6 Games So Bad They Are Actually Good

SkunkMe: Here we are with the list of 6 Games So Bad they are actually Good.

KinjoTakemura683d ago

why are Duke Nukem and Bloodrayne on that list?

Godmars290683d ago

Nuken because of what resulted after a ten year wait. Rayne because the 2rd was unplayable. Impossible to enjoy after the first few levels.

TheDevKit682d ago

Duke Nukem: Forever was the my GOF.

MrFit683d ago

I liked bloodrayne 2 i dont think its unplayable. i finished the whole thing many year ago

OmegaShen683d ago

BS on Bloodrayne, it was a great game and 2 was the best. I played the heck out of it, so unplayable BS!!!

Nerdmaster683d ago

Another site that just throws names and doesn't explain anything other than copying text from Wikipedia? Is this trend a thing?

This site even uses the same layout as the other terrible one ihowtodo, as you can see in the article below.

persona4chie683d ago

Yeah i love BR2 that game Is awesome i still have my copy and play it sometimes. And no its not unplayable, i love the blood and dismemberment of that game, don't see it like that nowadays

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