Report – Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC To Launch in July

MP1st - It’s not a very specific date, but looks like EA’s Origin game client has narrowed down the upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC’s launch to this July.

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My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1218d ago

Knowing BF4 owners they'll probably think this is a brand new game.

elhebbo161218d ago

Dragon teeth has been announced since gamescom last year.

BattleTorn1218d ago

How BF4 fans are notorious for believing new DLCs are "brand new games"???

Skate-AK1218d ago

Think it was a dig at people that want to get Battlefield Hardline.

BattleTorn1217d ago


That does make sense actually

crusf1218d ago

You really think highly of yourself too much don't you?

Skate-AK1218d ago

Actually he thinks low of himself and that is why he is always trolling. In my years here, I have never seen him say something positive.

3-4-51217d ago

I've been playing BF4 since day one on PC and I've yet to have a problem with the game.

Same with all my friends who play.

I think it's honestly being overblown a bit, just because it's easy to do.

The launch was terrible for console I heard though.

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cfc831218d ago

plus an extra month for non prem. Not hyped in the slightest. Only dlc i really liked was china rising. Second assault to me were not as good as the originals, and the last maps were not that well designed to me, despite them being alright and looking good. I sort of gave my copy of bf4 away. Good game.

angelsx1218d ago (Edited 1218d ago )

Anyone noticed rubber banding is back on ps4? After the last server update.

itisallaboutps1218d ago

Wow you barely announced hardline and now this!!


Austacker1218d ago

Yeah, not interested in this one sorry. The game is still having issues and this will be the 4th DLC since release.

EA/DICE have been solidly focused on delivering payable content whilst the core game experience has had issues since day one which still languish.

I have no doubt plenty will still buy this though, but I personally took my copy of Battlefield back to the game store and used it for trade in credit, that's how much I think of this game.

Sorry, but the Battlefield franchise name is tarnished with such a poor release, I won't be buying another until I know it's pretty much perfect out of the box.

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