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Empire Review: Metal Gear Solid 4 - 'PS3 delivers the muscle '

Using the PS3 to bring this latest instalment to life has also given Kojima the opportunity to create the most detailed and stylish world MGS aficionados have ever seen: from the sun-baked streets of crumbling middle-eastern cities to frozen arctic bases and steaming jungles, all the environments are brimming with detail and convey a unique atmosphere.

This time Kojima has also been careful to make the experience less linear and offer players multiple routes through the levels, which provide a deep sense of satisfaction by finding your own way through a maze of war-torn streets, rather than being forced down a narrow path peppered with set-piece challenges. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 5/5

LenHart  +   2486d ago
was there ever any doubt

Breakfast  +   2486d ago
was there ever any doubt
...that you are POG....because your avatar just proved it


LenHart  +   2486d ago
I would rather die than buy an x360

most people would do the same as me .

Only an abnormal would purchase an x360 since it has no games except Gears2 which is available on PC too
Breakfast  +   2486d ago
@ MyLover
That would suck if you bought a 360....you would die, and shortly after the xbox would die, too...

...good thing itll cremate your body, from the scorching heat. Mr. and Misses LenHart wouldnt have to do a funeral.

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Wildarmsjecht  +   2486d ago
LOL, I love breakfast. It's deliciously humorous
Condoleezza Rice  +   2486d ago
Instant classic
I wonder if MGS4 will be topped by any other game for the remainder of this gen.
Xakep  +   2486d ago
No one else will be wrapping up any 20 year running stories so, not sure.
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Breakfast  +   2486d ago
God of War...will trounce -all- in its path.
theKiller  +   2486d ago
ha ha ha
i told u so(am talking to the people who is offended by this score) that MGS4 will be the game of the decade, and sorry 360 cant handle it and if it did it will only ruin it and degrade it, i remember MS PR saying a year ago after DMC4 announcement of going to 360, i will quot him "DMC4 now and MGS4 and FF13 is next" ha ha, he was making the 360 owners dream of unreal dreams and now they say its boring with its long cut-scenes and too complicated story, but last year they were dieing to get it!!! hypocrites!!!!



GOD OF WAR 3 will be huge but not as huge as MGS4, because MGS4 have fans from 20 years ago, and huge fanbase for a decade, so this is the game of the decade!
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Surfman  +   2486d ago
I think the Final Fantasy games with the SquareEnix Army will hurt. Alot.
znu  +   2486d ago
lol, the problem is 360 fans can't insult MGS4

I mean, they can diss any game, the console, even the people themselves but nit MGS4, not even
have you ever heard any fan make fun of MGS4? cause i haven't they just casually avoid it.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
sonarus  +   2486d ago
As much as i love GOW, it won't be as good a game as MGS.
LaChance  +   2486d ago
@condeleeza It still has to top GTA4
and the big sites havnt delivered their reviews yet.

Next gen started 2 and 1/2 years ago.

Theres at least 4 or 5 more years to go (nobody predicted new IP's like Bioshock for instance )

@the people above: This is a MGS4 thread , exclusive game for the PS3 and you guys cant help but mention/diss the 360 !

You guys have serious problmes.I think uou guys are VERY bitter people , Its only videogames ! You should step back a bit and not take all these stuff too personal or seriously.

I mean why would I mention or diss PS3 gamers in a lets say..Fable 2 thread ?

Anyway enjoy your game.Im out to play some PES 2008 (anybody else feel this game is like a drug ? )
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Xakep  +   2486d ago
Won't be too hard then since San Andreas and Vice City topped GTA4.
decapitator  +   2486d ago
8 Days more, seems like forever. DAY - UNO.
mikeslemonade  +   2486d ago
The top 3 rated next gen games can be bought on PS3. GTA4, MGS4, and Bioshock. You can't say the same for any other system.
znu  +   2486d ago
well, since two of those games are multiplatform, your arguement doesn't make sense...

360 has Halo, Gears and Fable, too. They are great games, and are viewed differently by those who play them. Some say they suck, others disagree.

PS3 also has its heavy hitters, FF, MGS, GOW, Killzone
Some will hate these games and some will love.

It's just your personal prefeference, like i like halo but its not fun unless your playing some kind of Co-op, online co-op or with another friend, probably cause i dont own it but if i did, i would rarely play it.

Same with Warhawk, its an awesome game but i just cant play it without a friend over, it just isnt the same.

Basically, everybody views games differently
CViper  +   2486d ago
lol @ "it still has to top GTA4"
GTA4 is a product of over the head advertising and media tricks.

THe game is absolutely shallow, its nothing close to GTA SA or Vice city. The replay value is useless because its not fun. Online is great.

Metal Gear is the better game. If you've ever played one, youd know why.
n4gzz  +   2486d ago
Another perfect score. Kojima earned very high respect from gamers. Even 360 fanboys must admire Kojima even they don't admit here on N4G.
Surfman  +   2486d ago
Here's a deserved score.
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LeSouteneur  +   2486d ago

hehe, someone disagrees with me being happy about a good review. Gotta love n4g.
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LeSouteneur  +   2486d ago
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user858621  +   2486d ago
PS3 FTW!!!!
Kojima + Sony = Judgement Day For Microsoft
Surfman  +   2486d ago
MGS4 + 360 = hahaha
user858621  +   2486d ago
PS3 FTW!!!!
360 + Live = crap maself laffin
PS3 + PSN + HOME = Heaven!!!

I Love Ma Maths :D
eagle21  +   2486d ago
Awesome score.....listen guys....
this is obviously one of those coveted "moments". When a game separates itself from the pack... (heart beating fast :P)

Famitsu 40/40. Go get yourself a PS3 if you like, that 80GB MGS4 bundle is soooooo perfect.
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KingKirchner  +   2486d ago
the average is going back up with more reviews coming in surprisingly.
resistance100  +   2486d ago
Up, which is strange because most games meta drop's over time, not increase
Bathyj  +   2486d ago
Yeah, the only point of those 8's from Euro and Edge are they think they can hurt this game by bringing the metascore down. Its pretty sad really.

I'm yet to play it obviously but from all I've read a 9 should be the absolute bottom of the barrel score for this game. Anything else is just damn insulting. I still can believe Edge gave Halo3 a 10. OMFG!
juuken  +   2486d ago
Holy crap.
This game and the PS3 are gonna sell faster than freakin' hotcakes.
PirateThom  +   2486d ago
This is an event, a God damned event of epic proportions.
ICUP  +   2486d ago
l don't care about reviews anymore , i just to play the game NOW!!.
Aclay  +   2486d ago
What an awesome review. For Metal Gear Solid 4 to get a Mid-night release, there must have been a lot of pre-orders for the game and it's definantly getting the respect it deserves.

Basically it seems as though the only thing that reviewers might have a slight issue with is the lenghty cutscenes and the game installation to the hard drive, but anyone that's played a MGS game before already is used to longer than average cutscenes so that's not a problem. Besides those 2 slight issues, it seems as though MGS4 is a near flawless game. Kojima is a perfectionist and he wouldn't release something unless he felt that it was as good as it could be.
hotshot127  +   2486d ago
but but but there "biased"
conversation between hater

"mgs4 is getting too high of scores, and konami won't let reviewers talk about issues"(hater)

what issues are you talking about?

"the cutscene length is a huge issue in the game"(hater)

so thats an issue to you? the cutscene length. if it really bothers you that much, ask somebody who has played the game to tell you how long the cutscenes are.....

"but but but the install time"(hater)

ok yea that is alittle unfair but again, if it really bothers you, ask somebody who has brought the game. so what other "issues" are you talking about.

"i dont know but i know they exist!"(hater)

but that does'nt adequetly answer my question.

"shut up, your wrong!"(hater)

how am i wrong?

"lalaalalalala(while plugging there ears)(hater)

why are you acting like this?

"shut up ok!...im just alittle stressed right now"(hater)

well why are you stressed?

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hotshot127  +   2486d ago
im just talking about the people that for some strange reason get upset with mgs4 reviews being too high
because everytime you ask them why they think that.........they seem to forget thier answer.

@piratethom. that is completely true.
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PirateThom  +   2486d ago
360 owners pride themselves on being "real gamers", now there's a game that blows everything else away and they know it.

The fanboys know it, the haters know it and the people with only one console know it.

The Blu-ray player has out-gamed the game console.
user858621  +   2486d ago
"We want Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots - Tactical Espionage Action *Inhale* NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!"
The Wood  +   2486d ago
Seems like every type of media mag/site is reviewing MGS4
These reviews can only be good for MGS and the ps3 as these reviews are reaching out to people outside the typical hardcore demographic. We'll see an ikea review of MGS4 next.
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RebornSpy  +   2486d ago
Looks like an amazing game...
but I don't know if it will be the game of the decade. GTA IV, another awesome game, got similarly positive reviews, but no one says it is the best game ever anymore. Different people will have different opinions of the game, and who knows what will happen after launch. Many people(me not included) got tired of GTA IV shortly after release. Could this be true for this game as well. Probably not, based on the history of the franchise, but we won't know until release.

I plan on buying a PS3 to play the game, so it better be one of the best games this gen. I also expect to see a barrage of reviews on the front page come a few days before launch. I can't wait.
SL1M DADDY  +   2485d ago
Please, while I agree that MGS4 is worth buying a PS3 for alone...
Might I recommend a few other titles that will make your purchase all the more worth while.

Heavenly Sword
Ratchet & Clank: TOD
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune

Couple any one of these with the purchase of MGS4 and you will have a winning bundle. Couple them all and you will become a firm believer that the PS3 is a great console.
Angelitos  +   2486d ago
Perfect score for the perfect game
Rusted  +   2486d ago
maybe im an old fashioned dude but:

Metal Gear Solid 4 - 'PS3 delivers the muscle '

nice one, never heard it before, made me LOL. Kinda lame review but point to sweet aspects without giving spoilers. Congrats again Mr. Kojima :)
Ikanago  +   2486d ago
I think this is a great example of a fair review
That points out issues some gamers might have a problem with but regards the overall package as being totally worth it. Instead of going the route of certain media outlets and dinging the score down because they personally didn't like certain aspects.
NiteWarrior  +   2486d ago
ahh i guess ill check this game out -.-
Blackcanary  +   2486d ago
Should i read the review??
I've bought my game from Ebay just waiting for it to come in the post.
This and FF13 FF VS 13 FF 7 are the big games for me.
I just not sue if i should read the reviews if i do i'm gonna want the game even more and i'm having a hard time waiting for it lol.

Can someone tell how good this review really is?

Out of all the reviews so far is this one the best?

Mouthbreaker  +   2486d ago

please dumbtards, wait for real reviews.
Rusted  +   2485d ago
ok, one of the 20 real reviews availables saying this is a masterpiece?
OLD MAN  +   2486d ago
PS3 is the system of the future
man this game silences things that were being said in the beginning of 2007 id say
PSWe60  +   2486d ago
Suck it long and suck it hard"

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