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Submitted by LeSouteneur 2809d ago | review

Maxi Consolas (Portugal) reviews MGS4 (9.5/10)

Metal Gear Solid 4 is a work of passion by Hideo Kojima. Often touching the line between genius and madness, he manages to build a truly epic ending to one of the most essential series in videogames history. Improving most of the elements from the previous titles, MGS 4 is a unique piece by its conception and nature, which rightly deserves the love of fans and the respect of all players.

- Edition 91, June 2008 issue (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9.5/10

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crimsonfox  +   2809d ago

watch the video you'll see...

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Surfman  +   2809d ago
i sing with you bro
sonarus  +   2809d ago
Awww just remembered Mr Miyagi passed:(
jwatt  +   2809d ago
you can't make movies like those anymore, I don't know why.
Tetsuryu  +   2809d ago
Jwatt, I agree. The 80s and 90s had some of the best movies around. It might have to do with the evolving culture of society. I believe it's getting progressively worse with the times. It's too bad great movies are too few and far in between.

Seriously, when did Miyagi pass away? :(
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season007  +   2809d ago
well i am actually unhappy with this score
9.5 is bringing the current average of 9.6 down...sigh /sarcasm
hotshot127  +   2809d ago
hahaha oh man, only 7 more days ps3 fans. we may have waited but the wait was well worth it.

in 7 days, we get "one of the greatest games of all time"

im loving every moment of the anticipation
BulletToothtony  +   2809d ago
MGS series have always been on a league of it's own..
The gameplay has been great, very immersive, from the second i played MGS2 i knew that mgs series is special...

It bothers me when some sites complain about the cutscenes and other little things, but if you look at the bigger picture, no other game is like mgs4, racing, shooting, adventure, no other game puts you in just another world, and THAT is what makes this game awesome.

Some reviewers have to look at the experience of playing this game, and the fun that it brings, not try to nick pick what wasn't perfect in order to bring the score down.

The not so good reviews sounds like the guy couldn't wait to finish the game in order to post their review on the internet in order to get some hits on their site.

I believe this game you have to take it slow and enjoy it, other wise just go play some cod4 because imo mgs4 is more like a steak, you have to flavor it, cod4 is more like a burger, it tastes good but they're just not in the same ballpark.
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Angelitos  +   2809d ago
They could shove the .5 missing up their ass
PirateThom  +   2809d ago
So, do you Eurogamer and Edge look silly yet?
LeSouteneur  +   2809d ago
LOL, yup
And keep in mind that EDGE/Eurogamer gave halo 3 a 10/10. And Maxi Consolas gave Halo 3 a 9/10.
BulletToothtony  +   2809d ago
great find LeSouteneur
don't know how you found it but good stuff.. bubbles for the effort
ricoloco  +   2809d ago
they got there 5 min. of fame but lost credibility for eternity.
now anything that comes out of those 2 websites is nothing but a point & laugh.
jwatt  +   2809d ago
Yea but they don't really like the mgs series anyways because they also gave an 8 to the previous mgs games.
Angelitos  +   2809d ago
PP, where you at?
crimsonfox  +   2809d ago
am i right

ploop ploop

pp breath

damn skippy rape in full effect thrusting and all haha
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Hydrolex  +   2809d ago
We are watching Gay Porn
Snake Raping Master Chief
LenHart  +   2809d ago
master chief is now
NiteWarrior  +   2809d ago
I cant understand the review but w/e the score is hot!
juuken  +   2809d ago
Oh dear, here comes my excitement again. x0x
Says you  +   2809d ago
Well we all know that
American=websites reviews bias against PS3 Exclusives

only a few are actually worthy to post on this site in fact I would rather have websites from other countries review PS3 Exclusives
The Wood  +   2809d ago
the east vs west undercurrent is becoming more apparent this gen
sad but true
crimsonfox  +   2809d ago
this is for you Mr. Miyagi i really enjoyed you -_-
Angelitos  +   2809d ago
pp could mean poor pranks
PStriple703  +   2809d ago
can't wait!
livespawn  +   2809d ago
9.5, hell to the ya
steck67  +   2809d ago
9.5, pretty good score actually it is a great score. 8 more days!
trancefreak  +   2809d ago
its going to be awesome cant wait to have open discussions with other n4g gamers who are playing the game. I finally had time to beat haze blah and now i need a something more.

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