Mirror's Edge 2 on Project Morpheus?

...with Project Morpheus presumably set to release right around the same time as hotly anticipated sequel Mirror’s Edge 2... is developer DICE even considering including support for the popular PlayStation 4 peripheral?

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majorkilljoy1636d ago

in a completely unrelated comment this is my first accepted story woot woot lol.

G20WLY1636d ago


I'd love to see Mirror's Edge 2 on Morpheus! That would be an amazing combination and I don't see why it couldn't happen.

TheFreshestLlama1636d ago

If that is the type of support Morpheus and Oculus is getting, I can see the VR movement going somewhere. I actually really hope the VR scene does well.

bouzebbal1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

it would feel so well i would say.
in the first one turning the camera made me kinda dizzy sometimes especially with the very shiny textures.
i wasn't really hyped for the announcement of the sequel but it became more interesting suddenly with PS4 VR support.
it could become a logic and natural way to play this game.
My move is ready for some sweet gun fighting!

Darkstares1635d ago

This could be wild! Morpheus and this game might be a match in heaven.

JBSleek1636d ago

Don't think that is something they are working on but would be cool.

snookiegamer1635d ago

Morpheus + Mirrors Edge 2 = An amazing proposition.

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