facebookers should quit being fangirls on the sideline and actually go buy a bone!

joab7771642d ago

It's funny. It's almost like dems prefer MS and Republicans love Sony. Strange considering the hatred for big business lol!

Maybe its b/c republicans hav money and r much smarter.

Before u disagree, I am very sarcastic and often facetious (oh wait, this statement itself proves which way I lean lol!).

AndrewLB1642d ago

King_George- Perhaps you were too young to recall the massive lead Xbox 360 had over PS3 for the first few years. Price had A LOT to do with that. Once the PS3 prices began to fall and retail blu-ray players stayed super high, the PS3 began to draw huge sales for both it being a game system AND many began buying it because it was a damn good blu-ray player which was substantially cheaper than the dedicated home theater players out there. Quite a few of my friends bought one just for the blu ray capability, including my old parents. lol.


Aceman181642d ago

i live in NYC and i prefer my PS4 over an X1 even though i plan to get one sometime later this year.

Magicite1642d ago

Its actually true that X1 is a more popular console, people like to flame it more than others.
Most articles about X1 get more commentaries.
The most disliked console to date.

joeorc1642d ago

Than that would make the PSVita god like in adoration! Because even the xboxone does not get that kinda Doom threading of now going on 3 years. Unless you are going to sit there and try to imply the xboxone gets more hate than the PSVita....


gamersday081642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

I really feel sad for the people who still buy the Xbox brand. It's blindlingly obvious that M$ just wants to suck every penny from the consumer by any unscrupulous mean possible - DRM, no game trading, dodgy game sharing scheme, trash-taking their rivals, etc. all for the sole purpose of trying to sell another pc of console/game.

From the poor support of Xbox to the lie-laden so called "invisible" exclusives of Xbox360 and the constant back-padling of Xbone.

I really cannot support such a spineless and unscrupulous organisation. I cannot imagine M$ being the dominant console gaming company - I'll quit console gaming that day.

People - if you're really looking for true console gaming experience and want to see console gaming to flourish for many years to come, buy any other console except xbox. M$ needs to quit from console gaming industry and go back to make software. I love their software (I'm a MS Visual Studio fan) but I cannot agree on how they're trying to destroy the industry.

I've done my part, peace....

Omegasyde1642d ago

Yea people are way to quick to forgive. The xbox one was going to implement drm and stop used sales...

If they rolled out with that last November, Microsoft would of dropped xbox brand quick to save face.

Sonys been great so far except that all these features advertized or that the ps3 has but not the ps4 are the only remaining grevances... game control, mp3 playback, dlna, live events viewer, hbo app, lack of MOVE support, etc

Hercules1891641d ago

Microsoft was just thinking into the future where everyone except for Africa has good connection. Over 90% of Americans that can afford the XBox one have the connection needed to have what they were going for.

Microsoft also has some of the most exciting games that are exclusive to them. Japanese and Indie games are good but not must have games. Microsoft also has the best multiplayer games period. No Killzone or Resistance games were ever able to compete with even the Worst Halo or Gears games.

If it werent for XBL there would be no PSN.

thricetold1641d ago


Are you nuts?! If it wasn't for ms's cash cow xbl we wouldn't have to pay for online play now! I was screaming it at the top of my lungs when they announced it because I knew if people just looked the other way one day we'd all pay for it, now look at things.

Even halo was only made to give gamers a reason to want to pay to play online, imo, and they struck gold with it without a doubt. Everything they have done is solely profit driven, and us gamers rarely benefit from their business strategy.

Yes I owned the original and the 360, twice, so if my comments come off bitter towards ms its from first degree burns from ms. Can't understand how other xbots can just forget what they've done and or even worse overlook it.

Sony's no saint, but they aren't just blatantly bending us over. Had to expect them to charge for online after seeing how ms got away with it for years.

imt5581642d ago

This Facebook poll tells one thing, best seller charts on Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy tells other thing.

Cam9771642d ago

This is completely stupid since it's based off FB likes. Down vote the site guys!

Foraoise1641d ago

This is not even sort of true, LOL!

Flames761641d ago

5 months straight is no big deal when the PS4 is at 3.4 million and the Xbox One is at 3 million in america no big difference.Plus lets see how it is now since both console are the same.Now if you want to talk about a losing streak that would be last gen when the Xbox 360 destroyed the PS3 34 months straight in the america.With the Xbox 360 at 47 million and the PS3 at 28 million lol.Plus with the playstation division losing over 6 billion since 2006 and no profit still to this day thats bad.There is a reason sony is going bankrupt and now the people wanting the X1 over the PS4 since the price is the same its over for sony

AeternalGaminG1641d ago

ps4 players are too busy playing and enjoying their console..they don't have enough time to discuss about it on the internet in their free time :P

Differently Xbox One users must convince the world they have the best in any possible way :P

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chikane1642d ago

So sad so many miss led souls buying the wrong system

cant wait till the box launches in japan and starts selling less then a 1000 units a month. man those or gonna be good times

Software_Lover1642d ago

How is it the "wrong" system. Please enlighten us with your infinite wisdom on .............. video games.