Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth Complete Details Here

DICE has detailed the next Battlefield 4 DLC pack, Dragon’s Teeth, which is scheduled for release this summer. New DLC will feature New maps, weapons, gadgets and game mode.

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Rob Hornecker827d ago

This DLC maybe a preview of whats to come for BF hardline as far as map size goes and it looks to be released sometime in July.

3-4-5827d ago

The Maps for Dragon's Teeth, based on what we see, seem to be more close quarters or at least more so than the Naval Strike open water maps.

daBUSHwhaka827d ago

Released in the summer,playable in the winter.Good old EA/DICE.

sexyjasmine827d ago

you still need to fix some of the old maps like operation locker! check out this guys video!

itisallaboutps827d ago

They are probably holding off on dragon teeth. Chang in building colors and modeling them a bit more because they recycle the living crap out of it